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    Hey BHW,

    I've grown bored with just advertising here in the US for a few niche stores that I have. CL and all it's rules...the expensive PPC market(Not to say that I don't us them as well) But it's seems like everyone and there grandma is playing marketing here and I want to corner a market advertising where the flock is not.

    I've played around with the Global Translator function which was recommended to me on this site which is really cool! It's nice to know I can have my sites in quite a few different languages but I want to expand my global reach.. why not? Just Trying to get more sales here in the US doesn't cut it and the world is a small place now.

    I have a few questions and tips on going Global with your site.


    1)I'd Highly RECOMMEND get and having a global translator on your site! There's a post about somewhere here on BHW a few months ago... GOOD STUFF. If done right you will see a pike in traffic to your site.

    2) I've found that submiting to Russian websites like Rumbler and yakian which are similar search engines to Google her in the Western World. Haven't produced any results yet. But they should... I really want to get in tune with the Russian market since there's so much money to be made there I think and it's not over run by the west it feels. Maybe it's premature since I've submitted my site like a week ago to see any traffic. But IF you can punch into the Russian and Asian Markets wow.... that would be a profit boost for sure

    3) Google Translator... Thru the few and limited searches for other Classified Ad sites I've had the most success with the Latin Market....Si Se Puede! La Vida La Raza.. There's some gems. I'd highly recommend using GT to make ads and drive them to your Spanish page. Why wouldn't you?? Where all going to be speaking Spanish by 2024 anyways..haha! I've done some good business with this and it a great alternative to just staying in the US.

    This is a trick I've learned...pretty simple if your at all web savvy...but use GT use get your ads up in a different language and then drive them to your language sub-domain. This totally works...


    1) Does anyone out in BHW know of a list of great international classified ad sites that are free or next to nothing to post on? For Major Languages like French, Spanish, Russian, German, and more? I'd love to get my hands on something like this...

    2) Has anyone had any good results from countries that aren't English speaking to talk about? What worked and What didn't? I'd be curious to know..maybe we could teach each other something!