1. MiLe31

    Should I create a forum... and how?

    BHW family, I am not sure where this topic belongs so I'm putting it here. I run a few small online businesses in fields I've been working in for YEARS. They are doing okay, paying the bills, but I want to gather a bigger audience. I already run Facebook groups for these niches, but I want...
  2. emvam

    SMS verification system for vBulletin forum site?

    I'm looking to build an SMS verification system for new registrations on my vBulletin site.The workflow should be: 1. A user registers for an account. 2. My vBulletin forum site asks for the required info such as username, email address, etc AND a phone number. 3. The forum sends a 4-digit...
  3. J

    vBulletin issues - needing help

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a vBulletin guru who can help me with various vB problems, their support is pretty crap (they havent replied to my tickets in years) What i need - setup to optimize auto registrations without spam - fixing bugs, continued mysql issues - general improvements on a...
  4. F

    Is it possible to use a nulled Vbulletin 5 without getting caught?

    I know Vbulletin is very strict, and they catch and terminate any forums that are used with a nulled Vbulletin. Is there any way to use a nulled Vbulletin 5 (or Vbulletin 4 if that version is possible and 5 isn't for some reason) in some way where you can't get caught? Thank you.
  5. Couch Monkey Media

    Vbulletin developer

    I am looking for a vBulletin developer that knows the ends and outs of this program. I am setting a new forum for Colocation / hosting. Looking for someone to Set up member levels set up banner advertising help setup rules These are just the top Items on my list to get started.
  6. K

    Forum owner new here

    Hey guys. I have a small Fitness forum with a decent amount of traffic. Looking for ideas to grow my forum activity and members.
  7. A

    Vbulletin 5 forum software

    Hi all, Firstly apologies if this thread is incorrectly located, i'm new. I'm wanting to know your opinions on vbulletin 5 in terms of SEO and search ranking? How would implementing SEO packages affect a website built on vbulletin 5? Many thanks.
  8. Emiya

    Paypal limited - Domain blacklisted?

    Hello, I've question about paypal. When ever I create an account by paypal and put it on my vbulletin board as payment method paypal limits my account after few days. The reason is always my domain name that I violate the policy and more. Is there a way to use paypal on my vbulletin board...
  9. Loadzz

    Starting entertainment forum - Platform help

    Hello, I own a popular entertainment website and many of my competitors have forums - So i've decided i'm going to compete and start my own (extra source of income too). My competitors use vBulletin - Is the best platform to go for? I heard Xenforo is good too, but since my competitors are...
  10. tech4816

    Which forum script is best for initial start?

    I want to make my site, community based as it is right time to do so. Site's users are demanding for it too. I don't have money for vBulletin now but I will buy it in next few months. So I wnat to know which forum script should I use now (FREE)? Also can I migrate data to vBulletin later...
  11. dreadpixel

    VBulletin vs IPB: Which one is better?

    Hello.. Just doing a survey of which one is better for a community. The votes is based on # of Addons Engagement from users Support Which one will you choose to drive a great community? Which one is better for custom developing? (well supported)
  12. K

    Changing vBulletin CMS plugin "homepage"

    So here's the deal...I've been tasked with either doing this myself (I'm not a coder), or finding someone that can do it. We would like to change it to something a lot more dynamic...basically, it'll be images with embedded links that will point the user to different places within the forum...
  13. gokulvikas

    Vbulletin 4.2 configuration

    Hi members, I'm finding difficult in modifying the vbulletin - config.php file and the site is displayed as " Database Error" message. Please help
  14. S

    Starting a vBulletin forum - Need bot

    I'll be biting the bullet and investing some money to build an authority site with a forum and want a bot to help me populate the forum to make it look like I have a community happening. Is there a bot that can scrape other forums and make posts on mine to help me do this?
  15. CaptainKing

    Is there a guide for varstyle locations in vbulletin?

    Editing colors in my vbulletin has become torture, trying to find out which varstyle changes which color on my forum page. Is there a guide or something that shows which style is associated with the area on the forum? :confused: Thanks in advance!!!
  16. 4

    best wordpress-forum solution

    What do you use if your site has a forum as well? I know there's buddypress but I like the functionality and feel of vbulletin or xenforo. What's the best strategy for bridges/logins/software choices? Brand new site, I want to get this right from the ground up.
  17. xenon2010

    vBulletin Storm, a new bot for vBulletin boards. ideas plz..

    Hi all, its been quite long time since the last time I've posted something in here. I've been working for the past 4 months on this project I call it (vBulletin Storm), the main idea of this tool is to register and (automatically activate) multiple accounts on multiple vbulletin boards and try...
  18. B


    I dont like the default black and gold skin. I tried the others, none of them seem to work correctly. I really like the HaRRo style theme, but it seems to have a few missing files, as it doesnt display them. Would it be possible to fix this issue please ? My eyes really dont get well with...
  19. N

    Forum poster

    Can anyone teach me how to login to vbulletin forums using curl? Which values do I have to pass to login to the forum intporn? I have tried using vb_login_username vb_login_password vb_login_md5password vb_login_md5password_utf cookieuser=1 s= do=login I don't understand the difference...
  20. amsterdamned

    vBulletin best SEO URL structure

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew the best settings for vBulletin SEO structure. Should it be: domain/forum/threadname or domain/threadname I guess the more keywords teh better, right? Then again shorter urls are preferred.
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