1. R

    TweetAdder Tip: Put Automation back into TweetAdder

    Hey, Since Twitter has banned bulk (un)following, tools like TweetAdder have become quite labor intensive. And clicking the mouse button 1000s of times (on (un)follow buttons), isn't fun and actually starts to hurt after several 100s of rapid clicks. So, I just had a great idea and I'd like...
  2. J

    How Many Twitter Accounts Can I Safely Add To HootSuite?

    I have about 30 Twitter accounts that my VA created and is currently adding/removing followers on using Tweet Adder. I am using different proxies for each account in Tweet Adder to avoid leaving a footprint. If I add all 30 of these accounts into HootSuite, is that going to create a footprint...
  3. kingsare2

    Tweet Generator / text spinner

    I'm a big fan of tweet adder's tweet generator. I'm in need of a similar tool. If you are unaware, this is how it works; [hey,hi] [how are you?, what's up?] would generate hey how are you? hey what's up? hi how are you? hi what's up? Features needed: Character Count: 140 characters...
  4. C

    Is there any way to automate TA4?

    Tweet Adder 4 is still useful be automation would make it killer again. Any 3rd party software available to re automate this software?
  5. A

    automated tweet anyone heard of them? Any reviews?

    automated tweet anyone heard of them? Any reviews? It appears to be a tweetdemon/tweetattacks/tweetadder
  6. T

    Mass Following question

    Hello, I would like to have you your advice on the mass following question : I have twitter accounts that have been followed and unfollowed thousands of account with Tweetadder. Now Tweetadder is not working anymore I have jump to a new tool which does not enable to import all the accounts...
  7. N

    Tweet Adder 4

    Up my rep and pm me for the program and all instructions to run the so called "non existent" program, Tweet Adder 4.0, I will send you the link for download. I hope you all enjoy :)
  8. T

    Leaving Tweetadder V3 / need list of followed account

    I was previously using tweetadder V3 and I am going to move to a new tool. Anyone know how to retrieve the list of people we have followed with Tweetadder to move them to an another softawre. They are located in the acount_name.ta3 file. I am afraid to follow again people I have already...
  9. S

    How automate social signs?

    Hello, i want learn how can automate social signals. I have tweetadder, ffap, and zennoposter, but don't know how use it for have social signals that improve my google ranks Somebody can help me? Thanks
  10. kittyfranklin

    Is anyone else having a problem with the RSS tweets not posting from tweetadder to twitter

    I have been having this problem for over 3 weeks now, and tweetadder developers don't seem to be working on a solution. At least one other person in the tweetadder forum is having this problem as well. My activity feed on tweetadder say an RSS tweet is being posted, when in fact it is not. About...
  11. kittyfranklin

    How do I move my tweetadder settings from my computer to my VPS (3essentials)

    Hi everyone, Anyone familiar with tweetadder and using it on VPS? I need help. I have over 100 accounts on tweetadder that I'd like to transfer from my computer to my VPS which is with 3essentials. However, the settings for all the twitter accounts on tweetadder are different on my computer...
  12. kittyfranklin

    TweetAdder experts, I need your help about running over 100 twitter accounts on it.

    This is pretty urgent so if you know anything about tweetadder, please respond with your tips, knowledge, experience, solutions, etc. I am new to posting at blackhatworld (but not new to reading here), so thanks for welcoming me into the blackhatworld :) So far I have 50 accounts running on...
  13. I

    TweetAdder follow per day!

    How many users should I follow using TweetAdder per day so i do not get banned? Is there a difference from doing this the automated way or just clicking on Follow now? Thanks in advance!
  14. R

    Tweetadder a Nightmare

    I recently purchased Tweetadder 3 and after using for few days it is showing errors. I tried my best to contact the support but no body is replying. Do anybody have there real contact no or email address. I hate that moment when i purchased that %%ing Software.
  15. G

    TweetAdder Still Works - Don't Install Update?

    Seeing alot of the Twitter bot makers are being targeted and sued by Twitter,I was wondering what was still working.I loaded up my Tweetadder and it wanted me to update but I didn't do it.Has anybody updated Tweetadder today without any issues.I'm afraid if I update it,it might eat the program...
  16. E

    [help] using tweetattack account creator

    hello anybody, whether any of you who understand using tweetadder account creator. I've tried to create an account there but failed. whether to use email? please give a revelation to me
  17. NikosX

    anyone else has TweetAdder problems?

    First of all i have a licensed copy not anything cracked to ask why its broken. Secondly is anyone else that uses this program having problems with it? I had over 20 accounts and now i am left with less than 5 active, they suspended most of them in a single day! TweetAdder support sais its...
  18. H

    tweetadder problem

    Hi there, I am new here. I used tweetadder to build my twitter account in recent days. But I found that I can only follow about 20-30 persons everyday, and follow back more or less. I don't know why. I use the default setting of tweetadder. Set a keyword and a location, 1000 miles distance...
  19. B

    TweetAdder Search Issue

    I find TweetAdder, overall, to be an excellent tool. There is one issue I have been encountering with regard to searching for people to follow: When I attempt to search on the basis of location + bio keyword, the results are for the most part in locations far away from the one I have...
  20. 99lives

    Tweetadder and Proxies

    Hi guys: I have a license for 5 accounts with Tweetadder. Now, with the 3.0 versions, I'm going for unlimited accounts. But here is my questions, to users of this software: do you use proxies? I thinks that 20+ accounts running from the same IP MUST be a problem, but I don't know exactly...
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