target ads

  1. LifetimeCharger

    Building a community? Find your target group? Tools? Marketing? I need your help :)

    Hello everyone, I'm reaching out with a somewhat comprehensive topic that has been affecting and preoccupying me for a while now. I'm a coder and can implement my projects myself. I'm also familiar with appropriate hosting. What I lack is knowledge in the area of marketing / social media. I've...
  2. J

    HOW TO ?

    Hey everyone, I just bought facebook tool that helps me to target facebook groups (leadenforce). My problem is that I need specific country groups. Does anyone know how to do that?
  3. D

    Is it possible to target audiences on FB etc with niche interest such as convertible cars & boats

    Sorry if posted in wrong section. Please move or delete if needed. I am looking to promote a product aimed at people who already own a soft top / convertible car or boat. Through ads, on social media Is it possible to target this precise niche and if yes can you recommend any strategies or...
  4. E

    Phone Bone Training eBook

    Hello, I own a work from home website that sells a Phone sex eBook and offers a 1-on-1 consultation with me as an upsell. For the last year, Ive averaged about $200-$500 a month selling both. My problem is scaling. 75% of my traffic is from Facebook work from home groups 10% of my traffic...
  5. sgd

    [From 'aha' to 'oh sh*t!'] Deadly Need Your Help and Advice in 2 Facebook Campaigns.

    Hi Everyone! I am in deep trouble:( Recently I moved to live in a new country(Ukraine) and city(Kyiv) and deadly running out of money right now, so decided to find a good job in Social Media as a Marketer, unfortunately I don't posses any deep experience in that field, so that's why I am here...
  6. G

    the best time to launch my campaign !

    hello i will target us peoples, i want to know what is the best time to launch my campaign on facebook. give me the time in GMT please, and what is the best days to start my compaign ?
  7. filmosophist

    [Teespring-Broad Targeting]$2K/21days Facebook Hidden Interests-Free Tool for BHW Members!

    Hey everyone, After my successful Journey on Teespring and Facebook using Custom audience, Check here, I decided to start a Journey using only Broad Interests. A few words about Broad interests. Just Like google has hidden keywords, Facebook has hidden interests which most of them have not...
  8. egomOnia

    Display ads only if the post title contains certain keywords

    How can I display ads in relation to a certain keyword in the post title using wordpress? It's easy to display ads in certain categories only or only if the post contains certain tags. But I need a way to target ads based on a keyword in the post title.. example: "Top 10 Acne Home Remedies" ->...
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