1. Castamir

    Joint Venture - Technical co-founder at a Social Media startup

    Hello, I need a technical co-founder who is experienced with Javascript libraries, APIs and database management. The source code for the main site is already present is already present. It needs an ongoing Javascript advanced set-up.
  2. ixxion

    Is making web-related content (SEO, web design, etc.) worth it in the long run?

    I'm interested in programming, and I want to make a website that talks about programming and have things like web design tutorials, etc. But I want to do more than give away free content on my website. I also need to make money from my website by putting ads like AdSense on it. So, is it worth...
  3. seo_alexa002

    From Where to Get Investor for My New Brand?

    In India From Where to Get Investor for My New Brand? Other then Shark Tank India as they give less valuation
  4. theo_kr

    AHLAN from Qatar!

    Hello BHW! Yes, I do live in the arab world, and it seems like here exists a big potential to growth and make wealth, though I'm broke *kinda :) I've seen this forum and been discovering and searching in it for maybe a month. I know a ton about programming, and have made my first $250 by...
  5. TooCorny

    If you had 1 Million Dollars to Start an Ecommerce.... What would your Perfect Traffic Acquisition Strategy Be?

    Title says it all You have 1 million dollars to start a Shop in any niche (Home decor, cosmetics, etc...) How would you distribute you budget among the different traffic sources available to get the most out of it. You name it: SEO, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Tiktok Ads, Organic Social Media...
  6. DDE

    The most important step for early startup founders

    Hey guys, I am working on a project that is helping particularly startups with idea validations and advisory. What I have learned, is that this is the most important step to take, in order to save tons of time and money. I want to share with you my experience, so you guys could avoid most of the...
  7. speedie

    ➤➤➤ Money Website/Blog for Sale ★ Branded & +19 Modules ➤➤➤ Choose a Niche ★ Available 24/7

    Start a business website/blog that you want. We support you until you are satisfied. You tell us a niche from these categories: Health Nutrition Fitness/ bodybuilding Sports Tutorials Entertainment Music Art / Painting News / Celebrity Politics / Government Finance / Banking Business...
  8. DXA

    Finding projects to join my crowdfunding website

    Hey guys, I came up with a few ideas of getting my crowdfunding project going but I could always use some advise since I have the whole page set up but I need to find projects willing to join the platform, do you think you could maybe give me a hand on this one? If you want to see some more...
  9. DXA

    Crowdmerc theme installation

    Hey guys, I am new to installing php wordpress themes and I have a little complication coming towards me within the crowdmerc theme installation, do you guys think you could maybe help me? I tried installing woocomommerce first and then adding pages in the site but there´s a slight problem...
  10. DXA

    Journey to make a crowdfunding website! (Unione)

    Hey Guys, I´ve been reading this blog for 6 years now and it helped me a ton! I´ve never had a journey of my own so today I decided to ask for help from the most knowledgable people on the planet, you! (JK :P) Well, my vision is pretty clear, I want to make a crowdfunding platform where...
  11. F

    Race to 100

    Hi BHW. The forecast today is mild, sunny with a 70% chance of Covid, so stay indoors... And strap yourself in for thread #2 Thread #1 was a very interesting 1k article hack that had me sweating bullets into the keyboard until I stumbled on a lovely little AI hack. The results were well above...
  12. Anub4

    Is it a good idea to start business on beauty products in 2021?

    Hi! I am from Nepal and thinking of starting online business related to beauty/skincare. It is getting popular more than ever since COVID-19 started. However, with the hype it has, there are lot of websites and social media pages who sell duplicate products. I have done a lot of research and...
  13. J

    Hello [BlackHat]World!

    Hello everyone, my name is Ryan. I remember viewing this forum in my late teens - thinking I was going to own the world of affiliate marketing! Fast forward 15 years or so - and I am now representing an Online Casino brand with a deep commitment to building a mutually beneficial relationship...
  14. SeedPhrase

    Is there anyone Pvt Ltd. registered startup founder from INDIA ?[i have a Questions]

    Hello, Bhai log (Bro's) is there anyone here who has Pvt. Ltd registered startup in India recently (less than 2 years old ) what the minimum face value per share (minimum price per share) as per recent Indian company Law? I came thru a couple of brokers and CAs they don't offer 1 paisa...
  15. foxlobo31

    Progress for job site and niche site.

    I'm trying to build up a new source of income. Documenting it for later views or feedback from this community. First is a job site for a specific niche. - bought the domain months ago but still fits the job site theme. - simple html website no dynamic functionality cause I don't really know how...
  16. fibonacci81

    Almanack of Naval Ravikant

    Sharing a great resource I found recently: If you haven't heard of Naval, I suggest looking him up or better yet, read the Almanack for free from the actual website (PDF, EPUB, MOBI, WEB). Buying this book is well worth it as well :) “I call Naval ‘the Angel...
  17. R

    COVID-19 and your business

    It is easy to be pessimistic, listening to the doomsday predictions. However, you can survive and even thrive in this situation, if you have the right playbook. As an example, if you are running a travel and lifestyle site and do not adapt, you will have a tough time. However, if you are an...
  18. P

    How can I start a URL shorten ads network?

    Hello everyone. I want tov start my own online company soon or later in future. Would like to start a URL shorten ads network like , ******, shrinkme and so on. The issues is am still new at this.. Can someone please put me through on the following. * Finding advertiser * How much...
  19. O

    Need help managing social media bots ASAP! Anyone in Sweden?

    Hey fellow members! I need help with handling a bunch of bots ASAP. We're a startup in Stockholm and we need help with setting up and managing a bunch of social media bots, mainly on instagram, but also on other platforms. We are looking to hire someone to either manage or help us manage the...
  20. G

    lots of money from houseflipping, want to invest

    Hi! (sorry for my english, I'm from europe) 23 yo economy student here, I see there is a lot of clever person with massive knowledge. I really would like to build something great. I made like 150K$ from houseflipping (still doing). There are startup campus in my university, until september I...
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