1. R

    Looking for marketers to sell our AI tagging algorithm

    We have built a AI tagging algorithm which can automatically read website contents and identify keywords to be hyperlinked. This increases the revenue , readabiity for the websites. Any one contacts with news and content websites can reach out to us. We can partner and take it to them ...
  2. Mobrich24

    Want to hire Instagram tagging bot

    Hey so I am trying to find someone with a Instagram tagging bot and thousands of accounts. I need to tag in a post 1million followers on a popular celebrities account. How much would this cost and how soon can we do it?
  3. gumspit

    What's your opinion on graffiti?

    Tagging, legal murals, pieces, throwups, anything to do with graffiti or related to it at all. What is your opinion on it? Do you consider it art?
  4. R

    Remove tagged photos (1000+)

    Hey guys! I am managing a page with 20k followers in the fitness/bodybuilding nieche but recently the franchise I was working for dumped the operation and i got to keep the account. I started to use it as my ecommerce's ig account but the problem i am facing now is the massive amount of...
  5. C

    FB Page Promotion

    I wanted to promote my fb music page and have seen alot of big pages tagging accounts in their posts to get more reach, I checked into those fb accounts and they usually have 50,000 / 100,000 / even 200,000 followers. I'm pretty new at this, tried searching but couldn't find out what and how I...
  6. A

    Importance of tagging models?

    Hello all, Total newbie here (been working on all this for 4 days). Currently, I am running 3 accounts in different niches to see what works best for me. All accounts are under 500 followers. As of now I have been mostly reposting other peoples content and using a f/uf method to grow the...
  7. MusicMedia88

    Need Instagram expert for tagging users under photos

    Hi, I've seen someone offer something like this before but couldn't find it when searching on here. Basically I need someone with a SEPARATE Instagram account to tag a location-specific group of Instagram users under a picture. It's not CPA or advertising a product, it's for an event. I know a...
  8. jjgg89

    Can Tagging a YT video wrong Hurt you long term??

    Hey everyone, i wanted to ask more about youtube, since i started back 6 years ago I've grown organically and its been hard to grow. But lately with the help of all of you I've started to learn more about seo and ranking my videos better. So thanks for that, moving on, however when i first...
  9. A

    Woocommerce auto match product tags to products

    Hi, I'm searching for a plugin, that will automatically match product tags to appropriate products. Something like Automatic Post Tagger plugin at WP repository But I need to use "AND" and "OR" operators and negative keywords when specifying matching rules. Do you know something like this?
  10. longdouble

    Instagram limits TAG exposure!

    Ok, I wanted to post a photo the other day and see if "imGrej" method is working. I've carefully chosen 15 not saturated tags (less than 1mil posts) that relate to the picture. Also I added two 4mil, one 6mil and one 25mil tags. Posted a pic and a comment with tags a second later. And what? The...
  11. krt1337

    Auto photo tagging

    Hello. Someone have script or tip to automate tagging people on photo? maybe software? i need to add 2 photos and unique tags on first and unique on secound photo... so that it does not recur.
  12. charles457

    Looking For Facebook Workers!!

    All you have to do is follow the instructions build profiles for me and I will pay you cash. I want someone who runs the accounts and posts daily and thats all you need to do send me a pm. I have all the instructions.
  13. nakthaiporn

    Making money on Tumblr - My journey n questions

    Ok .. I've been kind of on Tumblr for abt a year and finally cashed out $11.80 from Linkbucks last week ;););) Although I am starting to get more positive now. Here is why: Sorry if I'm gonna be a little long-winded 1) Tumblr is the most liberal social network vs G+ / FB / etc 2) Just...
  14. G

    (Need Advice) SEO optimisation for Youtube Videos

    Hi, as i'm new to youtube & adsense, i have a few questions regarding SEO for my videos. 1. How to choose/make the Best title for it to be best visited/paid. (On what basis) 2. How to choose the Best Tags for the video. I've seen tools like Adwords keyword tool, Contextual tool & Youtube...
  15. T

    Mass tagging specific friends

    Hello friends Do you know any script or solution to mass tagging specific friends on picture on Facebook? I have a list of friends on excel or Google docs spreadheet that I want to tag them on a picture and I don't want to do that manually. Thanks!
  16. W

    Facebook tagging automator / bot needed

    Hey guys, im trying to get my hands on a facebook tagging bot. Now as you all know the facebook tag limit per photo is 50 friends. Im no coding expert but managed to build an automator script on my mac that tags people via going through the alphabet a, b, c, d, & so on. To tag all my friends i...
  17. D

    Free WordPress plugin Automatic Post Tagger

    Hi. I made a plugin called Automatic Post Tagger. As the name suggests, its purpose is assigning tags to posts. It can save a lot of time and it is perfect for autoblogs. All you have to do is create a list of tags and their related words. The plugin will handle the rest. You can find it in...
  18. V

    [Help] Imabeast v1.4

    Hello everyone Can someone help me how to setup this applications? Thanks
  19. R

    Need to Automate the tagging of existing photos on facebook

    I need to use imacros or javascript or php to do the actual tagging of photos. The part I have a problem with is automating the selection of which friend I want to select to be tagged. Please message me with a quote. Thanks.
  20. T

    Make keyword,keyword,keyword....from Google Keyword tool

    You can easy add tags to your wordpress,forum...fast How to use:: Firstly,You copy list ideas from Google keyword tool, click "Keyword,keyword,keyword..." button It will convert this list to format: keyword,keyword... Demo Video: Download Virus total Dont forget to say...