website flipping

  1. V

    Newbie here but check it out - 3 Innovative websites you can't miss out

    Firstly I want to share some insights into our approach when it comes to creating web solutions, and how it translates into value for you. Our primary focus is on delivering high-quality web solutions efficiently. Unlike traditional models that involve developing, marketing, and supporting a...
  2. buildandbuild

    Looking for somebody to help me find a crypto/investing website to rebrand and build on

    Hey BHW, Currently with a half-decent budget, looking for someone to help me find a crypto/investing website to then build on. This is an exciting opportunity to join a team right at the start. I also have other roles opening such as media buying, SEO in general and much more. Contact me on...
  3. don7777

    Good place to SELL AdSense websites...

    Hi All, Please recommend some reliable online platforms you have successfully sold websites before. Feel free to share both pros and cons (fees, safety, ect) about the platforms as well. - Thanks
  4. AI-X

    [Journey] Building a Digital Real Estate Empire (by reverse engineering FLIPPA)

    If you watch interviews of wealthy people, many of them mention the value of real estate and it's power to build true wealth. I have no interest in owning IRL real estate and dealing with all those problems. But it has dawned on me that why couldn't one build a portfolio of digital real estate...
  5. Legendary_MaaN

    How to do SEO of a Calculator based website?

    Hi, I have a calculator based website which is live from the past 5 months. it was an expired domain. now what can I do to rank it? the niche is very low competitive.
  6. H1ghSky

    Should I buy a website that’s been hit by google update?

    I’ve recently stumbled upon a competitor in my niche with a very good looking website from a design perspective as well as from a content perspective. It’s DA isn’t that high, but the website has been around for 3-4 years and has 90-100 good quality articles. When I checked the traffic...
  7. S

    Is This website worth 100$ I need your help guys

    Hi guys I am a newbie. I wanted to website flipping and ı decided to buy this website for 100$. However, I did not evaluate the website's actual value. I need your help guys. Is it worth it? Website metrics are Publish date: 2021 DA / PA: 4/10 Category: health...
  8. seojen

    What Should I do - Buyer Ran Away without Making Full Payment.

    Hi guys, I really need your advice on what to do, here is the full story. I met this guy on a Facebook group where I posted my site and he was interested in buying it. We did a zoom call and he asked me all kinds of questions about the site and at the end, he decided to buy it, we agreed to...
  9. GenesisOne

    [ Selling WEBSITE ] Women Interests - 100 posts - 76,000+ Words Count - HQ Images - Clean Layout - Premium Licensed Theme Builder - Read...

    Site About: Women Interests Domain: Catchy domain name registered on Apr 7, 2020 - paid til Apr 7, 2022. Premium Logo. Layout: Unique Clean Layout - Professionally Crafted with Licensed Page Builder Content: 76,000+ words count, spread through 100 Post about: Nutrition - Health - Beauty -...
  10. I

    Is there any solution to restore an entire website of an expired domain for free ?

    Hi. I just bought an expired domain and want to restore the website to its original structure. I want to retain the URL structure of the website so that all its backlinks remains relevant. I saw an option to download the whole website in "waybackmachinedownloader" but it takes around 15 bucks...
  11. BigApe

    Is this a good find?! Website to flip

    Hi All, I have recently found a UK high school website that does not have the exact name as a domain - Instead they have registered "" . I have found that the .CO.UK and .COM are available for the exact name "blablablaHIGHSCHOOL". So I am just looking for advice as to whether...
  12. theIMMachine

    [Rolltheball for Sale] - Premium domain authority website outranking FIFA & Wikipedia!

    Dear BHWians Let's cut the fancy designs and talk about this golden deal! We have started up like any other startup in the world with a new age sports news venture called 'Rolltheball' a couple of months before and worked with some freelancers and launched the platform to monetize the huge...
  13. Whateverest

    [FOR SALE] Authority Website - Geeky Gadgets & Gifts (Amazon Affiliate) + Traffic Sources [METHOD]

    Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to run this project anymore, so I'm selling a similar website to a well-known - If you've ever thought that it's time to stop wasting your time with crappy CPA & PPI niches and start a REAL authority website that people...
  14. didpublishing

    Building HTML 5 Niche Sites for Flipping No More Wordpress

    I've been using Wordpress for years and every so often, some jackhole hacks one of the sites. It's a pain in the ass but I've dealt with it. Now that I've been flipping sites, it's become more of a big deal. Wordpress and other PHP based platforms are notorious for having vulnerabilities due to...
  15. Jimmy L

    Accurate Evaluation

    I was thinking about selling my brand website and got a potential value of 340K on empire flippers. I didn't go through the vetting process. However, I did put in accurate numbers. When you put down monthly revenue and expenses... do these websites include PP fees & Shopify fees? How accurate...
  16. FormerBoxer

    Buying a 2 million dollar website

    Empire flippers is selling a 2 million dollar website! Who buys those websites? People just have 2 million hanging around lol. I probably wouldn't sell a website making me 60K net a month. I notice all these websites that sell for a lot they put in over 100K a month in expenses! I always wonder...
  17. widchy95

    New to Flippa

    hello i want to sell a domain on flippa and i think everything was free except a fee they will receive after you sell your website but I see price packages but i need advice about it 1- what would happen if i don't sell the website? 2- where do i find promo codes to lower the prices? all other...
  18. V

    Any alternative to flippa for website flipping?

    Hi i am looking for an alternative to flippa for domain flipping. I have a website which i want to flip but it flippa says its an open listing and i do not find it on search so any way i can sell that website as need of some funds.. TIA
  19. B

    Buying Affiliate Marketing / Adsense websites - Query by newbie

    Hello I have been following this forum for a long time now but never posted anything. I have read a lot of success stories and finally managed to secure me some investment. I was looking for help from you experts here. Before I dive into the world of affiliate marketing, ad sense blogs, and...
  20. natedogg

    Sold website with fb page

    Hey guys, I sold my website and the new owner will get all social media accounts. My question is my FB page that goes with the website is my personal FB page with the business page on it. I don't care giving him it because I just use FB for advertising. Can the new owner change his name...
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