Apr 22, 2015
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Hi, on all of my sites i have a problem with wordpress for last few days, when i'm writing article i can do anything when i choose the option visual, when i choose html it is ok, but when i switch back to visual, it shows blank page, so for last few days i was writing articles in html and going for preview if it is really there or if it is formatted the way i want to, but it is starting to piss me.. if some of you played ever poker for some time, you would probably understand me if i say that i'm tilting because of it ( i don't know any other word, which would describe my state of mind because of this, maybe frustrated, but it is not the same..) and today the same thing happend to me, when i was creating web 2.0 at telegraph co uk
Anyone knows how to fix this? (Btw: i've tried chrome, mozzila and IE all of those are not working for some reason, all have the same bug suddenly)
You should try to contact them, I've never had a problem like this
Oh, I had this issue on one of my client's websites a few months ago. It happened right after the server crashed, which is what I'm assuming caused the issue. I believe what I did to fix it was I reuploaded the wp-admin folder (and a few others) to one from a previous backup, but you can also try deactivating plugins and themes to see if those are problem. Another thing you can try is re-installing Wordpress to see if that fixes the problem.
Open firebug and check for Javascript errors. The RTE in WP is based in javascript. If an error happens when you switch it won't copy the text back.
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