1. N

    [Ask BHW] Best SEO strategy for tech blog. Goal: 500k views/month.

    Hi everyone, there is a tech blog with 50k views a month. What approach would you take in SEO to ensure a solid growth foundation for the blog? How long would it take to reach 500k views(google only traffic)? How would you sync content creation with the SEO tactics? Looking forward to your...
  2. siddharthkk


  3. cryptexicebone

    Help with setting up Pay per call campaign for my TS biz.

    Hi guys, I have a US based tech support business. We have decided to set up a few stations for doing remote support and would like some help setting up campaigns for Pay per call on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yellow pages, etc. If you're experienced with tech support calls, here's an opportunity...
  4. B

    Website related to tech, gaming, world news?

    Hello Guys, I am looking for Website related to tech, gaming, world news. A site where i can read review with images websites related to wikihow This site has all answer of questions with text and images too. Hope you guys has list of websites of tech news, gaming news, world news
  5. Micrv

    Help with Crowdfunding Campaign

    Hi, Looking for some help promoting a crowdfunding technology campaign. Open to ideas around: Forum Posting Blog Posting Reddit Posting Social Media Growth Hacking Email Scraping Anything that can drive relevant traffic and boost the funding number, I'm interested in. If the results are...
  6. A

    I need a tech guy ASAP

    i have a $47 offer i need you to create a pop up on lead pages to take them to a $1 trial offer and then bill them the $46 2 weeks later then i need you to make it when they click on the buy button on lead pages... they go to a check out page where they enter their credit card info... and then...
  7. S

    Sites that pay for reviews

    Hi, could anyone tell me the best sites that pay you for reviewing products on your blog e.g reviewme Looking to mainly write tech reviews. Thanks in advance
  8. R

    Any good tech or gadget affiliate programs out there?

    I have a tech gadgets website that is around 13k in organic visits a month (15k+ in overall visitors). I've used Adsense and Amazon so far and make about $100 off of Adsense and $20 off of Amazon a month. My traffic is continuing to grow but I don't feel like I'm getting the most $$ for the...
  9. G

    Technology Website requiring an SEO Partner

    Hello fellow entrepreneurs, I have been running a Technology news site that publishes articles such as the latest tech news, Phone reviews, Top 5 since March 2013. I have recently purchased and installed a new professional theme and logo. URL- I am in need of a partner...
  10. thewanderingpen

    Tech Articles/Tutorials In Foreign Languages

    I hope you guys can help me out. I'm looking for excellent sources of foreign articles to translate and rewrite. I'd be so much better if the articles/tuts are centered on technology (modern gadgets, online storage, etc. I hope you get the drift). I'm not exactly sure how to search for it in...
  11. CashGrower007

    Looking for Tech Writers!

    I'm looking for someone who has good knowledge in technology. Willing to pay $4-$5/500 words. PM me. Thanks
  12. E

    CLAD Genius Expert Needed

    Looking for someone who knows the ins and outs of CLAD Genius and could help us get ours up and running for our purposes. Willing to pay. PM me for contact info.
  13. LX911

    Flippa Question

    Hi I am thinking of selling my Tech site in Flippa.. but I am confused with this - what does "URL for sale: Website|Domain Name Only" ?? What does website mean?
  14. luminus

    Kindle, Nook, Ipad?

    I need the help of the readers in the room! There are very few, if any, threads about this. So what do you all use? I'm a frequent reader who is usually between 3-6 books at any given time. I also have a lot of [black and white] PDFs and ebooks to go through. What would you choose...
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