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TitBitz #2 -That Internet Marketeer should not miss!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by seoways, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. seoways

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    Dec 19, 2009
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    Algorithm Shift

    The web master forum reported that there is a high possibility that google had its algorithm shifted in a significant way. Members said that since Dec 15, 70 % of the sites is affected by the changes. Members are trying to finding out the root cause sharing the common things of their affected website.

    This is holiday killer.

    Glam up Bing

    Bing webmaster is now available with new icons, layouts and even some of the report designs. People find it more friendly than responsive.

    Marketing Cloud- Another word to remember.

    In addition to the indefinite terms in our life,the new entry is marketing cloud. The definition goes something like this “an integrated suite of marketing tools which are available to marketers as web-based services”.In a survey conducted 82% of the respondents say that the marketing cloud has positive impact on the organization.

    2016-A throw back

    Search engine watch came up with the 10 significant features of PPC for the year 2016.

    1. February 2016-No more right side ads
    2. Expanded Text ads by Google and Bing
    3. Local Search Ads with new maps ad format Responsive Display Ads, and In-Store Conversions.
    4. New AdWords Interface in August enhancing the user friendliness
    5. Demographic Targeting for Search Campaigns in September
    6. AdWords Message Extensions in October 2016 with new type of mobile ad extension
    7. Google Display Keywords Targeting Settings

    8. The AdWords iPhone App for managing and monitoring the ad campaigns.
    9. The Return of Device-Level Bidding

    Be on the right place

    Advertisers are increasingly worried about the relevancy of the content and ad pop up in the mobile. You definitely do not want to stumble upon dating app when you are reading the article about child molestation. Now the advertisers are trying to save the brand from getting hit by targeting the ads at visitors based on the publisher, the visitor, their location, and contextual relevance of the story using keywords, images and metatags.


    No magic is actual magic

    Jhon Mueller finally came out with tweet, probably a slap on those who constantly nag on the secret behind ranking. There are 100 s of ranking factors that Google considers so just keep the focus on.


    Giving Tuesday over Black Friday

    While it is all about the massive sales on the black Friday, recent years showed a positive trend on Giving Tuesday. The campaign suggested to shop and either donates or gift items to non-government and nonprofit organizations and this according to the statistics is hugely successful. The winners of the campaign are
    1. San Diego Marketing Association.
    2. San Diego Flat week Association.
    3. Paypal
    4.Illinois State University
    Describe yourselves SEOs
    Garry Illes from Google asked all the SEOs under the roof of the sun to describe themselves in one word. You try now

    Stay tuned for next TitBitz from SEOWAYS.