1. F

    Adult Subreddits - upload adult videos

    Hi, We are looking for some another adult subreddits where we can post daily quality adult videos from our adult tube sites. If you are interested in regularly uploading our videos to your adult subreddits write to me.
  2. A

    Get 100% Free Stumble Upon Submitter Created with Ubot

    hello.. i am just a newbie that learn ubot. and this is my first ubot program created. i called this automatic stumble upon submitter, that will submit your unlimited blog post URL, hands-free i want to you try this submitter, 100% free for virus
  3. I

    Whats the most effective way to rank with gsa search engine submitter?

    I am trying to figure out if what I am doing will have any effect on ranking my web site(s). I use GSA search engine ranker, GSA captcha breaker and GSA Indexer. I bought these gigantic lists that supposed to have lots of diversified resources where I can place links, web 2.0s, blogs, wikis...
  4. D

    Free Website submitter

    Does anyone know of a good free website submitter? a while back i was using this one : and it got me tons and tons of hits/views, so i held onto it, in case of needing it again, recently i did need it again, and i tried it...
  5. K

    I am looking for a good article submitter

    First of all i want to say sorry if this is not the right place to post this. I have enough posts to write a request in the right place, but there i should ask for a specific program and i am not sure what to use. So i would kindly ask you for suggestions about a few of the best article...
  6. T

    Search engine & directory submitter

    I see a lot of people advertising that they will submit your site to 1000+ search engines and 1 or 2000 directories. what tools do you think they're using or what would you recommend? They even give a nice report of successful / failed submissions.
  7. B

    sick marketing

    Fellas- I tried to go to sickmarketing and it looks like GOOG says its "badware." Has it been like this for long. I was looking for an update.. Thanks!
  8. K

    Sick Submitter Help

    I am on a trial and I am attempting to use the Article Submission with one small problem... the "Open" button for importing a site list is grey(inactive)... so i cannot click it... anyone know why this would be? Thanks in advance.
  9. johnnyc9999

    Wanted - Simple Add Site to Search Engines Script

    Im looking to start a site that allows visitors to submit their URL/Site to the major search engines. I understand that there are simple scripts out there that you can build into your '' site to let you offer this service. examples...
  10. R

    Does Magic Submitter support proxies (like SEnuke) ?

    - Hi everyone :) First sorry for my English :D Also, I'm very new to those kind of softwares so I could ask newbie questions. Do you know if Magic Submitter support proxies like SEnuke does ? As we cannot know if MS support proxies on their sale page, I have done some researches...
  11. madoctopus

    Article Management Software - Any Suggestions?

    Hi guys I am building and managing a very large network of WP sites that I own in multiple markets (100+/market). I also have many free blogs (e.g. (500+/market). On top of that there are articles that I submit to article directories, Squidoo, etc. The problem is, managin all...
  12. datura

    Scuttle/Pligg Submitter

    Suggest me PHP script or desctop tool for automatic submitting to Scuttle and Pligg sites. Please ;)
  13. X

    What Are The Best Places To Submit Your Blog

    I must have found thousands of places to submit your blog and i've seen a little bit of traffic.What are the highest traffic places places you guys have found to submit your blog to?
  14. djlest

    Social bookmark submitter - any reviews?

    Hey guys i have found a new software or maybe not new but some of the respected marketers are mentioning it. its here: h**p://submitbookmark.c0m/ Anyone have any experience using this tool or better still anyone used it and know where it is on this forum? Curious to see if its any...
  15. T

    BEWARE of Trackback Submitter / Adsenseboy! Software not working and no refund!

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