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Making money on Tumblr - My journey n questions

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by nakthaiporn, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. nakthaiporn

    nakthaiporn Newbie

    Aug 30, 2013
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    Ok .. I've been kind of on Tumblr for abt a year and finally cashed out $11.80 from Linkbucks last week ;););)

    Although I am starting to get more positive now. Here is why:
    Sorry if I'm gonna be a little long-winded

    1) Tumblr is the most liberal social network vs G+ / FB / etc
    2) Just realised that I was using all the wrong Ads programmes like Clicksor!
    3) I actually only got actively involved in Tumblr less than 1 month ago .. when FB suspended my acct for a week!
    4) Discovered several things that I was doing wrong

    Current Tumblr blog:
    Category: NSFW Asian blog
    Followers: 3.4k (40-50 new followers/day)
    Daily Traffic (G Analytics): 600-1000
    Daily Revenue: $0.7 - 0.8/day

    • PlugRush (4th day today)
    • Linkbucks
    • Ero-Advertising
    • AdultFriendFinder
    • DepositFiles > not very actively pushing
    • Banners
    So far only PlugRush/Linkbucks/Ero are contributing .. AdultFriend can get pretty good if I push it .. but currently .. concentrating on recruiting referral accounts under my PR n LB.

    Traffic Generation:
    • FB (mostly auto-pilot + 4 posts/day)
    • Followers exchange
    • Content
    • Tag spamming (hot tags) /planting (longtail tags)
    • Twitter (Auto-pilot)

    Content generation: (~100posts/day)

    • Reblogging and queuing
    • Hootsuite
    • bloadr

    Here's a few things which I discovered about tagging:

    1. Tags on reblogged posts DO NOT show up in Tumblr search!
    2. Only 5 tags from original posts turn up in Tumblr search
    3. Every other way (reblogged/mass editor) of tagging only appear at site search

    Here is how I hope my IM journey will progress:

    1. To secure $5/day on existing blog
    2. To replicate more of similar blogs
    3. To use the technics and tactics to really create profitable blogs on other areas which I am passionate about .. EG: cycling

    Moving forward, here are some things which I intend to do:

    1. Do more original posts with tag planting using bloadr/hootsuite
    2. Start trading traffic with similar sites
    3. Start Pinterest
    4. Look for better Ad networks
    5. Scraping
    6. Get more engaged with my followers
    7. Duplicate more blogs

    My questions are:
    1) What are some other ways u all use to get more followers .. of course without spending loads of $$ n too much time.

    2) What are some other Ad networks which allows Adult content sites. I've already got rejected by:

    • Adxpansion
    • ExoClick

    3) I saw a few tumblr bots mentioned in the forum, but how much more efficient are they compared with hootsuite and bloadr?

    4) I've downloaded Gscraper Free edition but could not really understand how to use it despite watching their video. Is the a thread or a webpage somewhere with more details like:

    • Format of the import files for the proxies/keywords
    • Where/how to find proxy servers? Can I just use any proxy servers I find in those lists thru google search?
    5) Am I trying to do too much? Should I streamline certain aspects?
  2. anwar001

    anwar001 Registered Member

    Apr 23, 2008
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    Your income is very less compared to the traffic you are getting to your blog daily.
  3. rispel

    rispel Registered Member

    Aug 3, 2013
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    business creator
    Nice info! Good luck with achieving your goal. I do about $2 per 1000 pageviews, 250 visitors. 5$ per day should be within your reach!
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  4. lovejesus

    lovejesus Regular Member

    Jul 28, 2013
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    Hello , first of all congrats you got your first payment :D

    Ok here are some ways that you can earn more money .

    1. Banner advertisement . :) put a note about the banner advertisement as you said you got 1K veiws per day thats pretty good anyone would buy the ad space for $5-10 per month.

    2. Update your blog daily, i mean post 5-6 pics per day to gain some more followers . ( more follower more traffic )

    3. Ad network ? well as you have NSFW blog i cat help you in this but you ca use CPA networks :)
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  5. nakthaiporn

    nakthaiporn Newbie

    Aug 30, 2013
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    Thanks for the banner space advise .. will look into it :)

    Ya .. gotta agree that NSFW blogs are a little tougher to find CPA networks :( .. .. esp those who doesn't mess you up like Clicksor who take in advertisers with malware .. lol