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  1. CrazeWiz

    How to automate reposting of content from another WordPress site to my own?

    I want to repost content/posts from another website (which is using Wordpress) to my own site (also using Wordpress). The site I want to repost content from has around 5000 posts, each which contain 5-30 photos, so doing it manually is not viable. If I had admin access to the original...
  2. Pixelator

    ✅ WordPress Articles | Fully Automated Post/Schedule/Draft | Up to 3000 words | From【 $0.15/100w】| SEO Optimized | Royalty-Free Images i...

    Premium AI-Powered WordPress Articles with Images Delivered in Minutes Provide the title, and get a high-quality blog post with royalty-free images delivered directly to your WordPress site! Free sample article for all new users upon sign up. Our unique Features / Why choose us? Only provide a...
  3. Pixelator

    1 FREE review copy - 100 Fully Automated Post/Schedule/Draft WordPress Articles | Up to 3000 words | SEO Optimized | Royalty-Free Images included

    1 FREE review copy to a single member for a BST service review The package contains the following: - 100 Premium WordPress Articles delivered directly to your WordPress Blog - SEO Optimization - Royalty-free Images - Mulitple Blog connections - Up to 3000 Words per Article - Automated...
  4. SERPhustler

    Tech Niche Blog Built using Expired Aged Domain with Backlinks, Rankings and 30000+ words of Content - Skip the Google Sandbox Right Away

    The blog uses a rare to find 6-character .net aged domain in Tech niche. - Ranks currently for 343 keywords on top 100 of Google US (as of March 18 2023) - Comes with 30000+ words of unique content (20 long informational articles) and a custom logo. - First Wayback Machine Record Date: March...
  5. razharov

    I'm ranking top3 with only 1 page and 0 post

    Hello guys, I have a question for you. I have 6 domains in a really specific niche like "men hair cutting in bronx" the domains are full keyword ones, 0 branding, 0 expired domains. These domains are now 2-3 years old and ranking between 2-8 position for the main keywords, while the home...
  6. speedie

    Best settings for Adsense Invalid Click Protector in WordPress

    Hey guys, I started a new WordPress blog on a new subdomain in April 2022. Now I got approved by Adsense. The funny thing is, the site is an Autoblog but a very high-quality AI blog. So I don't want to mess things up one bit. What do you guys think are the best settings for the AdSense Invalid...
  7. S

    Meaning of 1 px icons clearly

    Please help me understand this sentence, which states that" Make a page with 1,000,000 1px icons on it and have 10 of your friends go to it" which will relate in 10 million hits or pageviews . how to do it in wordpress blog.
  8. geekhob

    Please Check My Blog And Tell Me What I Need To Fix

    Hello Guys, i started a Tech and Gaming blog last month on WordPress, and am not too sure about the overall performance, please i want you guys to help me go through my blog, and tell me anything you think I need to fix (add or remove) on my blog in other to make it more user friendly, Page...
  9. geekhob

    Scared Of Installing AMP Plugin On My Website Blog

    Hello guys, please i need you optimist suggestion about AMP plugin, i have a tech and gaming blog on WordPress, i have been thinking of installing AMP plugin based on Google Adsense optimization request. but am scared cause i don't want anything that will mess up my blog. please, i need BHW...
  10. G

    Adsense + Wordpress Blog Journey To $100 a Day

    Hello Folks, I have a new wordpress blog from which I am making $2 a day average. I want to scale it to $100 a day by the end of March 2019. is it possible?? i guess so.. :) Yesterday I got 5 clicks - 2 high CPC clicks from USA and 3 from Saudi Arabia :) About me - I have good...
  11. B

    High DA Websites Sponsored Reviews

    hello, all member, how about your earning from blog monetize? I hope good and BIG.. I have 6 wordpress blogs with DA 30 - 50 can I earn money from digital agency opportunities? like sponsoredreviews (SR) or guest post at blogsvertise, I mean because now I personally just sell guest post and...
  12. knn125

    Google Analytics Traffic Vs Cpanel Traffic

    Hi, When I check website traffic statistics in my wordpress blog control panel, it shows more traffic like 1000 visits for May month, but at same time google analytics shows me 250 visits for May. Why there is a difference? Which one is more accurate and reliable? Please share your...
  13. F

    Wordpress bug

    Hi, on all of my sites i have a problem with wordpress for last few days, when i'm writing article i can do anything when i choose the option visual, when i choose html it is ok, but when i switch back to visual, it shows blank page, so for last few days i was writing articles in html and going...
  14. R

    A new free plugin to increase Engagement

    Hi, I just read somewhere about a new plugin and a web service which provide some new features such as Comparison Box and argument box. They also have a free plugin here. I tried it and I am getting good results so I thought of sharing it here. The website name is Speakol - here is the link...
  15. T

    Negative SEO Backlinks etc... ASAP!

    I need a really off the map black hat hacker type to do some neg-seo work on a url to get it penguin-popped, panda-slapped, and/or delisted. As fast as possible. I have a good budget.
  16. D

    where i can get quality article for my blog.

    There are any quality source i can get 100% unique article with low price. i need suggestion from bw forum. i really need quality article. i used iwriter but i am not happy about quality.
  17. L

    Need assistance getting a wordpress blog taken down

    There is an insane woman blogging blatant lies about a friend and his employer found the blog. We have asked her to take down the false posts but she won't... Does anyone know anyway to remove posts from a wordpress blog? or how to get a blog taken down? If we can't get the posts down there...
  18. V

    Does using the same hosting & theme affect SEO?

    Hello BHWers! I have a doubt about the SEO. I'm a fan of Wordpress & a Theme Framework; therefore, all of my sites are based on Wordpress and that Theme Framework. In addition, I'm hosting all of my sites on 1 Shared Hosting Account. My questions is, is this affect my SEO or SERP? P.S: I do...
  19. K

    Basic to advanced information about setting up your blog for higher rankings

    Hello everyone, new to posting but have been doing SEO for a long time and have been researching and testing new ideas intensively for a long time. The main topic of this post is how i setup my blog that has shown me success with a focus on site structure. Opinions may vary but what i love...
  20. goyat

    Hostvizor Sucks : Never go with this Host

    2 Months ago I bought a hosting account from Hostvizor because some guys suggested me for this F###in% webhost. And today I am feeling silly on my decision of choosing them to host my blogs. I am having 4 blogs and all of them gets daily 1-2K Visits. Most of the times Hosting works good but they...
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