Time to travel ......!!!

Queen Heidi

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Feb 20, 2020
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What will you do ..if you have a time travel machine ?
Where will you go ?
Past or future ?
And why ?

Time to answer....:p:D

Past ofc. Make billions off BTC and sports betting. Profit. Why would I wanna go into the future that's probably going to be a globalist sh*thole anyways?

The best time to be a human was 1980 - 2020. From here on out everything will become more automated, more competitive, less humanized, and governments will become more controlling than ever. Physical paper money will eventually be gone completely, and probably in 100 years all cars will be self-driving (meaning, you aren't allowed to drive your car anymore), etc.
It would be fun to relive a perfect day like on Groundhog day for a few weeks. Or use it like Quantum Leap to change recent history for the better. You could end world hunger, cure cancer, coronavirus, stop mass murders, and do all sorts of good to make the world a better place.
i want to to go in 1000 BC and look for god .. i want to know if god exist , i know they doo but i wanted to thank them for everything they gave me :)
I will switch to Sep 2019 and inform to all social and health organization about the CORONA. :)
Prolly back to past and ask Adam to not hit* that
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