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  1. Madruga

    Help with Traffic Travis?! If you use it, please take a look

    How can I update this particular section? Where the site shows your pages's SEO errors, like you need to fix. For example I 'fix' some of the recommendations, and I want to see an update in the program that validates that what I did was correct. But I can't find a way to update in the My Site...
  2. BlackHatKnight

    Should I buy Traffic Travis?

    If you use Traffic Travis please give me your opinion in details.
  3. BlackHatKnight

    Which keyword research tool should I buy?

    I am looking to get your opinion on which keyword research tool should I buy and WHY? 1) Market samurai 2) Traffic Travis 3) Long Tail Pro Also I need your opinion on the above keyword research tools.
  4. O

    Help: Starting a new journey, need suggestions

    Keyword research help Deal All, I have been using Traffic Travis for the past two days and have come up with some aspiring leads. I believe there is a need for information on the subject and I can provide it. However, before taking the plunge, I needed to ask some questions about traffic...
  5. P

    Traffic Travis Proxy Issues - Need help please

    Hey yall, Well, here is the deal, I have been using Traffic Travis(TT) for a few months now, and I really like the SEO competition checker feature. Yet, you need to buy proxies in order to research 100s of words at a time. I am sure some of you TT users know what I mean. The TT guys...
  6. S

    Is onpage SEO really this powerful?

    I'm doing some KW research with TT and I've got a KW phrase I like that TT rates as "reletively easy" competition. The thing is that all the other pages have high PR, high authority, and thousands of backlinks. Most have edu BLs and one has over 100 edu BLs! The only thing this KW has going for...
  7. Johnnyfox

    Traffic Travis users, MUST READ- How to force TT to update your rankings

    OK this has pissed me off for months, I love TT but you have to wait for it to update your rankings on its own, right? WRONG! Stupid trick I learned that I thought I would share to help you all watch your Rankings more neurotically. 1- click on the project you want to update 2- click on the...
  8. Xaviers

    Traffic Travis question???

    Sometimes I'll look up some words and I'll get that it's relatively easy to rank but the average page rank is 5 and the median page rank is 6. Anybody care to explain?
  9. Cindy

    Is Traffic Travis Data Wildly Inaccurate ?

    I've found a keyword that TT says gets 96 searches per day, yet google's keyword tool only shows 400 searches per month, just wondering if you guys have found TT's data to be inaccurate, or is google not showing the full amount of searches? Also, I've read some threads on other forums saying...
  10. P

    Help Of A Genius Required With WiFi proxy

    Hi guys, I want your help with a problem on wifi proxy. My wifi uses a WEP encryption. There is a password required to connect the computer and a proxy is also set up which will ask you username and password when you try to connect to internet. Here is the problem. I have the key, the...
  11. Maruk

    [FIX] How to get Traffic Travis working again

    Ok this is a 1 minute fix: Go to your host file and put a # in front of the lines that correspond with Traffic Travis Start your TT, it will be downgraded to the free version (don't worry) Update to the latest version Close TT Remove aforementioned # from host file Go to your XAMPP...
  12. blackma

    Traffic Travis down for you guys?

    Traffic Travis is down for me. Tried to use the rank/backlink checker and it doesn't return any results. First time this has happened to me. I thought it was Google that prevented TT access to the SERPs so I reset my modem and then did a manual search on Chrome which worked fine i.e. I...
  13. blackma

    Whole Site Backlinks vs. Page Backlinks, and some other advice needed...

    I want to rank for a keyword. I have done some KW Research and have analysed the comp. Now the pages that are ranking for the keyword have very few page backlinks but the links for the whole site, in each case, are 100k+. None of the sites have keyword as their domain name and overall the...
  14. D

    Traffic Travis Vs Market Samurai. Who Wins? See for Yourself

    Hi, I just benchmarked the free Traffic Travis against Market Samurai. Well, I just tested their SEO competition capability. Check out the video: Jack
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