[From 'aha' to 'oh sh*t!'] Deadly Need Your Help and Advice in 2 Facebook Campaigns.

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    Hi Everyone!

    I am in deep trouble:( Recently I moved to live in a new country(Ukraine) and city(Kyiv) and deadly running out of money right now, so decided to find a good job in Social Media as a Marketer, unfortunately I don't posses any deep experience in that field, so that's why I am here to ask you for help. I know there are lots of good people here who help, so please if you have a possibility, stop for a while! I will be more than grateful for that.

    I've applied for a new job as the Facebook Marketer, and the company gave me a test to develop 2 Facebook Campaigns from scratch, I don't have any deep experience in that field so potentially I can make rough mistakes. I have 3 days to finish that and I read a lot of information about Facebook advertising but that's not enough. I don't know where to start from and to get through it.

    # Campaign №1

    Develop a B2B Facebook campaign for incomland(dot)com. This is the crediting company( P2P invoice trading) which operates on Singapore & Hong Kong markets.

    What they do: Peer to peer Invoice trading is the process where businesses (usually SMEs) auction their outstanding invoices via a centralised online platform to obtain immediate cash to boost its working capital. Otherwise the business will have to wait typically 30 to 120 days to receive funds when the invoices are settled.

    In other words some companies buy the goods from manufacturers signing up the contract where they will pay for goods to manufacturer only after 30 to 120 days. The manufacturer(let's name it Apple) covers all the costs by himself at the first phase and the company(let's name it Citrus) who bought the stuff starts to operate and sell the goods for example. There's the third party(investor) who can cover the outstanding debts of Citrus before the deadline, but they charge their % for that. And the place where they invest money and buy those invoices is called auction.


    1) To find the right audience to advertise this Auction on Facebook, thus making leads in the end.
    2) The test budget is $500
    3) Targeting Location - Singapore & Hong Kong

    What type of the audience do I need, what are their interests, how can I accomplish that?
    What's gonna be the best approach, because it's B2B strategy?
    How the campaign should be set up?
    How should I adjust my bid strategy according to my budget?

    Possibly I missed something, you can add anything to my questions that will be great.

    #Campaign №2

    A Russian website which teaches kids the English, age from 7 to 13 years old. Teachers are from US, UK and Russia. Target audience - moms. Possibly here we can include parents overall. Website - allright(dot)io


    1) Set up good facebook campaign for this type of audience - parents(moms are prevailed) with HIGH INCOME.
    2) Pull out right interests, possibly make an effective sales funnel to cut(!) possibility for parents with kids under the age 7 and above to apply for that program or click the ad. We need here only kids from 7 to 13 years old.
    3) Test budget $1000
    4) Targeting Locations - Moscow & Saint-Petersburg

    Same questions as in the last campaign, but here I can't fully grasp how we can make qualified leads, because some of the parents can apply to this program with kids under 7 and above 13... How it can be solved also?

    And how it is possible to find out which parents have high income and which don't?

    Friends, I really appreciate if you read through everything and wrote a post here in order to help me, I'm very grateful for that. Hope that I will be employed, thank you again!

    Kind Regards,