How i ranked my site to number 1 in 4 months


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Sep 3, 2010
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Hey BHW members

I learned a lot of things from this forum. I still remember i came to black hat forum through google and right then i registered my account some years ago. I was so keen in SEO and through this forum i can now say "I KNOW SEO" and thanks to BHW.

So, today i am going to share something that will be helpful for you guys if you are just starting. I ranked my site to number 1 position for one high competitive keyword and on #3, #4 for other 2 competitive keywords. I will get the number 1 position soon with those keywords too.

I am not sharing my methods, but i am sharing what i used and how i did it :)

I use GSA, THE BEST SPINNER, AND SCRAPEBOX. Search around and you will kind decent tutorials and success stories about the tools.

I use tier link building method and so far i am safe from any kind of google updates. If you want to learn about tiered link building method then follow this series of tutorials.

So first thing first, Add your site to Google web master tool and Google analytic. Select the preferred domain name of your site in GWT. Take some time to work on your onpage SEO.

I outsource my articles to fiverr each for $5. You can spend some time in writing articles on your niche 350+ words if you can.

Create accounts in web 2.0 sites. Tumblr, blogspot, wordpress, hubpages ... ( they get indexed faster )

Post one unique articles on each sites. Add relevant images and a video to each site. If possible create variations of articles ... some with heading and sub headings, use some bullets ... use small images, big images etc. Make them look posted by different people. I use the same email account for registering the account and i haven't yet used any proxies since i do not create 100s of backlinks daily. Make wise use of your keywords and get a backlink to your money site. On the last paragraph add a backlink via your branding keyword. something .... etc.

Check this thread ! Very useful piece of information on keywords distribution.

You moneysite will only rise in SERP when these links are indexed. Google takes hours, days and weeks to index sites.

How to index faster ???

What i do is i pink the url using free ping services. I use free account of for 5 days. But it worth every second you spend. I create like 20 social bookmarking accounts and add them to and then share the web 2.0s link via the account. I manually tweet and facebook share the urls ( not all at once ). 2-3 urls in a day.

Social bookmarking and social share helps your URL gets index faster. REMEMBER , IF SEO IS FIRE THEN SOCIAL MEDIA IS GASOLINE ! Use the combination of both and you are there !


I do write some articles and manually spin them via the best spinner. Also, u use SEO CONTENT MACHINE to find articles that i need and then spin using the best spinner API. I am quite happy with SEO CONTENT MACHINE since it inserts related images and videos with in the spinner articles :D

Why GSA ?

It supports lots of platform ! Its a killer machine i must say !! Comparatively cheaper price than other tools.

I load my contents ( automated + manual ) to my GSA and create backlinks to my tier 1 site. Yeah, i do use proxies as well for GSA. For captcha services i use the captcha breaker by GSA team :)

Read the interesting submission about GSA

Platforms : article directories, web 2.0s, wikis, social bookmarking etc.

Tier 3 :

GSA .... platforms like article directory, wikis, social bookmarking, video sharing, doc sharing etc

Tier 4: SCRAPEBOX BLAST ( search for scrapebox thread in BHW )

I do things straight ! Manual tier 1 links and rest is semi + automated !

There are lots of inspiring and motivating threads in this forum so take time to surf them and read carefully and learn ! Never give up !! When i first got my GSA i was like .. how to start with this but i started , learned and still learning !

Do not go after people shouting like "THIS TOOL DOESN'T WORK ANY MORE" !! Always remember "FEAR NOT THE WEAPON, BUT THE HANDS THAT USE IT" ! The tools do not rank you ! Your strategy and work ranks you ! Before you do anything, take time to learn ! Study and learn ! And then bring the ACTION out of it ! Don't rush ! First do your homework clean !

also, i am feeling so lazy to check my english and spelling mistakes so please bear with me !

Last not the least ! NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP !!!
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