1. C

    Legality of Streaming Website

    Hello, first of all wanted to say I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this so if its not please guide to me the correct place. Anyway, I had read about the idea of starting a streaming website and thought it was pretty cool. My mine issue is the legality, in particular can I get...
  2. PremiumAds being sued by Google LLC

    I am aware is a member of this forum and is currently Shitlisted by dozens of other members. If this kind of thread is not allowed please delete it. Here's the document that goes over lawsuit details.
  3. hemd45

    Sue YouTube View seller? (Scammed for 50€)

    Hi, I bought YouTube Views for my Music Channel from a seller. I paid him with a Banktransfer 50€ (We both live in Germany) He only delivered 50% and he is now refusing to refund if me. Should i sue him? He says that i do that he will expose all our Chats in Google if someone searches for my...
  4. Heiko

    Amazon Goes After Affiliate Marketers

    Source: Other Source:
  5. MrT131

    Fake Movie Site - can people sue me for that?

    Hey BHW, since I’m successful with CPA + YT I searched new ways for making money with CPA. Now I thought about creating a fake movie site (on Wordpress) and ask people to sign up for anything before they can watch the film. But they’ll never see the film on my website, I’ll just redirect them...
  6. javabro

    [Question] Can they sue me if I do this?

    Let's say there is a closed source commercial software called "ABC". This software is for mac and pc. But there is a high demand for a web version of this, and creators have no plans to do it. If I create a web version of that software (same user-interface look and feel, same features + some...
  7. Tommy_

    Can I get sued?

    removed thx
  8. A

    Copyright Johnson and Pham Lawsuit

    Hello everyone, I have been selling counterfeit products on ebay, and one of them was closed down, and i stopped selling that product Today, i received a demand / threat to sue packet from the law firm Johnson and Pham (which is notorious for their scare tactics). They want me to send them all...
  9. A

    Will i get sued?

    Hey there everyone, so today i bought a domain in with the term amazon in the url When i was pointing the nameservers my brother had mentioned to me there is a possibility i could get sued Do you guys think i will be sued for using the term "amazon" as the first keyword in my domain? is there...
  10. S

    How do I avoid copyright issues on Tumblr?

    Hi, I'm new to Tumblr and was thinking about starting a classy/gentleman block there and was wondering what issues I might face when reposing and uploading. Can I get sued for re blogging pictures from other blogs? What's the most efficient way of getting followers fast and safe? I first...
  11. spin1

    sued by facebook or google?

    Has anyone been threatened with a lawsuit or actually sued by FB or Google? I've heard FB is lawsuit happy but have never heard a story from anyone in particular. Anyone care to weigh in? What did you do? What did they do? What was the end result?
  12. F

    Will i be sued by GOOGLE by using their name?

    Recently i just bought domain: Will I be sued by google for violating their privacy right? What is the best content should i put for this website?
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