google updates

  1. Bing

    Question for those whose site lost positions after the Google update

    Hi all. I want to ask those who have lost positions after Google updates. Have you tried entering your domain into Google? Your site should be in the TOP 5 for the "domain" request. My site lost its position after the update and for the "domain" request it is not in the TOP 5 or even in the...
  2. Snqke

    Google Traffic Drop Reason ?

    Hello guys, we have good website that reached 550k Daily visits (80% organic traffic from google) on september 2022 after that we got the big drop on 19october as everyone notice from google update (90% decreased), we tried too mush to make it back to work but we cannot, the website get down...
  3. mirrorer

    Should we expect a December update?

    Looking at recent history, Google has released an update every December for the past two years. Should we expect another one this December?
  4. seo_alexa002

    Google Updates - Current Scenario

    Google Updates - Current Scenario
  5. MrDenz

    Google: Sites Can Be Stuck In Algorithm Penalty Limbo For Several Years (Rare)

    This is true and not so "rare" if we are going to be honest, if we are going to lie then it is. In any case, all this is very scary... "Google's John Mueller said in this past Friday's hangout that in rare situations some sites can get stuck in some sort of algorithmic penalty limbo or black...
  6. dAnilTanwar

    Hello BlackHat People

    Hello Everyone, I am Anil Tanwar and I am here to learn more about SEO, Google Analytics, Search Console, Google updates, and other SEO techniques. Regards Anil
  7. SashaPavelMisha

    Service Workers + Web Apps = Grrrreat Help with Google Updates, Traffic Loss, Pagespeed UX, etc

    Hi in several words, it boils down to this 1. Service worker helps your site become a webapp (your site in a browser without usual browser logos) 2. Web Apps want to and actively try to install into people's Android smartphones and Windows devices 3. Having your site as webapp in someone's...
  8. HenryObi

    Is Google Reversing Effects Of the December Update?

    For a couple of days I've been noticing a gradual improvement on my site that was impacted by the Dec 3rd update. Lost keywords are beginning to appear once again, search impressions increasing as well as traffic to my site increasing. While it hasn't yet returned to exactly how it was prior to...
  9. mainceaft

    Is there any update rolled out today ?

    Hi since early this morning, I notice bit changes on ranking of some sites , specially related stackOverflow Q&A site, I notice some tech blogs ranked before it In past G were slapping at me all tech/programming results from that sites almost entire first page, now in some queries it's...
  10. Aniket Roy

    How aggressively can i build links for a 4 year old website without getting penalized by Google?

    The website i'm talking about receives around 6K visitors per month. And its shameful to mention but i've been putting calculated efforts to build its traffic for close to 18 months now. When i started, the traffic was around 3.5K visitors per month and i thought that i'd be able to escalate it...
  11. S

    Losing keywords and losing hope

    Hi, ever since this bull shit update has rolled out, I have lost ranking for around 5,000 keywords. I have tried to do everything possible, updated the content, haven't done anything off-page and also posting content regularly. Is anyone else facing the same? There are hardly 3.9k keywords left...
  12. D

    backlink strategy 2020 ??

    Can you kindly tell me what kind of backlinks in 2020 google prefer more? & the Backlink strategy for create backlinks?
  13. F

    I Need Professional Advice Or Analysis

    Hello, So, the past months have been very terrible for me. All my hard work going down the drain. And it gets worse by the day. My website is about 3 years old. I really don't know what I did wrong and how to fix it. Back in the day? There was a time I wasn't earning less than $500 a...
  14. Isabella Taylor

    Reason About Google Updates

    We got a good inquiry on 4 & 5 March and 0 inquiry on 6, 7, 8, 9 March it never happened before Our form is working. Our KW ranking is stable, traffic is good so what may be the reason for that?
  15. T

    Position 0, #1 spot or both: How Google updates changed Featured Snippets

    Featured snippets have always been part of every SEO strategy as SEOs strive to grasp the coveted paragraph, list, or table results in SERPs. However, over the last few years there have been several updates to Featured Snippets that affect which content is selected and how the snippets appear...
  16. crissdinesh

    Is Google going towards a broken path?

    I had respect for Google since I stepped into blogging from 2012. In today's trend, Google is releasing updates often to shake the serps. Shaking is good ;) but, it comes with bugs like indexing issue. When we ask this in Google's webmaster forum, they reply that there is no bugs and it is how...
  17. crissdinesh

    Google Search News Jan 2020: Breadcrumbs, BERT & GSC

    Hi Webmasters, No expressions in Muller's face. However, I think the content in this video is essential for newbie bloggers. Check this out:
  18. Digital SEO

    Regarding January 2020 Core update!

    Hello! Does URL edits still be a ranking factor for any website after the January 2020 core update?? Thank you.
  19. crissdinesh

    People who concern about Disavowing Spam links should know this

    Hey BHW folks, Every time when a new Google update is released, the webmasters who lost their kw positions may look into disavowing spam links. They audit the backlinks in search console and collect spam links weekly for adding them to disavow file. No website can escape from spam links...
  20. developer1989

    [Need Serious Help]: Is it ok to have 'health' in domain or Can i skip?

    Hi All, Sorry for tagging some of the members but i see you guys posted some valuable suggestions on other threads and i need some valuable suggestions from you and all BHW community. I have good experience on development and i'm planning to start website on Health tools like BMI...
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