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  1. J

    which one is better to do for seo web 2.0 or Guest post on lower da

    Hi i am confused what i should do I have some content to post but which one will be best for me if i am posting on HIGH DA web 2.0 do follow or Guest post on Lower DA
  2. MrGrayHat

    Creating Web 2.0 PBN still worth the work?

    Hello Guys, i have found here a lot of Guides about how to creat a web 2.0 PBN. The Problem is, this Guides are from 2018 before Google does the latest "medic" update.. So now my Question, is it still worth the work to creat a "own" Web 2.0 PBN? Or should i better creat my own PBN-Network with...
  3. peachseo

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  4. LiveCaseStudy

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    Let us Fool Google with a "Plagiarism-Free" Content Passed Through a "Premium Grammarly Checks" and Skyrocket the SERPs of your New to Old Website Using Authoritative Web 2.0 Properties! Since I am not used to the long-worded sales thread with a lot of images and fancy design, I will keep it...
  5. SiddharthW

    What are some great expired Web 2.0 like Tumblr ?

    Finding expired Tumblr with Good TF CF PA is very easy compared to Blogspot or Wordpress. Are there any other web2.0 available which available easily? And Sticking to only Tumblr will Create any issue or not ?
  6. Titans

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  7. R

    what things we need before making web 2.0

    i am newbie please help What things we need before making web 2.0. i need list when we make 5 web 2.0 for easy competition kw. what i need. Like VPN and other things what we need.
  8. lifehero

    Web 2.0 Q's/Quality vs Quantity

    Hey everyone! First post Newbie here. Couple weeks into affiliate marketing, SEO, and to the BHW forum. I was searching the web 2.0 keyword here in the forum and can not seem to find my exact question. My question is: in 2018 I have found through research that the quality of web 2.0's is...
  9. eliezer1

    Expired Web 2.0 Blog Network Discussion

    For this thread, I just want to focus on Expired Web 2.0 Blog Networks. There's a lack of discussion about it on BHW. Post all your questions here so we can have a good reference thread if ever needed by others. Are proxies still needed after registration of expired tumblrs...