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    I want to show you new file upload service. Our site has got PPD (Pay-per-Download) money making system. What does it mean? We are rewarding each registered user which uploaded file has been downloaded with money amount from our Earn Table.

    We are also offering other money making plans:

    • PPS - 40% of each Premium Account sale and for each Rebill,
    • MIXED - 50% of PPD and 25% of each Premium Account sale and for each Rebill.

    Why to choose us?
    We are totally legal working business. This fact can guarantee you our trustworthy and safe, regular payments. All money earned in our Affiliate Program can be payout all the time after reaching minimal amout for payout ($50 first time and $20 each next time). We are paying through PayPal payments.

    The main features of our site:

    • You can upload files by three ways:
      - normal upload (through web browser)
      - flash upload
      - remote upload
    • Leech (you can transfer other uploader files to your account)
    • Professional reports
    • Possibility to convert earned $ to a Premium Account ($5 -> 7 Premium days)
    • 5% of refferals earning
    • Many contests and awards for top-earning members

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