1. onlinework

    Category Slugs

    What will be the best structure for the categories slug? - I prefer this one since it looks more user friendly but the main thing which doubt me is that the keyword is not included in the category slug but...
  2. zeffer111

    Can I drop .html extension? Kill ranking?

    I'm about to start moving my e-commerce site (been around for 10+ years with good ranking) from Magento to woocommerce. All of the pages on my old site end with .html but with the default configuration on woocommerce there is no extension. Will my ranking get killed if all of my new pages have...
  3. M

    Keyword Canibalization

    Hi there, I have one big dilemma in front of me and can't decide how to structure certain aspects of my site. I am not sure if this would cause the so-called "keyword cannibalization". An example would be a Pizza site. Imagine I have two silos one where I have long articles and technical...
  4. KJREDDY247@

    Benefits of copying famous site structure and code

    Does it give us any benefit if we are copying code from some famous sites related to our niche. I mean i am gonna copy home page structure from one site and contact us from different from another site and make a complete site and optimize it with prope schema and content. Would it be more...
  5. CrustyBillyGoat

    How to properly silo an eCommerce site

    I've been doing research for awhile on proper silo structures, but I can never find an actual example for an eCommerce website. My real question is, in terms of content posts, should I throw these in the silos along with my products? Basically getting rid of the typical /blog directory and...
  6. Backlinked

    Any SILO Pro around here?

    Hellow, Anyone here knows site structuring / Siloing / SEO coding really well, someone who can study a site, niche, and keywords really well and can come up with a solid plan? If so, send me a PM please, Cheerios, Backlinked.
  7. T


    Hi guys, I was wondering how you guys look at the navigation - what´s best if you have a lot of pages/categories. Would you put them all in a mega-menu or would you take like the 10-20 top categories in the menu, and have the less important categories on subpages ?
  8. S

    URL structure

    I have a popular article about investing for newbies. Let's say it has this URL: Now i'm going to publish a part 2 about the same topic. Should the URL of part 2 be like this: Or should i come up with...
  9. J

    Re-designing main menu structure on a magazine site

    We've got a well-established Wordpress magazine-type site with over 3000 posts and quite a lot of categories (100) and tags (117). These categories are needed as we write about quite a diverse subject, but I've been having a look at our current menu setup (megaMenu type affair with a lot of...
  10. E

    Seems silo structure is working wel

    Hi, just want to let you guys now that I am working on a website with a silo structure. I had bought a great domain with pr2 with more than 300 backlinks. So I have wrote 3 pages with each 200/300words, set up supporting pages, with no text, and I am today on page 4 (Google) of a keyword that...
  11. D

    WP Theme for my first site in Weightloss niche

    Hey guys, i've decided to finally jump into it, instead of just reading about it. So now that i've started, i would like a little advice. I work with SEO in my day job, so i wanted to start out with blogging. I bought a PR 5 domain, and my niche is the weightloss/fitness niche. My site is in...
  12. grax1

    Silo | Interlinking | Structure of Site - OnPage SEO Expert needed

    Hi guys, I started learning more about onpage seo, structure of website and so on. I need some help from experienced guys, so if anyone could help me and answer my questions and say if what I show below is right or not, it would be great. I want to rank 3 pages: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 On my...
  13. belgianguy

    Need help with silo structure

    Hi, I'm building a fairly big site and it's build with different silo's. I have researched a lot on the structure of silo's, but I still have a couple questions. I hope you can help me out. So, let's say my site's silos look like this: - dog training - dog training lessons - dog...
  14. S

    Structure of backlinks / Majesticseo.

    Hello everyone. Maybe my question will be stupid but I'll be grateful if you help me with one thing... Structure of backlinks looks like that (I cannot provide links in post): 22%,15%,7%,7%,7%,7%,7%,10%. How is it possible to achieve that clearly structure of backlinks? Is this was set up in...
  15. C

    Basic layout for AdSense WordPress project?

    Dear Black Hat community, I was wondering if I use the correct structure for my "exact keyword domain name" project in WordPress. Also where to precisely add content to end up with a good layout is not quite clear to me yet. Right now there is one "post" and four "pages". The 900 word...
  16. C

    How can I link my posts to pages to optimze them for the SERP's?

    I need some recommendations for page linking structure. My site is based on wordpress. In past sites, I used to just link posts to home page, that worked, but it only really worked for the home page and no other pages. So now i am looking for a linking structure that I can use to optimize...
  17. E

    Is there any software to find your competitors link structure?

    Hi guys I wanted to know if there is any sort of software available which I can use to find out my competitors link structure? I know Market Samurai tells me their backlinks, but I want to know the structure i.e what links they have linking to their backlinks and what types of links they...
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