1. S

    Uploading Multiple Videos On Monetized Youtube Channel Using Javascript

    **** You must Have a Monetized YouTube To Make This Script.********** I don't have to write everything again, Just check this thread and let me know whether you can accomplish this task - https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/uploading-multiple-videos-on-youtube.1492738/
  2. S

    Uploading Multiple Videos On Youtube

    Is there any Javascript code that can be run on the console for uploading videos to a monetized YouTube channel? Or can anyone modify this - https://docs.google.com/document/d/12qY1C5wrennjvWZOzDwF9LvS5YVRGR49/edit It only works on non-monetized channels. You see, on monetized channels there are...
  3. AussieDollar

    Another adult journey. Ads and uploading.

    Time for another fun journey. I'm going to keep this really simple. I'm going to focus on an adult product and create a landing page for it. I'm going to advertise it by creating ads for it. I'm going to test different places for the ads. I took a look on the advertisement platforms and they...
  4. Xandr24

    Ftp upload adult content

    Good day to all! I am looking for a server to download using ftp porn video! Who knows such or knows how to search, please help!
  5. A

    Uploading to XVIDEOS.COM after 1 week...

    Here is my global stats page of XVIDEOS.COM after 1 week, is this any good?
  6. J

    Question about posting from phone when using proxy.

    Hey guys, very new, and trying to absorb much info as possible. Im currently using Jarvee and botting two niche accounts. My plan is to grow about 3-5 accounts to big numbers and use them for shoutouts. I am signed in to the two i currently have through my phone and have them also running...
  7. YoYaYo

    Windows software blog did it worth?

    Hello; I'm planning to make a blog on WordPress and upload windows software like warez software and upload it to PPD site.. Did it will get me good income or it' not worth doing it? Thanks in advance
  8. S

    Porn uploading method and domain redirecting

    Hi:)So far i have read a lot of online information on the porn uploading method on adult tubes and promoting the affiliate links in the video titles.Well they all, said that they redirect the domain name to the cam offer affiliate link but they said we need to buy both hosting and the domain...
  9. CRjimmy

    Making money uploading on tube site

    Hey there, I would like to know if anyone is uploading videos on tube site with watermark. Also, what offer / CPA Network are you working with ?
  10. ExtremeRandom

    Need someone to upload torrents to multiple sites

    Would be great if your account is verified on the major tormenting sites, tpb, lime torrents etc. I dont feel like going through the trouble of mass uploading myself. Was scammed last time I tried to find someone
  11. mosha

    Need help - How to increase my earnings from Uploading Files

    How to increase my earnings from Uploading Files i gained 280$ from uploading files but i wanna new ways to increase my income . Waiting For Answers :) .
  12. B

    Uploading to Video hosts using python

    I have been trying for some time to upload videos from my folder on my desktop to video hosts such as openload (which has an API) or vidlox tv or clooud using the normal file upload method. Tried using selenium to emulate human behavior in pressing the necessary buttons but it doesn't seem like...
  13. M

    Monetize Twitter

    I want to make a porn blog. I want to do this because I have an adult twitter account with 11k followers which I have gained naturally. I have a bot which tweets images for me and I always get good engagement. I know it's easy to set up a WordPress site, post images and embed videos. Even...
  14. Boriss

    Few tips for porn uploading

    I was going to reply to a thread here, about porn uploading. A member seemed stuck with a few leads. So I'll write my tips here. I ain't going to spoon feed ya'll with everything. Will keep it short and sweet. First of all speak to affiliate managers of the paysite/s you want to promote via...
  15. shinigamis0

    need help with porn pictures uploading

    Hello, maybe some one can give me some nice porn pictures websites, where i would upload porn pictures with watermarks for traffic? i was searching here, but found only 4 good sites. Thanks!
  16. K

    [PDF] How to make money by downloading & uploading movies

    Hello everybody, As I am new on this forum I would like to contribuate before looking interesting stuff on this forum. This is a method that I came to think alone on it, I had 0 hope when I started but then I finally found that it is working ! (For me at least, If I do the necessary work I can...
  17. Shadexpwn

    Make Quick Money Milking the Masses on Answer Style Sites

    This may be already posted, but it is a unique twist to another style of method relying on a constant upstream of tapping into self-conscious minds and disguising an alterior motive. Please note that this doesn't require answering 1 question, rather or intense research. All you have to do is...
  18. B

    Uploading to Youtube

    Is there a way to upload videos to YouTube without using your own Bandwidth? I've read on BHW in a MyJourney of people using some sort of API to upload to YouTube, but i'm not entirely sure what that is, even after googling around. Any help would be appreciated, and sorry for the silly...
  19. S

    Looking for adult videos uploading service

    Hello, I'm looking for someone who can upload adult videos to x-v-i-d-e-o-s. Job is simple and easy all you have to do is download 6min+ amateur videos, watermark video with our logo, and upload them to x-v-i-d-e-o-s by adding related tags. We want atleast 500 videos a month and this is a...
  20. S


    Hello, I want to show you new file upload service. Our site has got PPD (Pay-per-Download) money making system. What does it mean? We are rewarding each registered user which uploaded file has been downloaded with money amount from our Earn Table. We are also offering other money making plans...
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