Make Quick Money Milking the Masses on Answer Style Sites


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Sep 12, 2010
This may be already posted, but it is a unique twist to another style of method relying on a constant upstream of tapping into self-conscious minds and disguising an alterior motive.

Please note that this doesn't require answering 1 question, rather or intense research.

All you have to do is follow the below steps and actually implement this reasoning to understand and propagate PayPal monies to your bank roll.

- Sign up to sites such as AnswerBag, Yahoo Answers, Askville, as well as other wildly popular posting sites.

- Create a couple dozen accounts with random girl names and retain usage of thousands of profile picture variations to ensure undetectability...

- Make sure none of the images disclose nude body parts and easily attain age appropriate disclosure.

- Upload your batch image collection to your desired Pay Per View premium upload portfolio of websites and ensure you actually get paid doing the work.

- Ask 2-4 random questions daily titled "Do I look cute for my age?", "Do I look fat?" etc...

- Enter some homemade spun description attached to the question with a link to your not too popular image sharing service and also if possible SPINTAX it up and get a custom made bot to automate this with random links associated with this method.

You can also share before and after photos or compare and contrast images by mixing them together into 1 whole image.

Don't ever forget to scale successful efforts and also never, I mean never stop before this passive traffic adds up. Just be sure you keep your traces tied and you should be able to maintain a couple thousand hits a week per few weeks added onto before if you get these to stick long enough.

With the right psychology this should stick through ages or years worth of actual waterfront startup funding.

Always find a constant new source of sites to post on and make this a daily routine with limits to ensure undetectability and avoid all potential repercussions that may end up killing this methods success.
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