1. Promise Obi

    Your Web3 community my product

    I'm trying to promote a new Web3 Dex to at least 10 users using the product. It's a new platform with literally a small community. I'm looking to collaborate with a token/Marketer that can help me promote this product within 2 weeks. Pay is guaranteed Hit me up let's work
  2. web3venture

    [JV] My Service Trend Opensea/Rarible/Coinmarketcap/Coingecko + Your Clients

    Hello , I'm reaching out to explore a potential joint venture in the crypto space and generate substantial revenue for both parties involved. My side: my ability to enhance token visibility and drive NFT project success (followers , trend ,stars , watchlist ,Favorites , etc) Your side ...
  3. THECORE1337


    Ok yeah I click baited you in or you just stubbled in doesn't matter. You are here now none the less. I haven't been on this site in years... just a quick update I've been able to make $ money online and I don't work a job anymore. I will say I did it though crypto though it has nothing to do...
  4. LeviAckkerman

    Webflow or WordPress for tourism websites BUSINESS?

    Hey, I will be quick. I am moving to a foreign country and just finished my bachelor's in a second-world country east EU. I studied Computer Science. I know how to code (basic) level, never liked that much or tried that much. BTW I'm in my early 20's. So where I will move I'll work some...
  5. xReminisce

    Web3 Phone Numbers?

    Anyone know of any successful and legit Web3 phone numbers out there? Only one currently i know is 3num.co and solanlab's saga which will expand into web3 numbers eventually if anyone used 3num before, let me know your experiences. 0.015 eth a year is pretty cheap besides TG's Tron web3 you...
  6. uhq

    [HIRING] ⭐ Looking for BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPERS :) (Plutus, Solidity, EVM, Milkomeda...) (Cardano, Polygon, Ethereum) ⭐

    Hello everybody, First of all, thanks for reading this and for being here today. This is a big community and I really like how things work here on BHW. Today i'm announcing a JOB POSITION for Blockchain Developer. We are hiring! We are only looking for long-term developers who really believe...
  7. Scoops TV

    Hello world

    Hi, I'm a small Youtuber and I run a dedicated grassroots web3 marketing team . I have one main dev team that I work for and freelance with others from time to time . I'm here to network and collaborate, share ideas.
  8. matthewmint7

    10 Key benefits to using web 3.0 as a start up business

    I'm sure a lot of us already have a business, starting up or looking for ways to benefit from future tech and as the world of technology grows, many of us will aim to utilise web 3.0 for a variety of reasons, mainly due to privacy and cost effectiveness. Businesses will use Web 3.0 to improve...
  9. Zenland

    [ESCROW] Zenland - Decentralized Escrow Smart Contracts | Escrow Anything You Want | 1.75% and Lower Fee

    Do you know what is so irritating about selling or buying SEO services/products? Trusting the other party. Can they really deliver what they claim to do? Or is there a guarantee that I will get paid after I deliver the order? What if there was an escrow service that isn't centralized, where you...
  10. uhq

    Looking for Web3.0, Creative Website Style & Blockchain Developers

    Hello, We are looking for Web3.0 & Blockchain Developers who want to work with us on the long-term. We need people who believe in our project and people who want to be our partners. The connection of a team is very important, that is why we take very seriously that you are part of our team and...
  11. G

    Fiat or Crypto Price Display?

    You decide to subscribe to a premium content service on a creator platform where payments are made in Polygon MATIC from a crypto wallet.
  12. prey24

    {2 x 500 Words Free Review Copies} Web3 Content Writing Service

    2x500 Words Free Review Copies. Eligibility: 500+ Posts. Just reply "I am in" FCFS. Thread Link - https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/feed-your-web3-audience-with-high-quality-and-researched-content-just-0-025-word-massive-discounts-on-bulk-orders.1439187/
  13. prey24

    >>> Feed Your Web3 Audience With High Quality And Researched Content | Just $0.025/word | Massive Discounts On Bulk Orders

  14. TheMarquis

    Web3 Domain Name Service Could Lose Its Web Address Because Programmer Who Can Renew It Sits in Jail

    When members of the ENS DAO community go to its eth.link website, all they’ll see now is an empty page with a green domain expiration notice banner at the top. That’s because the only person with the authority to renew the domain, Virgil Griffith, is serving a 63-month prison sentence for...
  15. Moneydeal

    Ruby Developer Needed

    Hey I need a ruby developer for a project. If you have experience and can do it send me a DM. Send past works
  16. prey24

    Ecomtancyweb Landing Page/Website Design Service⭐All Major Niches Accepted ⭐Unlimited Revisions ⭐ Discounts Available ⭐

    After working with several clients in the past 2 years from the niches like gaming, crypto, beauty, pet, NFT,eCommerce stores...and many more now we want to help you in creating your high converting landing page/website. Our team of expert designers and devs clearly knows what you need for a...
  17. A

    Web3 money making methods

    Hi All just wondering if anyone making real money with web3 ?(If yes what are they ?) Are there any good SAAS/Project ideas ?
  18. bestspinner

    Why a lot of SEO people into Cryptocurrency?

    What attracts them? Is it because of technology or just for speculation? Bitcoin, Crypto assets, nft, defi, metaverse, web3.
  19. Jeffer1980

    500 EUR per month developing crypto projects

    I've been tinkering with ethereum for a few years now, basically trying to build my own dapps and stuff like that. I thought offering my solidity / web3 coding skills on a freelance basis would be a nice side income and a good way to get to a next level of understanding what's possible with...
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