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Dec 5, 2011
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Hi all, I have blogs that point back to my main site and I need content, as my company is "I, me, mine", there are not enough hours in the day! Staying white hat I still need content, any views on "the Best Spinner" software, (spinning my own articles only), and the new "Google", world. Does article spinning still work, with my intended app.
Ahh, Google Panda, yes, that is my concern, having said that, the articles would be posted on external websites, so I would not own most of the distributed content, ex: blogger, wordpress and article directories, although some of the content will also be going to my own external blogs.

I have also been educated on the difference between duplicate and syndicated content on the warrior forum, the way it is put makes sense to me, (first post to a site you own, indexed then post to external sites), as with most website owners, it is hard to be seen above the noise, and although, my writing has improved, I still struggle to get traffic.

The only way to get any control with my ranking is marketing my own articles throughout the internet.

I do need my articles indexed on my external blogs, and then, on third party sites, syndication.

So, my time constraints remain, and carefully spun content, with added value in the form of addtional content, first posted to my own external blogs, then pointing back to me, by diversifying that way still seems the way forward, still, I have made no money so far, (I have been at this seriously for the past 8 months), so something has to give.

I would appreciate diversified views.
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Spun articles for doing automated article marketing, and web 2.0 marketing, still works AWESOME! You would never use these on your own site, but spun articles are perfect for article marketing for backlinks.

The Best Spinner works great, its better then SpinnerChief in my opinion.
I used to spin articles but honestly I've found that the best thing for me is to just dictate my articles with a headset. I got a headset for $1 that works perfectly well and can knock out a 400 word article of 100% unique content that actually reads like a human wrote it in a couple of minutes. I use a bit of software called Dragon Naturally Speaking but Windows 7 has in built voice recognition software that works very well too.
I like the idea of dictation. The alternative that can't be detected is to spin your articles by hand - write them slowly and carefully, then go back and spin individual words with actual synonyms. Then spin phrases so that some sentences drop out or change completely. Then spin paragraphs. If you do this for one 1000 word article, you will have 100 almost entirely unique articles.
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