1. cacats

    ⚡⚡⚡ FLASH Translations ⚡⚡⚡ ► Spanish / Italian / French / English ► From only 2$/100 words ► Free review copies for ev...

    My name is Cacats. And I am one of the fastest translators alive. To the outside world, I'm an ordinary marketer. But secretly, with the help of my friends at CUVI Labs, I fight low-quality translators and find others like me. In an attempt to stop the evil speedster Google, I was accidentally...
  2. AudienceGainNet

    I need translators who can write correct grammar 100% in the list of these countries

    Hi everyone, I need people who can translate my content to: - Japanese - Korean - Spainish - Philipinese. - FINNISH - IRISH Or the language of these countries : - Thailand - Germany - Russian - Poland - French - ITALY Content relate to YouTube and Social Media. Please contact me on BHW or...
  3. Heiko

    [HAF] Need Polish Person for quick translation - 313 Words - 10$

    As title says, looking for a native polish person that can quickly translate me a notepad file written in English to Polish. The person must be native and the wording must be spot on. A second check will be performed after the work! If the work is good i am paying 10$ for the translation - It...
  4. klique

    Looking for Native Arabic speaker - $$$

    Need someone to translate and/or create a spintax in Arabic. Should be native, or long time speaker. Reply here if this is you. No DMs suckas!
  5. CMG

    English to Romanian Translator Needed

    Hi, guys. I am looking for an English to Romanian Translator needed to help me translate a document. It is not something too big, but I need it done today. If anyone is interested, let me know. The budget depends on your rate, really. Thank you!
  6. LuckyDrug

    Translator from Russian to French

    Hello everybody. I need a translator from Russian to French. Medical textes. Write me a private message with your offer. Thx.
  7. conexur

    Using Deepl to generate content

    Hi: Anyone has experience on generating content using translator? I saw here a user said that is good for german/english, another said this don't work on Google because is detected as duplicate content. Also another user shared this AI script to correct the Deepl generated texts...
  8. CGG

    Newbie from the Nordics here

    Greetings all, I've been following this forum for a while and owe a thank you to its members - I have learned so much from you guys! I'm a content writer / translator by profession (mainly Finnish and Swedish), and have just recently started experimenting with affiliate marketing. Completely...
  9. MMJason

    [WTB] Translators from Eastern Europe

    I am currently looking translators from eastern european countries such as poland, czech republic, romania, hungary, and so on and so forth It can be almost any country within eastern europe I pay handsomely, so don't hesitate to either PM me or respond within this thread
  10. Bartolek

    Bartholomew - Hello there!

    Hello everyone. Thanks for having me on one of the best IM forums :D Before I go on and spam other sections, I thought it might be a good idea to say a few things about myself. So... I'm Bart and I'm from Poland :D I have been studying English philology for 4 years now. Before that I graduated...
  11. D

    Looking for translator, content writers

    Hello. I have some documents written in several languages. I need to translate and edit them into English. I will pay via Paypal. Best.
  12. D

    Translating 10,000 words from english to german

    Hey guys, this is my first post to BHW. Please excuse, if this is the wrong area to post my question. I have an english ebook with about 10000 words and i need it to be translated to german. Does anyone know a cheap translation service? My budget is 50€ (about 55$). I know that's not much, i've...
  13. T

    France Translator Needed -

  14. D

    Translating Non-English Articles to Create Unique Content

    This has probably been covered here several times before but I've not found anything. Bottom line is, what's the problem, if any, of taking non-English content and running it through a SE Translator, correct the grammar and change the title to include the KW. etc to end up with 100% unique content?
  15. S

    Google Translator Plugin Question

    Anyone using this plugin? Can it monitor back linking on your site like analytics?
  16. psychodelic2

    Best Translation script?

    Hey BHW buddies :) I'd like to know the best software for website translation? Our main research site has about 50-100 pages and we want a solution in which the user selects his language in the 1st page and then rest of his session is auto-translated to the language he chose on the 1st page...
  17. squadron

    Scrapebox plus Google Translator Trick

    Scrapebox is one of the best pieces of software I have bought EVER. It's well worth the price just as a text file filter let alone being an SEO tool :) Here's one method I use to get good links using scrapebox: 0. Get new proxies. Always get new proxies. 1. Scrape a set of keywords...
  18. dmed123

    Questions and Tips on Global Marketing

    Hey BHW, I've grown bored with just advertising here in the US for a few niche stores that I have. CL and all it's rules...the expensive PPC market(Not to say that I don't us them as well) But it's seems like everyone and there grandma is playing marketing here and I want to corner a market...
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