1. A

    Newbies Hype

    Hi! is Good to be part of this community BHW! Let's get our differences behind and create a one pool of better place..
  2. MasJoko

    Low Conversion Tech Website

    Hi..I have 2 amazon affiliate sites. The first site is on tech(laptop) niche and the other one is on beauty niche. These 2 sites have somewhat similiar traffic. The tech site gets 200 visitors/day average and the beauty site gets 150 visitors/day average. But what really confusing me is that...
  3. Niffler99

    Hello from Canada. Here to learn, meet ppl & grow marketing/SEO skills

    Hello all, My name is Geo, hailing from Canada. Found the BHW site about 4 or 5 days ago and found myself coming back over and over. Finally decided to open an account. I am both a multiple tech startup founder and advisor/EIR having worked with 350+ startups/founders in the past 18 months...
  4. geekhob

    [HELP] I Need Profile Backlink Websites For Tech and Gaming Niche

    Hello Guys, just started a new blog and it's all about Tech and Gaming, I seriously need to build some high-quality backlinks for ranking purposes, can someone help me with a list of websites I can register to insert my link on the profile for backlinks, will appreciate it if the sites are Tech...
  5. Megadevice

    Looking for TECH niche backlinks

    Hi guys, I'm looking for tech niche backlinks. Content should be provided by you, good quality, without grammatical errors. Websites must have good metrics like TF, DA etc. I will be grateful if you send me PM with costs, page lists and examples. Thanks
  6. B

    How do affiliate programs know if the referrals are coming form the same computer?

    Hi guys! I know this sounds super sketchy but I'm just wondering, how do referral programs know when the accounts are coming form the same computer? Does the site know it is coming from the same ip adress? or is it something else?
  7. MasJoko

    I need Tech Guest Posts

    Hello..I'm looking for freelancers who can guest post on technology niche. The sites : Must Have minimum DA of 25 Must be on tech niche Must be real sites(No PBNs) Must have traffic Please send me your offer(via PM) including your sites' metric(DA/PA - TF/CF ), alexa rank and the pricing. Thanks
  8. MythicalCoder

    Hello BlackHatWorld!

    Hi, everyone... It's nice to switch from traditional "Hello World" to "Hello BlackHatWorld". Excited to be part of this universe. I have been a tech. enthusiast and a coder for quite some time now. I have a Masters in computer science and knowledgeable in algorithms/programming (website...
  9. G

    New to BHW - excited to learn!

    New to the BHW community - I've heard lots about it and have stumbled upon posts. I'd call myself a growth hacker from the startup world (San Francisco) - working with high tech consumer products... Most recently working on a consumer startup of my own. If I do my growth job right, it will end...
  10. Vehemos

    Content for website?

    First of all I am sorry if this is in the wrong section, I was confused where to should I put this xD So I recently set up a website related to Technology Niche (Using a copy of Schema WP theme I got from BHW xD) I have yet to make the first post though, I have gathered some initial content but...
  11. WebHack

    How to Gain traffic on my website?

    Hello Everyone, I need your help guys. Actually, its been a month or plus I created my new blog site (tech niche) and put relevant articles But all I see is zero traffic on my site. I do not have bigger fb community (40 like) neither Instagram(500) or twitter(10) but I am spreading the word...
  12. akuma55

    Partnership for Servers & Resources » Elite

    I am a senior Website Developer/Programmer, Designer, and Linux Administrator. (Basically a mad scientist of computer science) Would like to setup a blackhat network with a partner that pick up the little slack that's missing and we can make some good money
  13. J

    Hello BHW friends

    I'm delighted to be here. I remain my humble self, a vibrant Chemist, article accelerator/writer, freelancer, success propagator, political catalyst, logo designer and research enthusiast. Love sharing knowledge especially undiluted and concentrated one. I am popular in facebook, nairaland...
  14. A

    A New BHW member

    Hi Guys. i'm an economics student, last year in college, i love tech even that my knowledge is limited. i'm trying to learn some thing that can make me earn some money cause I AM BROKE at the moment . So i would appreciate any kind of support , i'm not asking for charity i just need some one to...
  15. Help Desk

    Tech Support Leads

    Tech Support USA Leads. Can Someone Please Tell Me How To Generate Tech Support Leads. I Really Want To Know If Someone Teach Me.
  16. LustNSinz

    Need Tech Help My Masking Stopped Working (Chaturbate Affiliate)

    I need the Cname & IP Address so I can make my whitelable site work appropatly like, I am hosted with GoDaddy, and my site LustNSinz.Com is being masked but keeps being redirected again. Wanting to make my site more fluid to provide more customers and feel less hackish. and...
  17. P

    $20 gift card to sign up to on an adult site and trick their system

    I will give my $20 visa gift to the person who can to sign up to a certain adult website and redeem the freebie offered by the website. The adult websites gives new users a free spending amount when they input certain information. (valid credit card number with at least a $10 balance) They do...
  18. amoon

    [Infographic] 9 Emerging Tech Skills

    here is 9 emerging tech skills fro 2016 and 2017 that will boost your income. source:
  19. Jenn08

    Seeking for US freelancers to register existing emails to 2 tech websites

    I have emails that need to be registered to two tech websites. 1 email registration to 2 websites. Paying $5 for this simple and easy gig!
  20. Jenn08

    Get paid to help register! US- Located Freelancer with a US phone

    Tech startup needs extra help. Need to register existing email to 2 established and respectable websites. Requirements: 1) You must be physically located in the US. 2) Need actual and readily accessible US or Google voice phone numbers. 3) Internet Access to complete registration. DM for details.
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