1. USA282

    [GET] 2300+ Do-follow forums for creating backlinks

    Here's the link - https://www.heypasteit.com/clip/0IUHO6 2353 urls to be exact Enjoy!
  2. shags38

    Linked Products - Does Google Use Canonical URL for Ranking??

    I have an eCommerce site with about 300 products. I loaded most of these products into a general "all products" category then linked each product to other categories that they would fall into using an internal category linking program. I use a url 'rewrite plugin' to rewrite the platforms...
  3. D

    How to index trello board in google

    Hello, how can i index my public board(ex: https://trello.com/b/link/link) in google? I used bulkaddurl but link is still not appearing in google
  4. Shropdog

    How to extract URL's of a website/store

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place MOD's, please move if so How can i extract all the URL's of my shopify store? Not for images etc, but every page url including product pages, blogs, collections, terms etc etc in fact every page on the site? Also, if it can be with a free tool please.
  5. kurosaki4d

    Find linguistic of bulk websites

    Hello, I have a list of websites that i would like to know the language of each one (EN, FR or ES), is there a tool that can allow me to do so ? Because i need to make that check in mass volume all at once on those URLs ! Thank you for your help
  6. proofoflife

    I Need Some SEO advice

    Hi guys. Over the past three weeks, my rankings have been all over the place. Let me be more specific: Internationally my keyword rankings have been exactly how they should be, apart from the UK - if anything they have improved. My UK rankings have declined, the keywords are showing...
  7. S

    What is "/goto/" in URLs

    Recently, I found a reference link to an article. It goes like this: xxxx.com/goto/yyyyy.com Can I know from the forum members, what is this /goto/ in URL. I probably think it is a way of not giving even a nofollow link. Any members views are welcome.
  8. K

    Publishing Post without urls

    this is my first thread to blackhat world and i have a question that i was having from a long time but didn't get the justified awnsers for it is it possible to publish post without url on a worpress site ? or to publish a post , which's post url is same as homepage url (i.e. website url) ?
  9. The Doctor

    Keyword In Both Domain And Post Titles?

    I have a forum, let's call it keywordforum.com. While setting up the forum sections would it be better for me to have them as "Keyword News" "Keyword Videos" which would result in keywordforum.com/forum/keyword-news/name-of-post or would it be better to simple name them "News" and "Videos" so I...
  10. qalasan

    Old ulrs doesn't work

    I've kept some bhw useful links for me before the upgrade and they are useless now, any solution ?
  11. M

    Well, Shit. Scrapebox failed on me after a decent scrape of 3.9million URLs...

    So I figured while I flew from Portland to North Carolina, I'd have ScrapeBox going strong, scraping a list of 500k queries to help me find as many WordPress websites in a target niche (Jewelry). I stopped it remotely when I got to the airport from my house (which is why you see 215k previously...
  12. Z

    Would anyone be interested in a bypass to post blocked/banned links in facebook?

    Would anyone be interested in a bypass to post blocked/banned links in facebook? The site is blockbypass.bl.ee Post here with your desired so I can create a beta account for you.
  13. D

    My Scrapebox Is not Scrapping anything!!!

    I am a newbie, and start to use Scrapebox for just a few days. However, after I merge the footprint with my keyword, I just can't harvest anything. After that I keep trying on scrapping with simple keyword like credit card, without footprint, but I get no urls at all. Can someone please tell me...
  14. G

    Html code help

    Hello everyone. Im looking for a specific code maybe someone here can help. Baiclly I wan't to create a html code so that when one clicks on the url page 1st it will take them to twitter account then from their in couple of seconds send them to money site or ppc site. Basically I want to...
  15. element_of_0ne

    Sites to upload torrents to

    I'm having trouble finding sites to upload my torrents, seems like they've really tightened up on the content or require registration. Where does everyone up their torrents now? I'll start Seedpeer SumoTorrents
  16. K

    Scrapebox Blacklist - Never Harvest a Duplicate URL?

    From what i understand, the Blacklist will not only keep you from posting to specific urls, but it will also keep you from harvesting the same url again. I'm pondering the thought to add my master list of harvested urls to the Blacklist so i don't harvest the same url twice. Seems like it...
  17. R

    Newbee - Domains I should register

    Hi, I am trying to work out which domains would be good for me to register to act as landing pages, What I would like to know is 1- relevance of the suffix (.co, .co.uk) 2- the word separator do they matter? web-deisgn-uk or webdesignuk 3. how to get above site that have been around for...
  18. sbw27

    Filtering URL lists

    I have scraped a list of URL's to use with a blog commenting application, but I want to exclude all duplicate URLS, without having to trim the URL down to just the root...i.e. something.com/cool_page.html something.com/cool_page56.html another.com/anotherpage.html another.com/anotherpage56.html...
  19. S

    Multiple URLs?

    How is it I can find out how many URLs a company is rendering under? I know this is bad SEO practice, but I'd love to fish out all of them... I've found a few... and I found more another time, but for the life of me cannot remember whch online tool I used. :( I've use an IP search in bing.com...
  20. S

    Domain grabber for url harvesting

    Hey guys, i came across this software online today so i thought i should upload it on here, dont know if has already being done or not, but simply put, this software will look for domain urls from yahoo using the keyword you typed in. For example, if your keyword is "weight loss", it will...
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