1. j3ffb3z0s

    Opening up a company in "tax haven" country

    Does anybody have any information or any sources where I could get as much information on this as possible. I am currently residing in Europe and taxes in our country are pretty steep. Our business is doing a decent revenue and I want to open up or buy a company in a tax haven country. I've...
  2. E

    VAT on ads for europeans does LLC solve this?

    Hi guys, Europeans have to pay VAT on online advertising. If we were to sell within Europe we could claim the VAT back from the VAT paid by the customers but if we sell to USA we can't claim the VAT on advertising back because US sales aren't subject to VAT. Does setting up LLC solve this? Has...
  3. Xhaxhi

    Tax and Insurance in North Macedonia?

    Hi guys! I am new here and have some questions about my crazy situation. I moved with my family to North Macedonia for living here a "better" life. I am a citizen of North Macedonia but was born and lived my whole life in Germany. I don't speak Macedonian so it is sometimes hard here. I work...
  4. T

    Reporting Crypto Gains

    in your country say you have to pay tax on profit made on disposal of crypto assets. You do get a tax free capital gains allowance and on the government website it say: If your tax free allowance is $10000 and your total profit was $5000 does this mean you dont have to report it? The whole...
  5. Peter AGC

    Taxed country when paying FB :weep:

    According to FB policy, accounts in these countries will be taxed when paying FB. Bahamas Cameron Indonesia Kenya Korea Malaysia Nigeria New Zealand Russia The United States of Hawaii United States New mexico Vietnam South Africa Zimbabwe
  6. H


    Hi , new here nice to meet you guys hopefully some older people can give me some useful advice. I am currently just turned 17. Over the last year I traded from 500 usd to around $65000 by trading video items on gambling sites (csgo) it’s been quite a journey. Got banned and lost everything on...
  7. kurosaki4d

    Questions about UAE Freezone

    Hello Everyone, It’s been a couple of years now that I’m into Affiliate Marketing, and my monthly income has been growing steadily. Currently, the annual income is around $120k per year. Would you say it's time to form an LLC? Or is it still early considering the expenses/taxes of a company...
  8. bottomg

    DON'T be STUPID and And take what I tell You here into ACTION

    Listen up folks, let me tell you about a little known statistic that is gonna change the game for you financially. Every day over 10,000 people turn 65 and retire and 8-10% of them own a small business. That's a problem, but it's also a massive opportunity for those in the know. You see, most...
  9. bottomg

    [ Tax Hack ] - 3 Legit Ways to Cut Your Tax Bill

    Listen up BottomG peeps, let's talk 'bout how we can legally reduce the tax man's cut, cuz we all know more money in our pockets means more bling to flaunt! Now, let me make it clear, I ain't talkin' 'bout cheatin' the system, that's a big no-no, I'm talkin' 'bout legal, legit, and easy ways to...
  10. googlebis

    How much do you pay AdSense taxes?

    so i'm not from the US and when i created the adsense account at first i didn't fill any tax forum... not every monthly payment, adsense takes 30% cut from all US views i got so if you get $100 and 30% of your views came from the US then adsense only pays you $70. my question is for US and...
  11. deroty

    Benefiting from offshore companies to pay lower tax.

    Hello friends. I am from Turkey and I am opening an account in forex firm "IC Markets" Seychelles branch. What I want to ask is: What and which location can I incorporate in order not to pay tax? And I also want a debit card in that anonymous company name. I looked Seychelles and it costs 600...
  12. M

    cash my crypto currency’s with cash with %0 tax

    In few countries like my country we have %0 fees when we cash crypto currency, even if I would like to invest it in real estate that would cost me %tax with high benefit But honestly since I invested in crypto few years ago I couldn’t earn a good amount to invest it in real estate the thing...
  13. sonprofesor


    Hello, I'm a music producer from Turkey. My income has increased in the last 5-6 months, I currently earn close to 1800 dollars per month on average. But the problem is that already distrokid is making deductions and I don't want to pay taxes to this country I hate. Currently, my money...
  14. renelavan

    Where would you start your company?

    If you were to start a company, where would your start it? And why? What Country would you choose? What state? What is the best country in tax terms? Less payments.. Can you do it living somewhere else?
  15. RKD2313

    First Full Year Online E-Comm Seller Looking For Some Advice (TIA)

    Just as the title suggests, Im looking for some tax help/info/advice - Oklahoma Sole Proprietor - I am registered with the state for a Resale License - Have a Tax ID and EIN # Tbh the majority of my professional life (35) I just gave my W2 to my parents and they just had mine done when they...
  16. K

    Taxes when using friends Paypal account.

    Hi everyone, i am new to this forum. I am located in a third world country and Paypal is not supported in my country. I want to use it any way because many customers use it. My question is, if i use a someone’s Paypal account from another country, does he have to pay taxes for the income? What...
  17. Harnur

    Paying Taxes for the 1st time! - What was your experience?

    I have been grinding my ass each day to succeed at my online business. This is the first time, I'll be paying income tax this year. And until 2 months ago, i had no clue how much tax do i have to pay. So, i recently hired a CA and my CA told me that since i come under a higher income bracket...
  18. P

    Do Swiss Companies have TAN numbers ? if not, what's the similar ID they use ? (w.r.t. TAN number in India)

    Just want to know, what's similar ID Swiss companies use where we use TAN number in India ?
  19. Ricardo R

    How much total tax does an Indian internet marketing company has to pay?

    The thing is I have never paid tax before (due to obvious reasons). It is really scary that I have to pay TDS of 10% on the platform I am on after I cross the 500,000 INR per year limit and then I have to pay income tax as well. What are you doing bros and is this avoidable? It is kind of scary...
  20. Ricardo R

    How do I save tax as a digital marketer who is an Indian citizen?

    Valuable suggestions are welcome bros.
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