1. O

    Shopify Online Gambling Indonesia

    Hello guys do you know how to make shopify webste more longer to live before suspend like this ? shopify website can live for 1 days only, but i see another people can make it more longger until 4-5 days, please help me for this guys thankyou guys
  2. purplehaze.69

    Looking for developers/programmers who knows about subdomain takeover

    I am looking for developers who knows about subdomain takeover or subdomain security. i'd need for security purpose on my company website. Got knowledge about CNAME and DNS in advanced level. Please PM If you can do this.
  3. O

    Subdomain on Spam Update

    Hello, i read online that google treats a subdomain as a separate website, so i want to know, if i have a website at, and i got hit on google, like my ranking dropped, would it also affect new subdomain created after the hit? like
  4. T

    What's better for SEO, separate page or subdomain

    Hi all I know subdomains are treated as separate sites according to google. But what would be better for SEO. A subdomain, which involves setting up a new site (and pay monthly fee) or creating a new page? e.g instead of What do you thinks better for...
  5. Slorm31600

    Duplicate content between subdomains not penalised by google

    Hello, Someone I know by sight shared his business with me. He has duplicated his site more than 10,000 times with sub-domains bearing the names of cities, regions and departments. All his sub-domains are identical in content. But this last one ranks enormously and has not suffered any penalty...
  6. T

    Need help with website subdomain

    I have a completely built out an e-commerce site on shopify, let’s call it “shopsite.” I have a completely finished regular site.. let’s call it “mainsite” I want to create a subdomain on mainsite called “” I want the subdomain to be the “shopsite” content...
  7. L

    when i activate wproclet my website breaks

    when i activate wproclet my website breaks home page is fine and about us page all breaks images gone and its saying skip to content how to fix this problem I want to fix all these issues any help please
  8. T

    Subdomain vs. Subfolder, Is One Better Than the Other for SEO?

    Another excellent piece from Patrick analyzing one of the longest SEO debates ever. Source:
  9. K

    I need help making my website multilingual using separate subdomains for each language

    I plan on using Deepl as a translator tool, mostly because I have a limited budget and I cannot afford to hire translators for now. Also to rank for SEO in the individual countries I will need to create separate subdomains. eg for the Spanish site –, for the German site-...
  10. Monk-E

    Subdomain vs Subfolder: What is best for a blog?

    Please help a brother out! So the company that Im currently working at is looking into transferring its blog subfolder to its own subdomain, at the beginning I thought that the sites authority would transfer to the subdomain in the same way a subfolder would but Ive been reading a lot of...
  11. sparkh

    Is it confirmed that subdomains don't inherit whole authority?

    Hi bhw, I was reading this article What do you think about it? Does subdomain inherit partial authority while subfolder inherits it whole?
  12. tarjo suparjo

    [HELP] How To Get This Subdomain ?

    can someone give me info how to buy this subdomain ?? please help me.. i need that for my project
  13. Aniket Roy

    Is it true that a link from a sub-domain has no value?

    I've been focusing a lot of my link building efforts on High DA 2.0 sites and most of them are website creation platforms and so, I'm getting links from a sub-domain, just like wordpress. These sites aren't the only ones i build my links on but they surely are a major part. Now, in this forum...
  14. shege

    Moving website to a new subdomain or changing TLD(.com,org etc)

    Hello guys i have been watching some website that always in the top 3 in my niche and he's always switching subdomains from www. to www1. and now he's on www2. My question is does this have any benefit in seo, is this part of the reason he's always on the top of google search page. And this...
  15. Mrz.Paul

    Can I Rank A Sub Domain ?

    Well, this kind of topic always been hot on the SEO side but the exciting part of it is does it work? As we know SEO is a vast topic to discuss and it comes with lots of things that matter if you want to rank on google. It's a genre that changes every day it's like you are in a sea selling at...
  16. T

    Subdomain VS folders

    Subdomain vs folders. For me its not only from a SEO perspective but also from costumer/visitor perspective. Lets say my page is about shoes. I have shoes special made for running and special made for bikes and last special made for pets (dogs and cats). Its very confusing when I go a little...
  17. T

    My competitor is creating blog subdomains to build links?

    Hello, brand newbie here. Google wouldn't answer my questions related to black hat so i turned to the dark side. I am starting a new referral-based website where i rank and sell leads in the service industry (like thumbtack or angieslist, but I am focusing on a specific service in specific...
  18. hideath

    Moving Subdomain to another

    Hi there, I have a subdomain of my website, I have been doing all the work on it. But, now I want to make more subsections of the website and I want to use this subdomain authority I'll make a simple 100% similar example for the case: is the subdomain I want to make more...
  19. Enoryht

    Do I need to make each client a subdomain?

    Hey there BHW! I am starting a web design business for local clients. I plan on targeting local businesses that already had a website but are ugly/poor. I will redesign it right away that is way better than the old one. I plan on doing it on one of my subdomains and send the link (with the...
  20. 3

    Niche subdomain? Silo on main site? What would you do?

    Hey all! A client of mine has a medical website and he wants to focus on a specific medical condition. The site is pretty big already (300+ pages, services and doctors) with dozens of different services that he offers but now we want to build out one in particular. What i was thinking is to...
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