1. jktphotobook


    i'm looking for subdomain maker for landing page please pm me if you can make it ... for example like this
  2. cassj

    Suggestions to host website images elsewhere and embed them

    Sorry for a potentially dumb question, but is anyone hosting their website images on a subdomain or a third party place and embedding them on the main site to improve site performance?
  3. Dndukwu

    Are 301 redirect links from Google useful?

    I was looking for a seller on Fiverr who could deliver a decent expired domain and I came across a vendor who claimed they could find DA 50+ domains all day. I was intrigued because I was under the understanding that it was almost impossible to get quality domains with those metrics without...
  4. W

    Link building for 1000 subdomains

    Hi. I have some sites with over 1000 subdomains. Each subdomain is different in terms of niche - micro niche. I am thinking to build links on them, just to get some credibility. Each subdomain have 100s of posts, so do not plan to link all of them. If anybody can give recommendations for...
  5. Shropdog

    a free website, hosting and connect your own domain for free

    It's probably a long shot, but who offer a say a free website builder and hosting that you can connect your own domain too? I know platforms like wix and wordpress have free options, but you have to use their sub-domains for free services ( which is how they make money i appreciate that ), but...
  6. D

    Bounce rate and subdomains

    So for Google's form formula (not analytics) does landing on one subdomain and clicking into another subdomain count as a bounce? I've read read for SEO it's important to worry about bounce rate, time on site, total visits and pages visited per session. So if someone enters on one category of...
  7. The Curator

    Advantages of Hosting Blog on Subdomain

    Just wondering if theres any benefits (or disadvantages) to hosting your site's blog on a subdomain, e.g. Appreciate any tips!
  8. jsalima

    Question about subdomains?

    Hi guys, I was trying to figure out something about subdomains and I can't seem to find just a straight (to the point) answer about it. Can someone rank a subdomain as well as a domain? That is all for now. Cheers =)
  9. raulchingon

    [Get] Expired domains

    These are domains and subdomains I scraped that I won't be using so I hope yall will find it useful. Domains: Domain DA PA 50 54 34 42 29 38 25 33 24 28...
  10. A

    Niche site store.... subdomain or new domain?

    I run a content site that is basically the top site in its niche. Currently we're adding an ecommerce store, powered by Shopify. My first instinct is to create the store at However, I could also register a new site, something like [nichekeyword] Does it make a...
  11. TuffRivers

    Root domain with multiple subdomains question

    I have an ecomm site with a root domain and two sub domains based on country, i am going to start an aggressive SEO strategy for them but im confused as to what domain i should be posting all of the content on and ultimately promoting for backlinks. I know the obvious answer is the root domain...
  12. laweb

    SEO needed for penalized website

    I need a help to restore my penalized local site ranking back. I know I am asking weird question,since everybody advised to erase and start new site. But there is a way to rank the penalized site by using its own subdomains. The competition ranks their penalized sites by creating subdomains and...
  13. J

    Having a multiple backlinks in subdomains is good or bad ?

    having a multiple in subdomains is good or bad same ip but different site etc ?
  14. R

    Making a Tumblr blog a subdomain of my money site to boost its Domain Authority

    Let's say I have a money site, call it MoneySite.c0m. I also have a Tumblr blog where I network with other Tumblr users to get them to follow the blog where I post links to my money site. My money site doesn't have that many backlinks but my accompanying Tumblr blog has TONS. I've managed to...
  15. IProvideSEO

    Using Sub-Domains from your PBN

    Hello, Has anyone tried creating Sub-domains from their PBN to increase the amount of websites they have to write posts/link from? I am going to test this out and wanted to see if anyone had recommendations or knows the SEO value of Sub-domains Any feedback is appreciated
  16. J

    How are they subdomaining this WORDPRESS

    Each post on their site when clicked redirects to a new subdomain! How on earth are they doing this, It's so frustrating that I can't figure it out. I need to recreate this on my site, obviously they're using wordpress but how are they doing it!can't figure it out. This is the website...
  17. T

    Subdomain with CB?

    Hey Everyone! I know that CB doesn't allow subdomains using free, top level, domains such as blogspot and - but am I allowed to create subdomains, one for each product, on my own domain? Or - could I just use a subdirectory? Or :) - is it possible to promote multiple products on...
  18. tammyblogger

    A pr site i bought need some advice what to do

    Hi folks Thanks for reading this. A pr site i have bought i notice all of it's old pages ranking still but it is sub pages of it example wellyboots. domain name big wellyboots.domain name There is a lot of pages like this What my best course of action should i put a 301 redirect onto all...
  19. KillerBee

    Using subdomains for autoblogs

    What's up everyone, it's been a while since I last posted something. Well I'm starting to get into autoblogs, I was wondering if subdomains are still a good way to add different blogs without spending a lot of money on registering individual domains? The reason I ask this is because I keep...
  20. M

    Problem with Subdomain

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