micro niche

  1. dnx

    Site architecture For building Micro niche site?

    I want to build a micro niche site and every post in it is evergreen, it has two pillar posts and some supporting articles for that. I am thinking to build a site structure using only WordPress pages, not by category post. What do you think guys, Is this a good idea or should I do something...
  2. Ronyme993

    Driving traffic to my micro niche site using fakebook ads

    Hello Everyone, First of all I'm learning so much in this amazing forum and having a blast. glad to be part of this amazing community. 2 Month ago I've quitted my 9-5 job and started to look for a way to earn passive income online . I've started my micro niche journey on that month and still...
  3. Conjecting

    Who here has bought a pre-made micro niche/affiliate website that started making money right away?

    Aside from participating in conversations I find interesting on BHW, I occasionally like to spend time browsing the marketplace just to see what's out there. One of the most prevalent services I see is Adsense/Amazon/Niche site creation. It seems like every other day another day another seller...
  4. davids355

    Building and ranking a niche website in 2022

    First things first; when you get started on your project you need to have your head in the right place. Think BIG, think POWERFUL, think of your niche website as a samurai sword - you want to keep to the original specification of a sword, you don't want to over-complicate it or turn it into...
  5. anonymous31

    micro niche

    can any one help me how can i find best micro niche for affiliation . i always work in adsens this is my first time in affiliation so i need little help here....!
  6. risecakoplusplus

    [Journey] GUESS how much will I earned by starting 20 different website? #experiment

    Yup, you're reading the title right. My target for the year 2020 is running 20 different websites simultaneously at about $2000. Recently I spent thousands of dollars on this and my mindset is always NOT saving more, but instead SPEND HARD, WORK HARDER. Furthermore, I stopped smoking and...
  7. SeedPhrase

    [GET]Micro and Nano niche idea for Affiliate

    Hi guys, I've been researching micro niches from the last 2week finally I found some of them which Lil or medium competition. I hope those who want to start affiliate marketing in 2020 this list will help you out and save some time. especially for a newbie like me, even I picked one of them for...
  8. vishal9586

    What will you do in my place?

    I have 3-4 micro niche websites relevant to my money site. I don't need those websites as i am unable to monetize them. They used to get 500+ daily visitors before the last google update. My question is, Should i 301 those micro niche sites to my money site to pass the link juice as they are in...
  9. N


    Hello, I'm starting a micro niche website but I'm badly stuck at deciding what to write about. The "industry" is Self improvement but I can't really decide what micro niche should i choose, because I'm so interested in lots of them, for instance body language, persuasion, be a higher status...
  10. Y

    How niche is too niche?

    I’ve found an Amazon niche with good long term potential. Traffic for LSI KWs, review/comparison KWs, etc. is around 50-100 monthly searches on KW Planner but competition is basically non-existent. Are these worth targeting for a newbie? I have enough experience to rank top 3 for those terms...
  11. bargainbed

    ★ FREE TRIAL Included ★ DOUBLE POWERED Passive Income Authority Sites [FREE SEO + FREE SOCIAL MEDIA]

  12. P

    Which ad network other then AdSense is best?

    I want to know which ad network other then Adsense is best for Micro Niche Sites. I think AdSense will not accept micro niche sites or will they accept? I don't know thats why asking this question, their policy is very strict.
  13. The Akki

    How can I find Niche For Blogging

    I have few expired domains with 20-40 DA and search engine Indexed. How can I find niches to start micro blog on them? Experts share your opinion & suggestions.
  14. ccmtacks

    **FULLY BRANDED MONEY SITES - Adsense & Amazon - Authority & Micro Niche

  15. shaggy99

    Micro niche websites are still easy to rank in 2019 ?

    I read a lot of posts of people who managed easy to rank websites with 10 - 20 posts , with a main keyword with about 1000 searches per month. Other people said that now is much harder to rank a micro niche website, than it used to be. I'm trying with a website with 20 posts, and I can't rank...
  16. Tatu kh

    Is Micro niche still profitable? Planning to buy 10 Micro niche?

    Is Micro niche still profitable. Do I need to do some work like do on page SEO, Buy Backlinks etc. I am planning to buy 10 micro niche and see how much I can earn. I am planning to buy micro niche from here BHW Seller
  17. K

    Searching for good amazon keywords

    Hello, Trying to set up amazon affiliate (micro niche)website, still learning lol. What would you call a good (low competition) keyword. I'm using ahrefs and ubersuggest for my research. but for the same keyword I have different results in those two platform. for example if a keyword has a KD...
  18. torikul

    Planning to make a micro niche site in 2019

    Hello BHW friends, Is this a good time with micro niche site in 2019 for adsense monetize? I'm really new to SEO. Please share your opinion. Borrowed some money from my friend to invest. My budget $200 at this moments. Thanks in advance.
  19. S

    Help me to find Micro Niche

    Hello Friends, Hope You are doing well. I want to start a blog site to earn some good. But I'm a newbie at these fields. Before I did Graphics Design, Web Desing and also Web Developing works as a Freelancer. I have some Idea about on page SEO and Off Page SEO. But I don't have enough...
  20. Navyoscar45

    Is there any tool to find high cpc niches

    Hey guys, please am looking for a tool that can find high cpc niches
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