1. sanelbaky

    Looking for clients for my Call Center

    Hello to all. I'm owner of call center with operators hub,s in USA and EU, with very good pricing matrix (per hour) and experience more than 10 years in business. But, due this pandemic - good number of our clients are closed - temporary or permanently. So...I'm searching for new clients. We...
  2. LogoKing

    Telemarketing from home

    What are some great places to telemarket online? What are the best best products to telemarket? Does anyone have experince telemartketing from home?
  3. LogoKing

    Free telemarketing programs

    I am currently working as a telemarketer cold calling for solar panels. I was wondering what are the best ways to get leads telemarketing. I would also lile to know if there is any free dialing programs out there.
  4. D

    [Residential Cold Calling] Do lead services work

    I have been running a telemarketing sales floor in the b2b world for 3 years now, we are working on a new project that would involve consumers and residential, Dex pages seems to be a bit of a joke in 2019. I see alot of services promising updated lists im wondering how many people are getting...
  5. N

    LFH - Telemarketing Software

    I have a bunch of phone number for my sales. what i want to ask, what kind of telemarketing software that can provide me a service to call a lot of phone number? (Of course with reasonable price) Any suggestion or good review?
  6. J

    Becomeing Vivint Security authorized dealer

    Hey what's up everyone, I own a call center where we enroll people into student loan forgiveness programs and consolidate their student loans. My market is taking a shift and it is becoming more regulated to offer Document Preparation service for people that are looking for some type of student...
  7. Kabone

    Looking for Telemarketers to help close sales

    I have been calling through leads I have generated myself. I talk to a lot of people and have a lot interested but I am horrid at closing the sale. I work with network marketers who are looking to generate leads for new business builders(Biz Op) and customers for their products. I am looking for...
  8. Kabone

    Where to find people to do Telemarketing

    I have been calling through leads I have generated myself. I talk to a lot of people and have a lot interested but, I am horrid at closing the sale. Where is the best place to find someone that can do some calls for me as well for a commission? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks...
  9. Q

    Telemarketeer - web site design & development

    We are a web design and hosting company that builds sites for medical professionals in the United States. We require an individual to telephone practices and engage with decision makers. The individual will need to have the ability to determine the level of the client's interest, take notes on...
  10. P

    Slling Public Data

    Hi, we have a call center in Colombia. We get public data from government sources, organize it and put on an online platform for costumers to access it after paying a fee. This is a very good business model if you have the correct scripts and trained salespeople. We want to know if anyone else...
  11. A

    Need Fresh Sweepstakes/Gambling Leads *US*

    name/add/tel Thanks
  12. J

    Who is Who Data Base

    I want to get telephone numbers of CTO's, COO's, or Webmasters of top 1M websites. Would "Who is Who" from ICANN be the best info for this? I'm looking to setup a calling center to do some telemarketing sales to them. Where would I get a good database of this? I saw a program that scraped it...
  13. J

    Merchant account for telemarketing offshore

    I am the founder of OLA! Institute, an online language institute and I am looking for a credit card processor which can provide a virtual terminal for accepting payments for U.S customers. I am at Bogota, Colombia. We sell language programs as monthly supcriptions by phone. I am considering...
  14. G

    Cold Call Script

    I stumbled upon this script on another forum, tried it after molding it to my needs, and closed the first person I tried with it. After that call I had to go to band practice so I wasn't able to try it anymore, but you can bet that once tomorrow morning rolls around I'm going to go at it again...
  15. M

    Looking for quality TELEMARKETERS. No Cold calling..

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for quality Telemarketers to work on my behalf as an information specialists. No cold calling is involved. This is a commission based only job, and here is what I offer. Complete training, full scripts to follow, and the highest quality leads available online. You...
  16. A

    First Cold Call- Almost SHAT! Myself Literally

    Hey guys I Promised myself 2012 would be my year so I have been trying cold calling today. I just made my first cold call and it was one of the most nerve racking experience I have had to do. Some of your maybe laughing at this and one day I will aswell when I get better at it. I am only 19...
  17. B

    Telemarketing for SEO business

    Hi there im looking for some ideas as to whats a ideal software package to get my telemarketers to make there calls. It must also record a copy of each call and have some sort of lite CRM so we can keep a ongoing track as to where everything is at with each prospect. Id also like to be able to...
  18. D

    working with telemarking company, ideas to monetize? JV friendly.

    Hi, working with telemarking company that can make lots of phone calls everyday, looking for ideas to monetize? Please pm me ideas. You could also send me JV presentation. Thank you
  19. professional20

    [Official] Make $75+ Per Sale Making Follow Up Calls! Insane Conversions!

    DISCLAIMER: This is not your average ?Get Rich Without Doing Anything? kind of Joint Venture. If you are afraid of calling businesses (even if I tell you exactly what to say) then you might want to look elsewhere. I opened a thread for this a few days ago, I didn't put much info on it since...
  20. T

    Monthely payments for u,for life-Offline job.

    hello we have two call centers, and up to 25 setas, wich means that there are up to 25 agents, that can handel inbound, and outbound calls, on daily bases, but we need your help to find clients. at your local area: small companies,business owners, dentists, resturantes.....and all the type...
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