wordpress security

  1. codeman1234

    Your settings for WordPress security?

    For me is Jetpack, Askimet and Updraft Plus.
  2. RichMoney

    How common is the Chinese Wordpress Malware Hack?

    My websites got infected with this shit. I had to manually clean around 20 Wordpress sites from the same server. The problem is still persisting and Bluehost does not really offer any help unless I pay for their Security Program. My question is, for anyone who ever encountered or went through...
  3. shawn_007

    Which security plugin do you use?

    I know there are so many, but, 1. Which Security plugin do you use? 2. Is it a free or a paid version? Popular ones being AIO WP Security, Secuuri and Wordfence. Do you have any other recommendations to protect sites from Hackers, Bots and Malwares. Thanks
  4. Starblazer

    [Guide] WordPress security from Malware, Nulled plugins, Spoofed codes, and Attacks

    WordPress is the most popular CMS for blogs. It is also the most sought-after CMS for beginners, so hackers and spammers constantly attack WordPress sites. This guide will give you tips to be safe and secure. Backup and Restore WordPress offers convenient ways to backup and restore your site...
  5. kindablack

    [MUST-HAVE] Using WordPress? YOUR SITE IS IN DANGER ◆ WPBulletproof ◆ The Ultimate Security Solution

  6. kindablack

    [New WordPress Vulnerability] Currency Switcher for Woocommerce

    New WordPress vulnerability alert for Currency Switcher for Woocommerce plugin! If you're using it on your website, read on to find more. Vulnerability: Security Restrictions Bypass Source: https://www.infigo.hr/en/critical-vulnerability-in-currency-switcher-for-woocommerce-n61 Affected: All...
  7. kindablack

    Using WordPress? Your site may not be safe.

    Using WordPress? It's the most hacked platform since; 1) hackers work hard on the platform 2) lots of plugins & themes create a high risk for vulnerabilities Your site may not be safe. Check the Latest Vulnerabilities: Plugin: All In One SEO Pack [3.2.6] Solution: The vulnerability has been...
  8. EternalFun

    Anyone used anti-malware for wordpress?

    Hi, I just installed this plugin Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall (I'm not an affiliated with them) and just wanted to know that is it okay to register using my email and name to get the password for logging into the plugin to be able to download virus definitions? It was written...
  9. Wilson Grant Fisk

    Is WordPress Secure?

    WordPress is one of the most high-profile open source CMS's in use today. Being that 60% of all CMS websites use Wordpress, and 31% of all websites on the Internet use it, it's safe to say that it's a frequent target of security exploits. The subject of whether WordPress is secure or not has...
  10. B

    Wordpress Security - Best Practices

    Hi All, Spotted a thread from 2012, which discussed this topic. However, instead of unearthing an old thread (and info that's likely obsolete today), thought I'd commence a new one. Hopefully we can all contribute to this, and at least help to make our site(s) secure. Briefly, I'm an affiliate...
  11. duong365

    My wordpress site is hacked with bad backlinks

    Hello, i found some site linked to my site in ahref by some kind of backlink from some strange domains like 819987.7w0atz2(.)com or some draft domain that I don't know. [mydomain.com/?cat=大奖TTG老虎机注册送彩金www.djyl18.com&s=大奖TTG老虎机注册送彩金www.djyl18.com] this url like something (.) com/?cat come from...
  12. palashtd

    How to keep WordPress site protected?

    Hi, you know WordPress is the largest CMS(Content Managment System) which is the most usable CMS platform for creating a blog or website. But We don't know how to keep WordPress Site protected. That's why I have written a blog post regarding WordPress site protected. But I could not include...
  13. bodamedia

    100% Managed WordPress Security Service - Perfect For Offliners & Marketers

  14. jeremonster

    Protect Yourself from an unwanted Wordpress Brute Force Hacking Party.

    What is up with so many people trying to hack my WordPress sites? I have always believed that a strong password is the key to not having your WordPress site hacked and replaced with some casino or Viagra crap (it happened to me in the early days). By default WordPress does not limit the number...
  15. seocrab

    Ultimate Guide to Securing your WORDPRESS website

    Here's my guide to making your wordpress websites ultra-secure, using some common sense and tried-and-tested methods to prevent and secure against hacking attempts: 1. Do not use "admin" as your username! Pick something unique and not related to your niche, e.g. jason647 2. Configure your...
  16. Gogol

    [GUIDE] Make your Wordpress blog Hackproof - A complete guide

    Hello all! I see lot's of threads in this section of BHW where members complain about their Wordpress sites getting hacked. I have been a victim of this myself, in past. So i did some R&D on this regard and have come up with some tactics. I am sharing my tactics on securing a Wordpress blog, I...
  17. ugjunk

    Lockerpress Wordpress Security Plugin - One Way to Safeguard your Wordpress Blog

    WordPress MU compatible (developer license only) Custom Login URL Change Admin User Set Hack/Ban Settings Email Notification of Failed Login Attempts Enable HTTP Authentication 1 Click Upgrade Enable reCAPTCHA on Login Page Hide errors on user/password...
  18. sfidirectory

    Need help with self-hosted Wordpress blog

    Hi all, Have done a massive clean-up of plugins etc on my blog and have noticed some of the "related" posts link to Viagra related sites etc. I have gone over every plugin installed and they are still there :( Here is an example of what I'm talking about: Notice the Viagra links near the...
  19. G

    What is your biggest security concern?

    I'm doing a little informal market research and I'd like to know what is your biggest security concern? It might be product theft, hacking, identity theft, whatever. If you spend some time worrying about aspect of security, I'd like to know what it is. I've already heard from other on...
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