wordpress problems

  1. siliboy

    Wordpress isn't uploading Full-Size image

    I always uploaded my photos in WordPress for ex. 15mb Photo up to 20mb Photo and now Wordpress is automatically optimizing my photos to 1mb. I'm not sure but I think after the last update this is happening. I really need to upload the full size Photo of 15mb or 20mb or more. I tried to research...
  2. the gent

    Wordpress categories link ISSUE

    Hi y'all Yesterday i installed wordpress So installed wordpress with SSL certificate everything great,but when i checked my Homepage link it's showen like this, https://sitename.com/wp I searched for a solution and i did managed to remove it from my homepage url by adjusting and removing...
  3. F

    Wordpress bug

    Hi, on all of my sites i have a problem with wordpress for last few days, when i'm writing article i can do anything when i choose the option visual, when i choose html it is ok, but when i switch back to visual, it shows blank page, so for last few days i was writing articles in html and going...
  4. PChanger

    WordPress Spacing Problem. Any Ideas?

    Hey guys, I am trying to adjust where the text is on my websites homepage, but for some reason like all of the text goes to the right half of the screen and leaves the left half completely blank. Any ideas on how I can fix this? (I'm running WordPress 3.9.2). Thanks! Here is my site...
  5. J

    WordPress Problem. Pls Pls Help Help !!!

    I already have wordpress installed, and I have for almost 5 Months. When I went to browse my blog just few hours ago, it forwarded directly to: mysite dot com/wp-admin/install.php Anytime I click on any page in my blog in the /blog directory, it forwards me to this page. I already have...
  6. M

    Wordpress glitch

    In wordpress under settings, writing, where you add ping list there is no box to add ping list. Posted on their forum and no response. Thanks for your help.
  7. S

    Easy Question for a Coder - WP Sidebar

    I was hoping someone could help me get my ad blocks in the first pic layout like the ad blocks in the second pic. I want mine to be 2 wide like the second pic instead of one single row. There must be some code I have to place where I want the image row to break? Any help would be greatly...
  8. eg33k

    WP Theme Ripper / Installer needed

    My friend bought the wpremix.com theme for Wordpress. However, he thought he would be getting: hxxp://wpremix.com/demo/ Can anyone here rip the theme and pages, css etc. from the demo (all pages, not just home page)? I want an exact duplicate of the wpremix demo site and all...
  9. S

    Uploading applications to wordpress

    Greetings, I would like to add an application to my hosted wordpress blog, this is not a plug-in. I am waiting to hear from the application developer regarding this, but thought I would ask the experienced masses of BHW for advice. I am hosted on Startlogic and have had problems with...
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