1. B

    Truth Social - Script

    Hello everyone, I need someone who can create a script for auto commenting on Truth Social. Please contact me on telegram: @ip93noone Thank you.
  2. Osemvzegta

    POD platforms ON-SITE Seo is shit!

    Print on demand Guru's :mad:, they never told people the Truth! If you're not ready to buy or build these quality links for your DAMN SHOP :mad:using social media, forums... buyers will never find your designs no matter how good they are !!! That's it from the beginning, easy as that ...But...
  3. prey24

    Truth that I haven't told you

    This is an ugly truth that I am to tell you about me and I know I will receive some heat from people. If you following me you know that I always say I made some money by reselling services. well, I was selling IM courses from other people{copyrighted} and tools and Softwares and made a lot of...
  4. W


    Whether it is popular or not to be new on this site is yet to be seen. I am what I consider to be a normal person that likes to do everyday things. I don't claim to be more than that. I am not perfect but who being honest, really is?
  5. Malodreams247


    ...he so wise and wealthy., even from the great beyond...check him out..
  6. alterego888

    BREAKING NEWS CNN about to get HIT, and BTW who th 'f'

    It's about to go down this should be interesting CNN is such fake news Also who the f made Google and Facebook the ministry of truth? This is America we don't play that game.
  7. J

    What are some ways to make sure you are not being scammed?

    I am sorry if this is in the wrong section. If it is, please delete this. I am new here and I am asking how I can verify that a drop-shipper is telling the truth, is actually in possession of the products, and is not trying to scam me. What are some questions I can ask and things to look out...
  8. B

    The Truth about Abs, Gaining Muscle, Losing Weight bla bla bla

    Allright, I am constantly asking questions about Black Hat and until 4 weeks ago I thought that SEO was a misspelled version of Chief Executive Officer. I want to give back to the community and since I can't help with SEO, I will help out with my area of expertise: fitness and weight training...
  9. Ray Rolls

    Probably the Realist Post You will read today..

    So let me start at square one. Former nightclub animal/promoter who did very well until I fell in with the wrong crowd (blame no one but myself but without guidance- you know). This led to me being caught up in a indictment for which I should have never been pursued - but stuff happens. Long...
  10. manakill

    The surprising truth about what motivates us

    If you got 10 min to spare, this is a great video
  11. V

    Making money for a living for a long time using Internet Marketing - My Poll

    Some questions I ask you to answer. Is Internet marketing a job alternative? If yes, how do you do Internet marketing for a long period of time to make a living? Is there more on the Internet than Internet marketing you can make money with for a long period of time? What is it that is...
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