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  1. homeriscool

    80% Unique Articles in Same Niche. Will They Index & Rank?

    Hey all, I have a bunch of articles with 80% unquiness. They all read really well, but will they index & rank on Google or am I wasting my time?
  2. homeriscool

    Building & Ranking a new Website Using a High Quality Spintax (spun content) + BHW Link Building Services

    Hey all, this is my first journey thread on the forum. I've built a few "whitehat" sites over the years and had very good results but I've never built a "blackhat" here it goes. I will be using The Best Spinner for writing my spintax. I will be using the following method for...
  3. manas23

    Unique Content for Tier 1

    I recently purchased rankerx with proxies,2captcha,blukaddurl and Seo Content Machine with The Best Spinner 4. However, whenever I scrape content with SCM(I use their Quality Content Creator Tier 1) and then spin them in The Best Spinner 4. But I always end up with %50 uniqueness on the...
  4. Aticoexport

    Help Require to Buy The Best Spinner Tool

    no latest post has been added to the forum or any other website about the yearly plan of the best spinner. They are giving 10% discount for monthly plan. I want to buy for a year with a coupon if I can get. The old links are redirecting to the paydotcom. you can check the url
  5. homeriscool

    Advanced article spinning question - The Best Spinner

    Hey guys, ive been doing some advanced article spinning using The Best Spinner and it is a tedious boring chore which takes hours and hours and even more hours. Seriously, it takes hours. The purpose for these articles were for web 2 properties. I do have Wordai too but im not impressed with...
  6. homeriscool

    what percentage of uniqueness to pass copyscape?

    Hi all, im currently doing some advanced spinning with the best spinner and im aiming to create 1000 high quality and unique articles. Question is what percentage of uniqueness do i need to pass copyscape with all my articles?
  7. teetimeb

    The Best Spinner- what's going on?

    I just got this software, and was really finding is useful. I spun three articles successfully. Then yesterday I tried to log in, and it just said checking for updates... I downloaded the update and nothing happened. I went to the website to re-download the software and I get a bunch of MySQL...
  8. xtremsports

    The Right SEO Bundle ?

    Hi, I'm new on here and joined for a few reasons. One of them was to get the best SEO Marketing advise. After creating a few sites and reading different articles I'm now ready to start investing in the software. In order to invest wisely, I want to make the right purchases that will sustain my...
  9. A

    Need some feedback on idea using The Best Spinner

    I am thinking to purchase TBS to manually spin some PLR articles i have by following Matthew articles spinning method on my money site content (will create a totally new one, so risk banned by Google is bearable). Following i will only build 1st tier link using TBS and scrapebox only. How do you...
  10. A

    The Best Spinner : Import Synonim DB

    Hi all, I am about to take The Best Spinner which I will use for spinning Italian language. Compared to English, Italian is a little tricker as there are genders and singular/plural changes nouns, pronouns, preposition ecc. - Any of you has experience with TBS for Italian language? Does it...
  11. W

    Best content Spinner

    The best content spinner in the planet. mediaoptimize Comments are welcome. Free version is also available
  12. mindlesswizard

    How i ranked my site to number 1 in 4 months

    Hey BHW members I learned a lot of things from this forum. I still remember i came to black hat forum through google and right then i registered my account some years ago. I was so keen in SEO and through this forum i can now say "I KNOW SEO" and thanks to BHW. So, today i am going to share...
  13. T

    How To Get Unique Articles From Article Builders

    Hey Guys, I am trying to get different articles from Article Builder, but every time i get article, it shows some duplicate content. Can anyone suggest how to get unique and readable articles from Article Builder. Also with TBS how can i spin together 20 different article on same topic to get...
  14. G

    How many percentage of article uniqueness needed ?

    I recently buy The Best Spinner and used to create some articles for to get back links. Now i am not sure with how much an article is unique for different tires of link building. For eg; Tier 1 needs at least ? uniqueness Tier 2 needs at least ? uniqueness Tier 3 needs at least ? uniqueness...
  15. C

    Article Uniqueness

    Hello, I have a question about Article Uniqueness I have Ultimate Demon and The best spinner When I type an article and then spin in in TBS I get an uniqueness level of about 50-65%. However, when I put that same spintax in Ultimate Demon I get an Uniqueness level of 148%. I am also...
  16. T

    Interested in White Hat only - Article Spinning

    Hi all, I have blogs that point back to my main site and I need content, as my company is "I, me, mine", there are not enough hours in the day! Staying white hat I still need content, any views on "the Best Spinner" software, (spinning my own articles only), and the new "Google", world. Does...
  17. T

    The Best Spinner News legal?

    Hello Can I spin news from other site and post it to my site? Is that legal? If yes. Anyone know any other way to post news from other sites? Thank You
  18. D

    Help with using the best spinner (TBS)

    I'm new to using the best spinner and I'm doing it manually for readability, however, even though the spin versions look different to me, they don't show as unique in TBS. Here's an example of what I'm doing, and think that it looks fairly different, but TBS shows this example as 0% unique...
  19. B

    Unique Article Wizard (UAW) Works Wonders - I'll Show You How!

    For the past year, I've been using Unique Article Wizard and it's by far the best SERP boosting, auto-submission service I've ever used. The point of using UAW is to create 100's and 100's and 1000's of backlinks to any page on your site for a targeted keyword(s). You'll first want to write an...
  20. R

    Too much work for article marketing?

    Hey everybody, So I decided it's time to write an article on my topic. I outsourced the article writing, got it back, changed it up a bit to my needs. Then I completely re-wrote the article. After I spun each sentence in each article. No I'm spinning each word in every spun sentence in each...
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