1. bytebandit

    [FREE] Gathering All Members from Telegram Groups / Channels!

    Hello, awesome BHW community! Today, I am excited to present a unique offering to this fantastic community that has been a consistent source of knowledge and inspiration over the years. In my ongoing efforts to give back, I am providing a FREE service to gather all members from your Telegram...
  2. D

    Where to Find "Sport Statistician" Remote Job?

    As a soccer fan, I'd like to know if any companies are paying for soccer statistics, etc. I've been searching for it for a few weeks and haven't been able to find anything reliable. Has anyone else worked as a sports statistician? Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
  3. S

    I need help or an answer

    Hello guys, I have a Pinterest account with +20k subscribers. Everything is going great when one day my stats literally collapsed. I'll try to put a screenshot here. I changed nothing to my routine, I've never made any blackhat strategies or fake subcribers, I've built everything "organic"...
  4. MrT131

    Post your OGAds month/day Stats

    Hey BHW, I’m looking forward to start again with CPA Marketing on OGAds. That’s why I need some motivation and want to see your stats. Thank you!
  5. Heiko

    PornHub's Year In Review [2019 Edition]

    Hi, For 7 Years Pornhub always releases stats, searches, traffic etc. to the public once the year ends and this year they did it again. Funny to see how much traffic this site gets! 115 Million visits per day. Just imagine the revenue they are generating each day! o_Oo_O:smirk...
  6. JayMay

    Gotta Love It Man

    Went from 200 impressions to 2.4k in 2 days lol. Gotta love Fiverr :mad: P.S. Hopefully the Lounge is the right place to post this, if not please do move to the appropriate section. :)
  7. CCblacked

    Crazy Link Building Statistics

    Hello Fello BHW Users, Apologies if this isn't the right place, I am new. I'm trying to combile a list of link building statistics to sell to my prospects. Or any statistics at that. If you have any shocking SEO stats, please post!
  8. O

    Searching Detailed World War 2 Statistic

    As in the title l am searching for World War 2 statistics but l am searching for which country used how many bullets , how much woundeds they got or how much money they spend for the war , not like just number of soldiers etc. could you please help me about it. Wish you all a great day!

    Bus Advertisement Impressions Calculations

    So, I'm trying to sell advertising space(Tour Buses that Run Along the US East Coast). I have already done market research, got quotes from competitors(even bargained prices down to see their lowest). But I can't find a solid impressions calculations because all bus impressions are different...
  10. 8

    GA "Not Provided" Keyword Tracking, showing results to clients

    On one of my new projects is starting to have some traffic trickle in and I noticed the Not Provided under keywords in GA and other analytic platforms. Some research has shown me that around 2011 encrypted search due to users being logged in to google services and just as a step to improve user...
  11. Extrim25

    Hashtag Statistics Scrapper Script

    Hello, I'm interested in the statistics and related hashtags collection script. Is there anything similar at this forum?
  12. Aulig

    Where's your english speaking audience from?

    Hey, just wondering what your guys' audience makeup is. I run accounts in the entertainment niche (funny images, memes etc) in english. My audience (without f/u) is like this on most account: 60% USA 8% UK 8% Canada 3% Australia Rest is other. Is that good/normal/bad? Especially curious what...
  13. bhavik85

    [Giveaway] 20K Domain SEO Statistics

    Hi Members, I am giving away SEO statistics of your 20K Domains list to 10 Members. 1) You have at least 100 posts on BHW. 2) Will give stats on your lists only. I can not provide domain lists. 3) All the domains should be in 1 file. 4) Mod Edit - Reviews are prohibited in a...
  14. sniper-elite

    Difference between Instagram Statistics and other analytics tools

    Hello guys, how are you? Hope everything is fine! So, I've found out that my Instagram statistics are different from any other statistic of my profile analyzed using online tools such as Iconosquare (which is officially recognized by Instagram itself). Is that happening to you too? My account...
  15. A

    Javbucks pretty bad results

    Hey guys, I am complete newbie and wanted to see if i could make some money online. So i joined Javbucks affiliate program one month ago and according to their stats, If I understand them correctly, I have sent over 4000 people to their website offer and have made 1 sale. I would say the...
  16. nwide

    Instagram stats software ?

    Hi! Exist, or does anyone know a software for detailed instagram statistics? similar Sproud/SocialBakers/SocialBlade? I need a software desktop, without browser.... exist ? Like the app on the phone. Thanks
  17. CAREmyBEAR

    OgAds Statistics

    Goodevening BHW I recentled got some projects going by the use of OgAds. I just noticed some clicks and downloads are not being shown in the statistics and I know there have to be some since they contacted me etc. Is there a possibility the stats come in later? Thanks alot
  18. freshaero

    Low of Large numbers (LLN) - Promoters, how do you measure the accuracy of your conversion rate?

    Hi all, In science, there is a law called The Law of Large numbers ( which say the following : In probability theory, the law of large numbers (LLN) is a theorem that describes the result of performing the same experiment a large number of...
  19. drunken_seolor

    Can't understand why my Amazon affiliation doesn't work well

    Hi everybody, I've been working on a site in italian in the electronics niche for a few months. Now the site is starting to get some traffic and some clicks, but it doesn't really convert well. Here are some numbers: -Visits, clicks, orders to the Amazon profile in these first 5 months...
  20. S

    Looking for Campaign optimization/analytics help?

    Hey all, Ive been working in the affiliate marketing space for PPC Centers for almost a year now. Before getting into the space I worked as a Data Scientist for a Fortune 500 company. I wanted to see if anyone was looking to work with someone who could help optimize their campaigns/help with...
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