1. dieuetlefer

    Tinder Watermark

    Hi it's yet possible to watermark our tinder pictures or it's patched ? For any "professionnal" with tinder I have some great plans so send me a message if you are interrested!!
  2. Bookmaker

    Watermark remover for videos

    Hi guys I was wondering if there exist a free tool to remove a watermark of a video? The watermark is for example a website address not a logo which covers the video. Thank you
  3. T

    Best Adult Tube Sites to submit watermarked videos in 2022/2023

    Hi, any good Site for this Methode stat works in 2022/2023? because most big sites (xhamster,pornhub,xvideos) only accept creator video uploads
  4. xxxisthis

    Automation Software Bot reposting TikTok videos

    Hey I’m looking for a Bot / automation software which can download TikTok from 1 TikTok account, remove the watermark and reupload it to Instagram reels, youtube shorts, clapper, and snap chat public spotlight. Nothing more, it should act „human like“ it’s useless for me if the videos get shadow...
  5. A

    PDF trick

    Hello, I have a funny problem. Until now, my production was free. I'm going to charge for some of my writing. For purely legal reasons, I will not put a paywall on my site. My only option? PDFs to send. I've started looking around, but do you know of a solution to do mass tagging on PDFs to...
  6. H

    How to find porn videos to reupload without copyright infringment?

    I have tried out many types of videos. Some very old, low-quality, compilations, very short videos, some tiktok and onlyfans clips and so on (without the watermark of course). They take my videos down very randomly, I can't specify at all what kind of videos I should upload. Can anyone help or...
  7. L

    whats the best free website to get animated logo video

    whats the best free website to get animated logo video i need it free without water mark anyone give me some suggestions please
  8. Y

    What is the penalty for watermarking other people's content?

    Hello, I am thinking about doing the porn upload method where I upload other people's porn and watermark it. Obviously, watermarked porn can get removed by the tube site, but what other penalties are there? The porn on my actual site will not be watermarked, just the porn I upload to the tube...
  9. FrankyOne

    How to record webcam videos avoiding overlaying objects: buttons, links, logo etc

    Dear all, I might have a smartass request. I was wondering if there's any way to record video streaming from webcam sites and avoid that the video contains the original watermark or that the player area is cluttered with tons of objects: images, links, buttons etc. Do you think that is...
  10. Ruly_

    Simple Watermark

    Best software to create a simple watermark like this ?
  11. draco02

    Watermarking your instagram content to get traffic

    If an instagram account reposts your watermarked content, which is high quality, how many people will go to the creator of that image - your account? What is your guess? Lets say the watermarked instagram repost on the repost account gets 10.000 likes, how many of those will look for your...
  12. TelegramDominator

    Video tutorial how to make money from uploading movies + auto watermark

    I went into my email to verify a site signup, i use this email for adult site signups (That's why I rarely get into this email). Believe it or not but I discovered a surprise email from a site I previously signed up a few months ago. In the email I received a link (I assume that everyone who...
  13. Heresiarch

    Any free software or service that allows batch watermark short videos?

    That allows working with videos at least up to 140 seconds long for free. I need that for posting videos on Twitter.
  14. Akingee

    Which adults sites allows watermark and domain on title /description

    I don't know if it's the right place to post this question, I need suggestions ad help. I have been reading a lot of methods about porn upload and decided it's time to take actions, I created accounts xvideos, pornhub,Spankwire, txxx,Redtube, youporn,Gotporn, xhamster. I have few questions...
  15. JohnyMSF

    Adult site | watermark advise

    Hello, I am building, blog / website with adult gifs. I create gifs by myself, download video, edit in photoshop... I want to put my own watermark on it, in some cases also remove original one. I want to ask, can i get in trouble for that? Yes officialy it's not legal but can somebody sue me...
  16. Veil123

    ★SEOGen★ All-In-One SEO System - AI Powered!

  17. alice252293

    link in bio + landing page vs watermarked photo which is better?

    I tried to upload watermarked photos on sex.com But it did not work. Anyone had success with this on IG?
  18. onlinework

    Best Free Wordpress Watermark Plugin?

    Hi again, I am looking for any good plugin for watermark images on upload in the media library at Wordpress and it could be also great if the plugin can watermark previously uploaded images. Please give your recommendations. Thanks all :)
  19. Tekevic

    Best Free Software for Watermarkering Pictures & Videos ?

    Hey BHW, i`m searching for a free Software to watermark a huge amount of pictures & videos without watermarkering every picture/video by myself. Some suggestions ? Thank u all.
  20. hellogoodbye5

    Best Way to Post Content on many (50+) Accounts?

    Hey guys! I've recently been setting up my pilot campaign of mass-growing niche accounts (fitness and mens fashion this time), and I'm hung up on one part of the process which I have never automated: THE POSTING From what I understand, there are two different methods of going about this. In...
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