1. G


    ✅ Are you looking for a design that not only looks great but also drives conversions? ✅ Do you need a user interface that's not just visually stunning, but also incredibly user-friendly? ✅ Are you seeking a UX/UI experience that leaves a lasting impression? If so, we expect to hear from you...
  2. Elkau

    small summary of a small project i'm making, but i have some questions

    i have all the things for the marketing and on how i will make my small blog know in other forum, like doing a small post on appropriate forums and promotions, i know what to do but i don't find modules or plugins for that, like they are not what i need or don't do the things i need. i plan on...
  3. ancorx

    Greetings BlackHatWorld, WordPress Developer Onboard!

    Hello Everyone, It's a pleasure to introduce myself to the BlackHatWorld community! My name is Sajib and I've been a WordPress developer. I've been silently following the thought-provoking discussions and knowledge sharing happening on this platform, and it's been instrumental in expanding my...
  4. L

    Make Money with Webhosting Reselling (200 til 300 Dollars passive per month)

    I am working as a freelancer (Wordpress Web Development) and after 5 years since i started my freelancer business i came to the conclusion that i can improve my business. In general every (new) client need services for which you have to pay monthly or annually. The most important service is of...
  5. D

    Looking for a webdesigner who can design me a Leadgeneration page fast and is good with google Ads - Germany - I PAY €€

    Hello guys, I'm looking for a websigner who is a pro at designing webpages, since I don't get how to rip a page. You need to: Design a landing page for genereating Insurance leads in germany. So it would be great if yo speak german, but not necessery. Then I want to run ads and lead them to...
  6. cseo

    Redeisgn website PBN

    Hello, I am in French SEO, I retype PBN seo not very pretty in pretty sites and giving the impression to have a real site showcase of company with blog posts. I wanted to know, if on the US market, there was this type of offer? If so, do you have any people/companies to recommend on this kind...
  7. shikhamishra

    How can I make my website more accessible to users with disabilities?

    How can I make my website more accessible to users with disabilities?
  8. shikhamishra

    How can I integrate a database (such as MySQL) into a PHP website?

    How can I integrate a database (such as MySQL) into a PHP website?
  9. shikhamishra

    What are the benefits of using a VPS for web hosting?

    What are the benefits of using a VPS for web hosting?
  10. shikhamishra

    How do you measure the success of a website in terms of user engagement and conversion rate?

    How do you measure the success of a website in terms of user engagement and conversion rate?
  11. BIZZY.

    Starting own WebDesign company.

    Hello BHW, I have been designing websites for the last 7 years and currently doing a course for Full-stack developer. I started making simple landing pages and offer pages for myself as I work in online marketing and create my own websites. My question is: Will it be more profitable to start a...
  12. wantviews

    I found it. The best image resizer - compressor ever.

    Hey so just a lil bit of help for someone who has a pain in their ass resizing images fro their webpage and doesn't always want go the photoshop route. https://squoosh.app/ -- i don't even know how i found them, probably on google but they weren't ranking top 1. They have it all: All sorts of...
  13. wantviews

    Payment/Subscription processor for a nomad (webdev)

    Howdy. I’ve decided to take on web designing and need something to manage my customers. My problem is: 1. I’m legally a Russian tax resident and citizen. 2. I live all over the place, currently in Azerbaijan. 3. I also need to manage subscriptions (maintenance - hosting etc). Would be great to...
  14. wantviews

    On my way to start web design business, need advice..

    So i sold a few websites using page-builders whilst also learning CSS, JS etc. so now i'm trying to sell some websites online using ads. Cold outreach is good also and i have some plans for it but i really want to get some paid traffic coming for a few initial. I plan on charging $600 for first...
  15. wantviews

    Need security advice...

    Hope everyone is safe and sound ! So i recently started developing websites and even though i'm mostly able to do my elementor/ssl/wordpress work myself there is a always something that's not working and i spent hours and hours of searching for answers on YT Stackoverflow etc etc. But suddenly...
  16. wantviews

    {WTB} A wordpress web designer to JUST answer my questions.

    Hey, i'm relatively new to web design, so i thought i could use someone who has experience with Wordpress websites building, hosting, etc. What i would need of u is to just answer to my topic related questions, and make it as digestible as you can. Requrements: 1.Good communication skills...
  17. wantviews

    Need hellp with Elementor, Avada.

    Greeeting to you, my fellow BHWers. I recently started making websites on wordpress with the help of the almighty @Festinger . Can't stress enough how happy I got when i found out about this plug-in. However, I'm unable to insert any type of Template, block etc, which complicates things a...
  18. M

    Webdesigner / UX Designer / UI Designer / Figma expert wanted

    Looking for a frontend designer who is good with understanding how to make eye popping UX for the web. The designer should be able to conceptualise user requirements and produce whole pages, or sections in figma. Skills we are looking for are.. 1. Have very good working understanding of...
  19. A

    Please who knows about hello theme well?

    OK so here is the thing, I downloaded an elementor template kit as am new to site building...which I upload to my site... but the template kit does not have a custom dashboard? and user profile page I want something like the screenshot attached. pls how can I achieve this?. I tried installing...
  20. T

    Offered: web development WordPress & Laravel - great service & quality - affordable price

    We are a Dutch web development company based in Mexico and we are looking for new projects/jobs. To get to know each other better we make a special offer for all BHW members, check out the ad below. We have a very experienced team as well for WordPress and Laravel and we can help you with any...
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