WP-O-MATIC help!


May 13, 2009
Ok, I've got my first autoblog set up. Excerpt style. However, I can not get a clickable "Go to Source" link at the bottom of the excerpt. I have tried a couple things I have read in my search, but nothing seems to work. Can anyone help?

Also, I am trying to find a way to put adsense in the right panel, is there a widget plug-in for that? I downloaded one that was supposed to do that but it did not seem to work.

Other than those two problems, everything else is running fine with wp-o-matic and wordpress.
You want to search for ALL IN ONE ADSENSE...that will get you the free adsense plugin where you can put the ads wherever you want.

As far as the goto source deal....Are you the applicable code inside of your CUSTOM POST TEMPLATE option in WP O MATIC?
Yes, I have put some code in and sometimes it says GO TO SOURCE under the article, but it does not lead anywhere, or sometimes is not clickable. I know nothing about writing programming code and just used some examples I found here and there that were supposed to accomplish what I want, but apparently I am still doing something wrong.

What is or where can I find the correct code to accomplish this?

Thanks for the adsense plug-in info
the links should work. Try editing the template in the options to include the links (check the help menu). As for adsense there are many plugins available just search for them in wordpress site.
is WP-o-matic adsense safe? been reading some articles and i found out that some blogs were banned from adsense after using wp-o-matic.
Course you will be banned by Google because Wp-o-Matic can not generate unique content. There is no synonymizer and other content spinning functions mandatory for a professional autoblogging plugin.
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