suspended account

  1. W

    [My 2023 Experience] Insane bans and suspensions - Non sense restrictions from multiple platforms (Funny to see)

    Every platforms nowdays in 2023 are getting strict and strict in every aspect as we all know... We don't have any freedom of speech and a slight small infraction or even without doing anything wrong they can suspend a account. This year a lot of platforms are suspending accounts without...
  2. E

    Permantly Suspended From Reddit

    I use reddit as a regular user. No promotions, no harassment. I got banned from a subreddit for submitting 3 on topic links too soon after each other. I used an alt account to get around that and all of my accounts got permanently suspended for ban evasion. I tried going back to reddit -...
  3. S

    Strong Google Ads Accounts for Blackhat Ads [FULL SERVICE]

  4. anumar

    What is “Ads Cloaking”? and how “Cloaking Ad Platform” works to get ad approval on restricted businesses?

    Ads Cloaking is a method used by media buyers to make sure that their restricted business URL and content is not being seen by auditors, ad reviewers and bots from Ad Companies of Social Media & Search Engines. This method is used to detect and filter Ad Company's Reviewers & Bots and send them...
  5. C

    Quick Question about an 30 day Suspened Instagram account:

    What happens if I already waited 30 days and I didn't do the phone number verification thing? Because they won't send me a code through my phone number and if I reached a limit, I would have to wait 24 hours to get another one. Just want to get my account back after 30 days without a problem...
  6. C

    I need help recovering my Instagram Account that was suspended for 30 days!

    My username on Instagram, coolsamurai04 wasn't in the records whenever i tried to repeal my account that was suspended for 30 days! Instagram won't even send me an sms code through my phone number to get back onto my account! The Support team at Instagram is wack! Will my account be deleted...
  7. kreatiss

    50 Google Ads accounts SUSPENDED ??

    Hello guys ... I have a BIG problem with Google Ads. I have created more than 50 google accounts and they are all banned for suspicious payments when the account was created... Yet I use a residential proxy + gologin (alternative to multilogin) + a new identity (name, first name, address...
  8. keithdu45

    Ban VS Ads — Is Instagram more tolerant if you pay ads?

    Hi Is your Instagram account less likely to get suspended if you pay for ads? To put it in a different way, let's imagine: I'm the dirtiest Instagram user (automating like a pig everyday, spamming comments, getting warnings and action blocks, never posting hateful/violent/illegal content) but I...
  9. D

    suspended google merchant account

    Did someone whose account was suspended manage to reactivate them? I had my google merchant account suspended for making false statements, I tried to open other accounts, but they are suspended as soon as they go to the google merchant review ...
  10. G

    Ebay has suspended my account for no reason??!!

    Hello fellas, I have created an Ebay Account since 2016 means an old one, and I decided to start selling products there after watching a lot of videos and courses from Experts from Udemy. The first listing got my account suspended I said it's normal let me call them so they will just verify the...
  11. ProfessorBlackbeard

    HELP: Suspended account - Using legit card and company details

    Hello fellow Blackhatters! I'm in need of some help, I live in Sweden an i'm creating new accounts for a Malta based company using their payment creditcards, their company details and so the payment country is set to Malta. But it's all legit info with legit CC's. Although I'm based in Sweden...
  12. N

    GoogleAdwords Suspension Issue?

    I have always advertised my website with google adwords... considering that is the only overhead for the website it works out pretty well (2-3k made for each 100 spent) but this time around I am trying to make the account but no matter WHAT I DO THE ACCOUNT GET SUSPENDED?! I have previously had...
  13. J

    Hey Guys

    Experienced multi-channel seller in EU; came across this site and very interested as had a load of issues recently. Nice to see such a community here. Look forward to speaking and working with you guys in the future
  14. JackTheBlack

    Facebook Account Suspended

    My business facebook account got suspended. I don't know exactly why. The account I used was very clean and legit. After all it was used for my business. Now Facebook suspended it. For recovery the want an ID I think. Unfortunately I have used a fake name, while creating the account (privacy and...
  15. kommaihag

    Suspended on twitter, on my home proxy.

    Hi, Anyone knows how to get around being suspended on twitter? My jarvee settings: following 45-75 /day, liking 18-45/day. So its not agressive at all. Static residential IP (my home IP) and have never done botting from home before. and what do you do when you get suspended?
  16. A

    Unblock FB Account - Plz Help

    Hi, Im looking for someone who can unblock a FB account I have been asked to provide details through an appeal but this hasnt worked, anyone able to help. Willing to pay if you can unblock FB account
  17. SarpeParsiv

    suspend youtube account intentionally

    someone showed me how in a few minutes he was deliberately suspending a youtube account. with the message "This account has been terminated for violating Google's Terms of Service." Then remove the suspension and the canal stays up again. I'm also interested in how this thing works.
  18. P

    All Adwords account suspended all the way

    All the adwords account that I have been creating for the past 3 months has never sustained more than 15 days, I have faced the following suspension and the recent account that was created was made to all precautions, yet faced 'Circumventing systems' after a one day review of the account. I use...
  19. T

    Adword Accounts are suspending

    my adword accounts are getting suspended for circumventing system policies, I have tried using my personal laptop and aws rdp. What are the reason behind this type of suspension? How can I avoid it?
  20. Johnny83

    PayPal taking 5 days to "review" my documents but documents are fake what should I do?

    My PayPal account was limited with around $1200 in it. I got my documents from @secondeye and paypal did confirmed my ID (which was fake but, also great so thank you secondeye) but they seem to have been reviewing my proof of adress which was also fake and from secondeye for almost 5 days or 3...
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