tier 2

  1. shog

    Script to link RankerX and GSA

    I'm looking for someone who might have already integrated RankerX with GSA somehow or has a script that could help save time. If not already done, I'll write it. I like to build T2 links with RankerX and then import them into to GSA and build my tier 3 in bulk back to the T2 RankerX urls. I...
  2. hiraya

    Tier 1 Links Indexing? Use Indexer or Point Tier 2 Links?

    I plan to build tier 1 links to my sites manually. From web 2.0 blogs, mini sites, profile links, video submission etc.. From what I read these links can take long or may not get indexed so I did a research and found two solutions 1) Use indexer like omega indexer 2) Blast them with Tier 2...
  3. hideath

    What's the best link building option for a PBN?

    Hey there, when it comes to tier2 PBN links, i find myself at a hard situation to get the best results the cheapest way, for whom who had experience with all of these, what would be the best way to get your PBN ( with a free expired domain, just a few links), getting web 2.0 spun links built...
  4. robin222

    What is the tier 2 backlinks?

    As shown in the title! At the same time, I would like to ask how to create a tier 2 link correctly?
  5. Josh Saga

    [Question] Best Way to make Tier 2 and Tier 3 Links?

    Hello All, Apologies, I'm still a beginner here and currently learning my way through. I'm currently working on Tier 1 with Web 2.0's for my money site. Still working on my money site as of the moment, but will be starting to create the Web 2.0's this week. I'm wondering after I build my Tier 1...
  6. hideath

    For what reasons are you using RankerX these days?

    Well, I've been using this tool since a couple of days, and honestly can't see any useful (not worth at least) use outside the web 2.0 blogs for the tier 2 links, How are you guys using it and any good indexing success rate for links apart from these?
  7. J

    [Giveaway] Get Free 4 Backlinks On DA <80 With Backed Up By 8 Tier 2 Backlinks

    [Giveaway] Get Free 4 Profile Backlinks On DA <80 With Backed Up By 8 Tier 2 Backlinks, Giveaway for everyone, Procedure, 1. Post on thread,"I Am Interested" 2. Send Me details In PM. Details Required, 1. URL 2. Keyword (1 only) 3. Description Hope You will get Good results.
  8. D

    Tier 1 & 2 Links - Advice please.

    Hi, Been lurking on the forums and reading for a while, first post. I've been reading about tier 1 and 2 backlinks to the money site. I have several outreached links that point to my site with most being DA 70+ / 80+.. I wanted to ask if doing Tier 2 links to these sites will improve my...
  9. HenryObi

    Need A Ranker X Guy

    I need a ranker X guy for a quick job that might turn to be a long term stuff.
  10. PeterPerseo

    How do you BOOST the power of PBNs?

    Which is the best way to increase the power and authority of the PBNs without get them deindexed? Web 2.0, Gsa-Ser links, Sape links, cheap PBN links, other, etc? Thanks
  11. kaherrt

    How do you build your tier2?

    i have created some high dr backlinks for money site, now I want a plan for tier 2 using GSA SER to the tier 1 backlinks What's the best approach here to minimize G penalties? or looking like spam? Do you use articles for tier 2? each tier 2 link shall have unique article? or same article...
  12. Jihalab

    Creating Tier 2/3 Backlinks To Web 2.0 With No Content?

    Hey guys, Been salvaging golden nugget threads and just about to execute a backlinking strategy via Web 2.0's. I have a couple of newb questions since this is my first time doing a tiered backlinking strategy with Web 2.0's: 1. Using GSA SER & Ranker X would it be worth creating tier 2...
  13. alishakapoor

    How do you differentiate tier 1,2,3 websites

    I mean how do you decide that this is website A , B, C and these will be my tier 1 links, website P, Q, R are tier 2 and X,Y,Z are tier 3. What parameters you use. Thanks
  14. bossofthebosses

    25K Words! Only 45$/Site✅PBN/Affiliate/Main Site Creation Service✅Unlimited Discounted Review Copies

    How many times you have heard the line ‘treat your PBN site as your main site’? We have brought a new service for them who want to treat their PBN sites as their money sites :) of course, without spending too much! You can even use the same service to build your affiliate or money site. I am...
  15. BrandonAntony

    Tier 2 Web 2.0 Anchor Text?

    Lets say I have 100 web 2.0s that I want to beef up a little with GSA links, what anchor text ratio should I go for and how should it be done? can they be dripfed to all the web 2.0s over a month? anyone have a service they would recommend specifically for boosting web 2.0 power?
  16. C

    GSA ser - setup

    So I'm planning on purchasing a VPS to build backlinks 24/7 for my Tier 2s. However, the problem is I'm a newbie when it comes to automated tools. For building backlinks Smoothly to my tier 2s, besides GSA ser what do I need? I would be happy if someone could point me to a well-written video or...
  17. tianbo84

    Safe to spam tier 2 or 3

    Dont know if spam is the right word or blasting...=/ Was wondering thoughts on blasting out thousands of tier 2/3 links, say using xranker or GSA. Potential to get penalized by big G? Or is it ok as long you use some unique domains, proxies, usernames, etc?
  18. B

    Anybody here actually get money from Tier 2 country email submits or content locker type shit?

    Hello. I would like to know from whoever is successful selling to tier 2 countries with smartlinks or some type of CPA and what are the options around that? I honestly want to push dating CPA to these tier 2 country people. Talking about countries in Europe like Romania, Slovenia, Turkey, etc...
  19. Dark Sky

    Web 2.0 How do I link built it?

    Hi, I am diving into the world of using Web 2.0s to boost rankings. I have 5 extremely professional web 2.0s with extremely high quality content. However the PA of them is 1. I am under the impression I need to build some tier 2 and tier 3 links to them to increase their PA. How do I do...
  20. CaryFlying

    What content do you use for Cheap PBN tie 2 backlinks?

    I am planing to write 10 pcs of high quality industry articles to explain some industry questions, and post these articles on related niche websites for parasite pages, then gives cheap pbn backlinks to these pages. My question is, what content can I use on these cheap PBN sites? I think I...