1. Queen Heidi

    Time to travel ......!!!

    What will you do ..if you have a time travel machine ? Where will you go ? Past or future ? And why ? Time to answer....:p:D -Queenheidi
  2. Captaintj

    Which programming path to choose? (Which would you suggest?)

    Hey guys. I have a question for the people here who are earning money via their programming skills. So I begin with my learning Programming journey a few weeks back here - I started this Journey just out of...
  3. D

    Machine and OS of a Blackhat

    What Machine and OS should a Black Hat use? I am aware that this is highly subjective but maybe we can reach some consensus.
  4. P

    Force internet communication through proxy on virtual machine

    Hi guys! I am getting started with a little SEO project, and I need a little bit of basic help. I have a pretty decently configured HP server, where I want to run some bots. I installed Hyper-V on it, and I created a couple of Windows 7 (Tiny7) VMs. I will be running various scraping bots and...
  5. Lord Harakiri

    Tale of a dying marketer...

    Unable to complete this heavy task for our product launch Tweets and posts all spent, so sad we failed. But unless I smite the stagnant growth, My strategy cannot rot in the field. Yea, I shall be born again a googol times And grasp the algorithms in my mind. When ugly updates cover this web, My...
  6. Croth

    Linux VPS 8GB 8 Cores For Free

    Hi guys, sorry for the title said lol ok, I have around 25 Linux VPS with specs 8GB RAM and 8 Cores CPU. But my bot can't run on Linux OS, I already tried virtual machine to install windows like virtual box, VMWare also qemu virtual machine and always getting error. So if you guys can help me...
  7. M

    Scripting Machine Build for iMacros?

    Hi Guys, Looking to build a machine to run iMacros Javascript literately 24/7 with multiple browsers/tabs opened. In terms of hardware, what would you suggest for a smooth experience? I take AMD APUs would crack the job with 8 GB to 16 GB RAM and an SSD? DDR4 RAM? Hyperthreading or DDR3/APU...
  8. T

    need 1000 votes fan machine app

    need around 1000 votes for fan machine app how much would, it cost? you would need to get 1000 fb profiles, like the app and vote... someone was asking 500 bucks, i think is 2 much, anyone has a better offer?, thank you
  9. C

    Whats the best TRAFFIC MACHINE?

    I want a cheap traffic machine that'll send thousands of viewers to my website at the click of a button? Anybody know of such thing under $75?
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