1. johnson.p

    Google Updates

    Tell me the list of recent confirmed Google Update list.
  2. T

    Google algorithm updates question

    You all heard about the 4th of may update, I went up from 14 position to 5th, that happens in all google core updates but I only stay at the 5th position for 7-8 days. Why does that happen? My click per impression is consistent and my bounce rate is low
  3. A

    Any New Google Update?

    Traffic drop suddenly, any update from google?
  4. John Joe Doe

    The Shopify Journey-blog

    So basically ill be updating this as I make my Spotify website to motivate myself and get suggestions as of starting right now I know the concept only and my knowledge is limited I live in a 3rd world country and PayPal doesn't work here also as you may have noticed my English is not very good...
  5. CallMeOP

    Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0

    Hello BHW, I am interested to know what are your thoughts on the upcoming changes to WordPress along with the huge updates. For those unaware: https://thishosting.rocks/best-themes-gutenberg-editor/ (hope I can post this link) It explains what Gutenberg is and what you should be looking out...
  6. O

    Latest Updates of SEO

    Does anybody know that from where i can get all the latest updates or useful articles of SEO ! I mean one of my freind always send me all the useful and new article of seo when i asked him from which source you are getting all these, He told me that he have subscibed a newslatter of any website...
  7. amoon

    NEW eBay update about Stores and Fees

    eBay just announced few update for their sellers, New Starter and Enterprise eBay Stores subscriptions, and fee updates. eBay Stores will be updated to provide a new and enhanced shopping experience, and improve search engine and mobile web optimization. for more info check this...
  8. knn125

    Google SERP Updates 2018 : Showing Redirect Results

    Hello all, When I search in google : buy levitra online I am clicking results on first page, which are redirecting to another sites. Websites redirecting to another sites are ranked. Is it so? Redirect is ranking factor? Are you experiencing the same?
  9. LinkBuildingServices

    Any of you guys affected by Google's update on February 8?

    I've come across many pieces of evidence that traffic got worse after February 8, 2017. Has anyone suffered from that update too? What are the consequences and what are you doing to do about that? Please share.
  10. amoon

    Google begins to take action, and million of Apps could be purged from PlayStore

    Google had earlier hinted that it will be monitoring the Play Store closely, especially for keeping a check on privacy policy adherence by apps, Over the last 24 hours, Google has been sending notices to developers worldwide stating its intention to “limit visibility” or remove apps from the...
  11. seoways

    TitBitz #2 -That Internet Marketeer should not miss!

    Algorithm Shift The web master forum reported that there is a high possibility that google had its algorithm shifted in a significant way. Members said that since Dec 15, 70 % of the sites is affected by the changes. Members are trying to finding out the root cause sharing the common things of...
  12. seoways

    TitBitz -That Internet Marketeer should not miss!

    Hi, Information is wealth and we the BHW community knew that as our backbone. But pruning out the information flow online is little rigorous and we thought we might be of help. So what we do here is, we tell you the “must read” “must know “categories that you might have missed or took a glance...
  13. joy4028

    [Help] Amazon SEO / How to Rank Products on Amazon 1st page top

    Hi everybody, At first take my cordial love. Hope everybody doing great! We all know that after Amazon A9 update it's became very hard to rank product fast page most top positions. I heard to many Merchant says that " I've spend huge money and time on SEO but didn't get my product on 1st page"...
  14. 44hz

    Twitter - "Sorry, but you've reached your limit on email updates for now."

    So I've just started using Followliker for my Twitter account. The Twitter account was being used by another email address prior - however, Twitter gave me the message that it was seeing unusual activity and needed me to change the password, so I did of course. Now the password is changed, and I...
  15. zafseo

    Google Updates and SERP Changes - Jan 2016

    Any one know about penguine 4.0 updates? please tell about it.
  16. S

    [HUMMINGBIRD] Google's New Algo Update

    Anyone experienced change in serps coz The Big G is rolling out new Algo update known as Hummingbird. Source: mashable.com/2013/09/26/google-search-algorithm-hummingbird
  17. G

    Updating old website for a responsive SEO friendly one. Will it affect my PR?

    Hello I manage a website that has not been updated in about a year and I was thinking of just using a newer one with a more SEO and responsive design. The PR of the current website is 4 and I wanted to know, if I made this update, would it affect my PR? Are there any factors I must consider? PM...
  18. D

    E-Commerce & G's new updates

    I know there are a million threads about G's new updates, but I have only seen a few constructive ones. I have been doing a lot of reading and would like a place to collaborate with other people dealing directly with e-commerce sites. I would like to hear about what people were doing before...
  19. rosie88

    Page poster

    Hi everyone. Does anybody know if there is a way for me to automate picture posting on my fan page? I would be happy to come to some arrangement either a small paypal payment or some updates on my page if someone can guide me on how to do this. Thanks for your time in advance :)
  20. Zeu5_

    [Journey] My first adsense site as a newbie - daily updates!

    So guys, i've decided to start my first adsense website. The reason why I want to make a journey-thread is easy: I can share my experiences to you, and it'll keep me motivated when you guys give me some hints on some situations i'll get to. My time in IM has started with some dating PPL stuff...
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