1. N

    Help me find the best time to post on IG based on my followers/followings

    Of course there are general times you can post on IG but we all have different age demographics so it's hard to tell when. I'm looking for someone to analyze the profiles of my followers and followings and to somehow let me know the best times to post each day. Is this possible? If so, let me...
  2. John Konev

    I don't know what should I focus on?

    My life is going down the drain, and I desperately need advice. 8 hours of sleep, 6 hours of school, 1 hour - 2 hour gym session, leaves me with eight hours. + I need time to get ready for school, time to get ready for gym, etcetc... In these "8" hours I need to focus on: -Learning programming...
  3. sklavier

    When starting a new money-making project...

    ... how much time do you tend to put into finding things out, research, etc? Do you put quite a bit of time into that, or do you tend to leap in once you come up with a good idea?
  4. Queen Heidi

    Time to travel ......!!!

    What will you do ..if you have a time travel machine ? Where will you go ? Past or future ? And why ? Time to answer....:p:D -Queenheidi
  5. Nittybonja

    Is there a way to change the date/time of a website?

    I know the title sounds vague or you might think I’m plain crazy, but this is a serious question. Is there a way to make a website think it’s in a different time frame? For example, let’s think of twitter. Theoretically, let’s say that one day,“Twitter” registers the time as “1/1/2015” when the...
  6. gremmy2020

    Let me know about this site

    if anyone use this site for index please tell me .. now working or not working. if working then how much time for index this site speed-links net
  7. thesuccessboy

    [IMP] How To Become Super Motivated and Highly Productive In Life and Work

    Hi everyone, I have seen a lot of good books and resources here at BHW and couldn't thank my lucky stars to be a member of this valuable community. A big thank you to all the members out here. However, I see I'm not being productive at going through the books and courses posted here. I...
  8. N

    How much time does Facebook ban a proxy?

    Im scraping data from facebook a request every 4 seconds, and im getting proxies banned im instagram im doing 2 request, one every second and other every 3 seconds, and no bans thaths 80 request per second, with 15 private proxys and in facebook just 15 per second with 15 proxies and getting...
  9. shaggy99

    What are you doing with your time if you have a 8 hour job and also want to do IM?

    Let's say you had an 8 hour job, 5 days per week (no desk work). You came tired at home, and you also had a family. You want to learn internet marketing, and start with a website, but you have very little free time, and the next day you have to go again to work. What would you do, and how would...
  10. LucasL

    What's the best ? Work time breakdown

    Hi, I'm currently deepening my seo skills I don't work more than 8 hours a day on it because I want to avoid burnout... So I still have a few more hours where I can work and I am interested in Instagram + CPA Is it a smart choice to start another business model (I mean in addition with seo) ...
  11. ShiningWarrior

    Any app or something that can notify me to do task?

    Hey, is there any app or something that can ring a sound or alarm notifying a task that I need to do at a particular time? Suppose at 11 am I need to go and buy food. At 1 pm, I have to pay a bill. At 5 pm, I have to meet someone. Any app or something that can play a sound and alert me with...
  12. m0reira

    If you could go back in time

    What´s up guys , just a simple question, If you could go back in time and tell your old ass ANYTHING what would it be? I´m talking about when you first starting hustling online :):)
  13. jemf91

    So greatfull

    So greatfull to be part of that important way to conect with more people interested in the same things, with recourses and dedication. Will be active and will contribute with my knowledge and time.
  14. M

    Time limit of answering about Freelancer Project/Contest ?

    Hi, I am a new freelancer and already win a contest. But from 5 days I am participating many bid's ( 14 ) and 7 of the bid's already closed ( Time passed ) but no winner declared. My question is... 1. What is my next step ? 2. Which kinds of Project/Contest response earlier ? 3. How much time...
  15. LinkWorld

    How is your Black hat Time of today ?

    Hi All, Share your Black hat time exp of today
  16. G

    UTC HOW TO DO IT (Solution but can't work out how to do it)

    Can someone walk me through how to do either solution below. I am a newbie in this area. Unfortunately, because of that no one wants to help. I've spent the past 6 hours finding various solutions looking up tutorials. This one last hurdle eludes me... So apparently this works: Links work...
  17. A

    Forums Auto Poster

    You know how most forums have time-delay restrictions for noobs? Is there a tool where you pre-write posts, set a time limit (post randomly each 10-20m) and your auto-poster does the work? Please let me know, thank you.
  18. R

    Serious PBN'rs - Ranking times got SO SLOW, why? / ANALYSIS & HELP

    Hey guys, haven't been for a while now. Besides the major and/or known ranking factor changes, I must admit that the number 1 issues for us is ranking times. Half a year ago, creating a churn site with just a few pages, pointing several hundreds tier1 links at it with mostly EXACT anchors, even...
  19. Gary Carlyle

    Help needed - JS app. From local machine time to UTC

    Hi, I have a JS app. Its a TV guide but instead of displaying results in the client based on their Windows time I want to display results for the them based on UTC time. I can code in PHP but I'm clueless with JS. Help please if you can.
  20. P

    Timetorrent.org | Movies | Music | Tv Shows | Softwares

    timetorrent.org Tracker Name: TimeTorrent Genre: Movies, Music, Tv Shows, Software, Adult. Sign-up link: timetorrent.org/account-signup.php Description:New Tracker Where you can get all the Movies, Music, Tv Shows, Adult & Softwares . You can earn money as well. If you want to share or upload...
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