1. StarKrypt

    What type of Ai tool do you want to be created?

    Alternative title: If I start an Ai startup, what tool are people looking for?
  2. StarKrypt

    SaaS Business: Startup Cost, General Internet Marketing Strategies, Top SaaS business niche + White Label SaaS

    Hi BlackHatWorld Forum Viewers! I'm StarKrypt, Let's move through the introduction (you can skip this)! # SaaS Software as a service (SaaS) allows users to connect to and use cloud-based apps over the Internet. Common examples are email, calendaring, and office tools (such as Microsoft...
  3. J

    PPC for Computer support , antivirus support and Technical Support

    Hi I am looking for freelancer who can run ads for PC support , tech Support related ads i n USA , UK and Australia . I can discuss in details ping my at my tele @jackysnyder . people who have thorough knowledge only ping me because its highly complicated and technical . Please dnt waste time...
  4. J

    New here- AI sexting bot creator

    Hello! Just joined BHW. Thanks
  5. Jinxer

    ⚡Jinxer Guest Posts [ ✅ my own websites ✅ ] TECH ⏩ BUSINESS ⏩ ENTERTAINMENT

    My websites Niche DA Price Google News Traffic GEO & Language ★ Technology, IT 35 $100 Yes 31,000 US ★ Technology, Business & Marketing 23 $100 Yes 4,500 US Technology, IT 60 $50 < 1000 US Technology, Gaming, Electronics 23 $20 < 1000 US Technology, Electronics 16 $20 < 1000...
  6. Cedis

    Popular Sites Template

    So I came across these popular sites which are; - Space - TechRadar - TomsGuide - Tomshardware And one thing I notice is that they are almost identical. So from my curiosity, I want to know what type of theme these sites use. If the theme templates can be used on WordPress, and where one can...
  7. M

    I am searching for cmc trending bot

    I am looking for a dextools and cmc trending bot If anyone have tell me
  8. P

    Help needed! Calling all BHW technical experts!

    Hi everyone, I know this isn't probably the best place to ask this, but I need those who are familiar with VPN's and physical hardware to help me... after all, this is a black hat community, right?! ;-) As you all know, most people around the world had 1 or more lockdowns due to the Covid...
  9. D

    How can I increase views on a benchmarking-tech youtube channel ?

    So I have a small youtube channel with over 5000 views and 35 subscribers...I upload Video game videos , benchmark videos and tech videos. How can I gain more views and subcribers ?
  10. P

    [Giveaway] Free Guest Post Service On My DA 32 & DA 21 Tech gaming blogs

    I own a Tech and a gaming Blog Metrics DA - 32 and over 6 years old Iphone/windows/android blog You can submit a well written related article. Article must be over 800+ Words. Second blog: DA 21 (Over 2.5K+ google traffic) - Gaming and laptops You can submit a well written related article...
  11. Dark Hat 007

    [Free Giveaway] Guest Post of How-to Tech Blog

    I own a How-to Tech Blog (iOS, Android, Windows, & Mac). These are its stats; DR = 19 UR = 39 DA = 15 PA = 33 RD = 200> Format - 800 > words - Well written English (High quality) - 1 backlink - 1 Authority backlink It must be a How-to article with over two solutions and well-detailed steps...
  12. Boriss

    Tech Marketing Tools Grid

    URL: Enjoy!
  13. R

    Buying Technology Facebook Page

    Hi guys! Has anybody a technology related Facebook page that he is selling? If yes, message me, I'm interested! Thanks!
  14. Nubian Content

    Facebook is Fighting Coronavirus - All Hail Facebook

    I know someone mentioned being banned earlier for tagging Coronavirus on YouTube. Well, we may now know the reason. Tech companies are officially fighting n-covid. Check this: The company will also remove “false claims and conspiracy theories that have been flagged by leading global health...
  15. dakudaddy

    [Method] How To Create a Free RDP

    Here I can't explain the full method because I don't have enough time to explain everything so I explain this in some steps : First of all, create Gmail Account Then Create a Paypal with that account Add payment method in Paypal ( Like Billing and credit card ) Then Go To Ali Cloud...
  16. Donald Silverburgh

    Need High DA Tech Websites for Guest Post

    Hello all, I am trying to find a good list of Tech Websites with HIGH DA/DR for Guest Posts under a reasonable price. Please help me out if someone can. Thanks.
  17. P

    Guest Bloggers in the technology & business industry wanted

    I am looking for bloggers who would like to showcase their quality writing on our blog page and increase their exposure. We are a custom software company that does web & mobile development, web design, and digital marketing. If you are passionate about any of these topics feel free to contact...
  18. pop3

    Is it worth creating a tech review blog for affiliate marketing?

    Hello everyone, I've been thinking about start over in a new niche. I already have an adult content blog, but it's not giving me any revenue lately and I upload videos almost everyday. Since I'm a technology inthusiast, I think I could go with this niche. I'd also join affiliate programs...
  19. M

    Updates in bing!!

    Anybody know or can help what update bing is upto? most of my tech support sites are either de-indexed or not being indexed.
  20. The Gambler

    Looking for articles on know Magazines / News Websites

    Hello, Looking for someone who has connections to post full articles about a Tech Startup (SAAS APP) in very know Magazines & News websites. (This is for a client) Please send me a PM only if you're Jr.VIP (Non Jr.VIP will be reported). The PM should contain: The website TAT Price I will...
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