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  1. Vinny3001

    >>>> Fully Automated Wordpress Blogs for Sale <<<< *** Great opportunity to own an online business. 100% Newbie Friendly! ***

    Fully Automated Wordpress Blogs for Sale. Great opportunity to own an online business. 100% Newbie Friendly! New articles & videos are being automatically added every few hours Only 10 AutoBlogs Avaliable Introductory Price of Only $39 ($10 Discount for the 5 First Customers) Price after...
  2. mantinis

    Superb Looking Wordpress Websites✅Premium Templates & Plugins✅E-Commerce✅Support & Revisions

    Refund Policy: On average, we complete our orders in less than 7 days. However, if we are not able to deliver services within 14 working days we are more than happy to provide a full refund.
  3. F

    Wordpress bug

    Hi, on all of my sites i have a problem with wordpress for last few days, when i'm writing article i can do anything when i choose the option visual, when i choose html it is ok, but when i switch back to visual, it shows blank page, so for last few days i was writing articles in html and going...
  4. H

    How much 200 UK sites could be worth?

    Hi there, some time ago I have created a network of 200 unique Wordpress sites. All of them are currently 2yrs old. All the time they have been kept at the separate IP's and C-classes. Also each of them had around 40-50 unique articles with photos(indexed average 100 subpages in google). The...
  5. R

    Free 50 Quality Wordpress account with articles.

    This is my first giveaway. Thanks to bhw and helping members here. This is where i learn everything about internet marketing, and then talk like a guru on warrior forum. :D I just finished my Wordpress Zenno template. Have make some nice-hard-work to the template. :P Gonna give you guys some acc...
  6. dheer787

    How to decrease sidebar width in wordpress

    Hi friends, I need small help regarding My website sidebar. I am using wordpress "Boldy" theme and where i wanna reduce the width of my sidebar. Can any one suggest me where and how to change the code in the theme. Please help me friends. Regards, Sudhir
  7. B

    Question on Blog

    After the recent PageRank update, I noticed one of my websites domain was moved up to PR2. However the blog (blog.domain.com) is now a PageRank 3. Is that normal? I always thought the top level domain like example.com would always have the most PageRank? Thanks in advance
  8. sfidirectory

    Who wan't an easy $5 bucks for harvesting niche Wordpress blogs?

    Hey everyone, Been a while since I have contributed anything meaningful on BHW, so I am offering someone an easy $5 (USD, of course lol) to harvest as many Wordpress blogs (either blog.com or blog.wordpress.com like domains) as you can that fit in the "movies" niche. I have found movie review...
  9. C

    How can i upload verification code to tumblr?

    Hi, everyone! I want to upload HTML verification documents to my website tumblr. But i don't know where i can upload. The second question is that my wordpress blog is free. So can i upload the HTML verification documents to my wordpress? Does free wordpress blog have not had this function?
  10. B

    Wordpress Plugin } Login with Facebook + Twitter and more

    Guys, Is anyone aware of a wordpress plugin for a self-hosted wordpress install that will allow a visitor to comment with twitter and facebook and google as well as others? I have seen a few sites with it but I dunno what they use. NOTE: Yes there is single plugins for twitter ONLY or Facebook...
  11. A

    (REQ) Managing Multiple Blog- managewp

    Can someone get this program: managewp.com? It's appears to be exactly what I need to manage multiple WP Blogs. Thanks in advance
  12. kirkonpolttaja

    Google links to category and not for article itself

    Hey all! I have had wordpress blog which i'm going to turn into authority site cause i'm not writing about particular niche, it is multiniche site. It is getting around 60UV/day so far with ~40 articles with low optimization, but i think i have somethign wrong with my theme. What could be the...
  13. takeachance

    Taking Down Wordpress.com Subdomain

    An ever increasing amount of clients are looking for ways in which to beat out a negative free wordpress.com blog (or other free platform) from the first page of the results. In many cases the free WP blog is aimed at the brand name. I am looking for inspiration in order to accomplish this. The...
  14. seoguy81

    [REQ] Auto post to wordpress.com blog

    Hello all, I discovered this forum earlier today and have been really hooked to it ever since. Great community and i'm proud to be a part of it. I was wondering if someone could direct me to a software or tool that can post content to wordpress or blogspot blogs? While there are many...
  15. sfidirectory

    2324 niche wordpress blogs

    Hi all, Have harvested a small list of Wordpress blogs/posts that relate to web design, web development, search engine optimisation and graphic design. There could be a small handful in there that aren't related but if you have the ability to filter them out then by all means do so :). I have...
  16. C

    Attention: People with decent blogs needed!

    If you have a blog in any of these relating niches that gets decent traffic and is decently ranked, Shoot me a PM. I need some reviews and you will not go unrewarded :D Niches: making money blogging affiliate marketing internet marketing seo
  17. Wolfshead

    Adding Video to Blogs

    I want to add video, ideally my own or Youtube, now it seems easy enough to get plug in for this. but what is the best plug in for adding the video to your widgets, all I have tried failed to recognise it unless added as a post. So what would you guys recommend for adding video to widgets or...
  18. S

    [HOT] Does ANYONE know of a Plugin Like this one Mentioned?

    Does anyone know of a plugin or tool that can be used with wordpress that can cloak or highlight a keyword in the post of the blog and put a link to a URL for that main keyword in your blog? This would be very beneficial especially with all the autoposting and spinning of content. Ie. Keyword...
  19. S

    Word Press Best Set up for Autoblog

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had a great wordpress plugin setup for wordpress especially autoblogging on wordpress. I run a site that gets 1000 people a day that I started in Oct 12th this year. I currently use mainly Feedwordpress and some times WP-O-Matic - has anyone fine...
  20. ch8878

    How can I make a page on Wordpress and put post on that page ?

    OK here is the question how do I set my posts, lets say I have a shopping blog and I want a product page lets say ipods and then that page has a link to ipod articles, and ipod videos, because heres what I get hxxp://yoursite.com/08/09/ipods how do I get to be like hxxp://yoursite.com/ipods an...
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