1. TheMarquis

    G is back!

    Good news for this start of the week. The Legend, the G.O.A.T., the only unpublished Marvel character, is back: @Gogol is here! Welcome back, bro!
  2. Q

    How rare is my 5 letter username?

    So, i have an Instagram account which is consistent of ONLY 5 letters. No numbers, dots or anything like that. (If someone is wondering, its "qafmo") And so apparently, its spelt the same as Kaufmo, Kauffman, which are names. I'm wondering how much would that cost and how rare is that. I also...
  3. L


    Hi everyone, I search some portals for username on instagram. I have big clients and I would like to claim instagram username personally with portals. If anyone know a portal let me know
  4. PlusMein

    We are looking for Instagram accounts database with emails + usernames in different niches

    Hello everyone, We are looking for Instagram email accounts + usernames in different niches (better online stores or any kind of business in IG). Geo USA - different states. Please get in touch with us who can scrape or have such database. Thanks
  5. Samusya

    What should be awesome username price on Instagram

    I have the username @bitcoinevent Can I sell this username? what can be the price Please send your comments thank you
  6. N

    Help me buy an IG Username

    I'd like an IG Username but someone owns it. I do think they are inactive and no longer use the account. I would like someone with a strong account to reach out to inquire about buying it and the negotiate the offer. Payment will only be made if the owner responds; even if the price is too...
  7. N

    Help me get an Instagram/IG Account name

    Looking for someone who will help me acquire an Instagram username. Pretty much just asking you to message about 10-20 account owners on my behalf to see if they'd be interested in selling their username/account. Most of these accounts are inactive or only have a small number of followers--I...
  8. shawn_007

    Hiding your Identity - How do you deal with that

    Hello Folks, Hope you all are well. To all my friends who own a blog, what do you write in your about us page? Do you reveal who you are or you just represent yourself as a person who is expert in the niche your blog is all about? I have been doing rounds on many blogs and I find a lot of...
  9. SmmFlix

    How to chnage BHW Username?

    Is there anyway I can change my username? When I first opened, I didn't thought of anything. But now I am making friends, contributing, so was thinking to get a more cool username. Is there anyway to do that? I think this info might be helpful for more newbies out there. Note: Please...
  10. Starblazer

    How much do you like your username on a scale of 1-10?

    I would give a 10/10 for my username. What about you?
  11. Lord of Skies

    [Que] Why an Instagram Username Says It's Not Available (When It Really Is)?

    Hi all! So I checked the username that I want several times on IG , but it always says username isn't available.But if you search for user , no one (with that particular username) exists. Why is that? Is there any method to bypass or get that username as the user(with that name) isn't available.
  12. T

    Looking for instagram Username service

    I have tried this before but haven't been able to find someone trustworthy. I have reached out to several people promising quality service in the Social Media Marketplace and haven't had any luck. I need a username that appears to be an unused account. Username is 11 characters and not really a...
  13. speedie

    [Giveaway] 5000 free Instagram email list scraped from a hashtag

    Hey guys, Just thought I would contribute positively to the BlackHatWorld community. I scraped this 5000 Instagram users by the hashtag #fitnesscoaching This is useful for the fitness niche. All users have an email address guaranteed. See: Emails (guaranteed) Full name (guaranteed) Phone...
  14. BlackSugarz

    Username switch IG

    hello, I am searching a way to switch Instagram usernames the problem is there is lock on the username for 14-16 days so I can use it on other account the main problem is the username is rare handle and many people will try to get it and i don't want to lose it XD I was thinking to use some...
  15. share4win

    What the **** this user name in BHW?

    Just now saw this user name in one of the post. So, BHW allows any type of user name without letters?
  16. D

    how to get inactive username

    is there any methods to get inactive usernames? the account has 0 posts 14 followers and 0 followings
  17. D

    bypass the 14 day username ''ban''

    is there any way to bypass it? i have two accounts and i wanna swap the usernames
  18. D

    I'm looking for a 3 character or 4 character Instagram username!

    I'm looking for a 3 character or 4 character Instagram username. It can only contain letters or both letters and numbers. How can I find? I tried 440,000 different combinations with a computer program, all of them belongs to active accounts, that is, none of 440,000 usernames are idle! How is...
  19. shushing

    1 letter tiktok username, any worth?

    i made the account last year before tiktok exploded with new users, but does anybody know if 1 letter usernames have any worth? delete if not allowed, i’m new to blackhat!
  20. T

    Need Suggestions for Expired Twitter Account

    Hey, I have got an expired twitter username that is news related and it have over 700+ RDs and lots of links from authority sites, i there any way i can make use of it???
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